There are some chicken ribs.

Does the hierarchy mean anything to him?
Less Liu Yuan feels this ability to him.
That’s nowhere.
In the second ability, ghost road
Liu Yuan is even more confused.
Because the ghost truth is equivalent to the spell in the mage.
In the world of death, the gods of death display ghosts.
Relying on the special casting method of pressure
And although this world has spiritual power,
Can you cast a ghost in this world?
Liu Yuan is very skeptical about this.
However, Lu Yuan was informed.
After inheriting from the blue dye template to the principle of being in the ghost road
His eyes lit up in an instant.
Accord to that information obtained in the template
The way most death release ghosts is by sin.
Yes, build a special operation
at this point
It’s not much different from a mage casting spells by singing.
And that method used by mage to cast spells are not only singing.
There is another way.
That is the direct characterization of spirit.
And this kind of characterization method
Nature can also be transported to ghost roads.
Otherwise, why would there be a method of "singing and breaking the abandonment" in the world of death?
Liu Yuan’s eyes began to get brighter and brighter at the thought of this.
Because he thought he had thought of it.
For example, let yourself cast a ghost way.
That is, through the spirit, we can directly construct the ghost Dao operation.
This will cast a ghost way.
And this process is not much different from French writing.
So I want to come to Aizen Institute to have such outstanding ghost power.
Maybe he is superior to him in law strength.
It is also very big.
As soon as this idea appeared,
Liu Yuan was completely excited.
So he was excited to try his mind.
If your idea can really succeed.
Then he suspected that he had mastered a new way of fighting.
For his strength will also have a huge rise.
Because Liu Yuan, he still holds a bug-level ability.
That’s from Naruto, the shadow avatar.
Lu Yuan’s former battle rarely made a shadow.
First, because his main abilities are fencing and Kirin Dao.
Shadow busy although can copy his fencing.
But there’s no way to copy the unicorn knife.
And the shadow doppelganger also has one of the biggest weaknesses, that is, it will break at the touch.
But if Liu Yuan can master the ghost road,
The shadow busy … Is no longer able to help him practice auxiliary skills!