After that, Li Chu came outside and took out the acupuncture needle from his backpack, and then asked Dad Ding for some white wine to sterilize the needle.

Ding Qiunan’s hands are shaking with needles, and her husband’s eyes are a little flustered.
Li Chu smiled and squeezed her hand. "Don’t worry if you are not nervous."
"Can Xiao Chu Nannan tie it?" Ding Ma is also a little worried.
"Mom, you can rest assured that it is because there is no problem that I let Qiu Nan plunge you both into peace of mind."
Say that finish and encouraged a daughter-in-law to walk out of the back room.
Ding Dad has also been paying attention to the movement in the back room. Seeing Li Chu coming out, he is also worried about watching him.
"Dad, don’t worry. Qiu Nan is fine."
Ding Qiunan pricked a needle for others for the first time or pricked a needle for his mother. His palms were sweating and his hands were shaking a little.
But when she heard the sound of Li Chu’s assurance, she seemed to give Ding Ma a needle as soon as she calmed down and went smoothly.
After the tie, she hurried out and took Li Chu to one side, carrying Ding Da himself and pointing out the place where she tied it. She was still a little worried that she had tied it in the wrong place.
"Don’t worry, you’re doing well at it." Li Chu smiled and touched the daughter-in-law’s little face.
"Oh, what are you doing!" Ding Qiunan blushed when her husband touched her face in front of her father and ran into the back room.
Dad Ding turned his head to one side and said nothing when he saw nothing.
"Qiu Nan, look at your watch and twist the needle every five minutes," said Li Chuda.
After that, he sat down in the chair and said to Ding Dad, "Dad, mom, it’s true that it’s a disease, but it’s not a disease. Everyone will have both men and women when they get old, but men generally don’t show women a little."
"At ordinary times, you and Jianguo should follow her as much as possible, and try not to make my mother angry. If you have nothing to do, talk to her and say something on your mind. Don’t let her entertain foolish ideas and it will pass soon."
Hearing Li Chu’s words, Ding Dad and Ding Jianguo nodded.
Dad Ding realized how reassuring it is to have a doctor at home this time.
Half an hour passed quickly until Ding Qiunan got the needle.
I don’t know if it’s psychological or really so. Ding Ma feels that her lower abdomen doesn’t have that kind of falling pain, and her waist is much easier.
Ding Ma smiled and said, "Nannan Xiaochu’s medical skill is really amazing."
"Of course, Mom, other departments in the hospital are looking for him if they have any problems."
Ding Qiunan’s eyes are full of admiration for her husband, that is, she didn’t know when she didn’t work together before she was proud, and she didn’t deeply understand her man’s influence in the hospital until she went to work in the hospital.
Don’t say that she was pregnant and had a baby this time, and she took nearly a year off. Who can do that?
At ordinary times, the owners of those departments in the hospital greeted her with a smile because she was Li Chu’s daughter-in-law.
No one in the hospital has long said anything about Li Chu’s age.
Carrying Ding Ma Li Chu told his daughter-in-law again.
"Qiu Nan, you can tell our mother later that her monthly affairs may be irregular in the past few months, and sometimes the length will change. These are normal and let her not worry."
Ding Qiunan nodded. "Do you have anything else?"
"Nothing. I told my dad and Jianguo that my mom would drink medicine to recuperate this stage and it would be fine soon."
With Li Chu, Ding Qiunan is relieved of her mother’s health.
Holding two children who have woken up, the family sat in the shade of the door and chatted.
Because we have agreed on the way forward today, Ding, Mom and Dad are relieved of heavy pressure, and the afternoon is full of laughter.
Even Ding Jianguo sneaked out to play Ding Ma didn’t care about him.
At noon, after dinner at home, a family of four took Xiao Hei to take a bus from Seimi Zhang and went home.
Li Chu is wiping his daughter-in-law’s hair in the living room in the evening.
When I came back, I was busy with two people. First, I gave two children a bath, and then I washed all three dogs.
Ding Qiunan was too tired to move a finger after taking a bath for herself.
After drying her hair, Li Chu took her daughter-in-law to bed and took a shower herself.
When he came out of the bed after washing, he would have slept soundly for a long time.
Xiaohei also slept on the bed. Since the two puppies lived in the nest, he has been sleeping in the bedroom. Ding Qiunan also sewed a pad for him.
Li Chu didn’t have a bed to rest. He turned and went to the room to sort himself out in various stages of renal failure patients, and took out the indications to prepare a summary.
God, the patient’s examination data should come out. If it is consistent with his own judgment, he will be ready to hand in this report when the data is filled in.