Combined with the emperor’s second brother ordered Adakang to make three judgments.

Ji Xinghe can quickly increase the gas level
Ji Xinghe reached the realm of controlling armor with qi.
Ji Xinghe is likely to gain the true gift power.
If Ji Xinghe doesn’t die, it is possible for the Federation to master the power of Qi, so that the empire can have the extraordinary power of Qi. Marquis, dukes, barons and members of the royal family lose their greatest advantage.
As far as the federal social system is concerned, a large number of mecha are likely to gain air power, and it is difficult to gain an advantage in the battle with the federal mecha even if the anti-Xinghe squad mode is used to form the imperial mecha corps.
It can give the big noble mecha to civilian orangutans to drive, and it is possible for the emperor’s second brother to do the same, but they will not give the air power to the imperial civilians.
Kill Ji Xinghe!
Adakang’s heart is struggling. Who can be white?
But it finally made the decision that it would use nuclear weapons to kill Ji Xinghe.
It doesn’t want to see the federal change stronger than whether it hopes to achieve it.
Tungsten-steel alloy is likely to bear nuclear weapons, and tungsten-steel-gold is more likely to bear it.
The specific difference depends on where the nuclear weapon exploded. How far is the mecha made of these two metals from the central area of nuclear weapons?
A drive against Ji Xinghe, a nuclear weapon, was made of tungsten-steel alloy, and the mecha escaped from the center of the nuclear explosion, which was seriously damaged.
This time, the distance between the star and the moon is very close to that between the tungsten steel and gold and the tungsten steel alloy.
If the nuclear weapon is detonated, the Marquis can kill Ji Xinghe, and there is a certain hope that Ji Xinghe will be captured if Ji Xinghe can survive.
"Ready to put …"
Adakang was about to give an order when he suddenly froze because he came back from the front battlefield and saw something that had destroyed his plan to capture Ji Xinghe alive.
A huge metal box fell from the sky and smashed 50 meters away from Ji Xinghe.
It looks more like a fortress, because it is called the final fortress.
It also has a name-there must be no other gods except Ji Xinghe.
Chapter 46 Because I’m afraid of death
As the fort was finally released by the prescient Tu Yuan, a sudden explosion occurred around Ji Xinghe, where the main force of the empire and the Federation continued to attack and explode with long-range fire.
The defensive war in the theater of Base 5 finally won.
Li Han smashed four Marquis armour and successfully annihilated the Imperial Mecha Corps with the mecha soldiers in the theater of No.5 base, and then directly crossed the still-fighting Ji Xinghe and rushed to the main force of the Empire.
Did Ji Xinghe and Li Han finish the situation or failed to break Prince Adakang’s armour?
The reason is simple. He doesn’t want to break his own mecha.
I don’t want to break the first mecha made of tungsten steel and gold in the Federation. Before the Federation, I did seize a lot of weapons made of tungsten steel and gold, but these weapons were not suitable for recycling to create a tungsten steel and gold mecha belonging to the Federation.
Reheating will have some influence on the performance parameters of tungsten steel, gold and tungsten steel alloy, and how many weapons made of tungsten steel and gold can give the Federation a great advantage in mecha warfare?
You know, even if the independent group of Ji Xinghe had 300 mountain-cutting mechs, the ultra-high configuration failed to complete 300 pieces of tungsten, steel and gold to build weapons. Most mountain-cutting mechs made weapons are characteristic melee weapons.
For example, Ji Xinghe used to wear chain serrated knives, high-frequency vibration mecha epee, high-temperature armor-piercing combat knives and so on.
This is also the reason why the comprehensive performance is equivalent to the fact that the Imperial Marquis A can’t beat the Imperial Marquis A when being driven by the independent regiment mecha, and it is not necessarily possible to win in the face of some earl A.
The anti-Xinghe squad was able to suppress the number of mecha and the comprehensive performance at a disadvantage. Ten independent groups cut mountains and more than 200 federal mecha fought because their weapons were made of tungsten, steel and gold.
Of course, now these weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold have become independent weapons.
The capture of the western theater has given the independent regiment hundreds of weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold.
At present, there is no problem with the number of people in the independent regiment.
Prince Jia, who is already in a semi-blind state, was once again fallen by Ji Xinghe. Its cameras have all been broken, and it can rely on radar detection equipment to form external information images.
This information shows that you can still play in the face of the federal system mecha or some super-class mecha
But the problem is that it faces the stars and the moon.
Ji Xinghe returned the control to Xingyue, who practiced the mecha wrestling skills.
Anyway, Wang Zijia’s defense is very strong, and it won’t cause any damage if he falls for thousands.
"It’s really easy to use force."
Ji Xinghe changed the teaching mode again, and his students at this time can be said to be the smartest in the world.
Memory is the basic ability, and the mental arithmetic ability is strong enough to make human despair.
"But now it looks really simple," said Xingyue while practicing. "I need to judge its strength and direction, and then my strength can influence it, so that I can achieve the effect of leveraging force and unloading force."
This is the reason why a thousand miles is lost. Although the battle distance of the mecha is very close to the root, it is not a thousand miles away, but the influence of the stars and the moon has produced the opponent’s attack and defense, and so on. All intentions will deviate from the intention change
"The only problem is that I don’t have the same fighting consciousness as you. I can build a mathematical model for the imperial mecha before I can make a prediction accuracy based on the analysis. When facing the conventional imperial mecha, it is very high, and when facing the earl imperial mecha, it will drop significantly."
Xingyue told her problem, but Ji Xinghe couldn’t solve it.
The so-called mathematical model is to express a mathematical structure in a general or approximate way by referring to the characteristics or quantity of a certain thing system in mathematical language.
Simply put, it is a kind of pre-judgment mechanism established by the mobile habits displayed by all imperial mecha in the battle process in the huge database held by Xingyue.
That is experience.
However, mathematical models refer to those mathematical structures that reflect specific problems or specific things, which can be expressed quantitatively or qualitatively, but must be expressed quantitatively.
This also means that when the imperial mecha driver’s law is quantitatively expressed and the freedom consciousness is made to maneuver which does not conform to the mathematical model, the accuracy of the star-moon prediction mechanism will be greatly reduced.
be similar to
When Ji Xinghe was born, a mathematical model can be established based on big data to analyze and judge the personal consumption trend, so as to achieve accurate advertising push.
Search for a diamond ring and you will receive advertisements from wedding photography companies, wedding companies, honeymoon trips, hotels and other aspects.
Watching small videos about cars all day will get advertisements from car dealers.
And so on, most cases can be accurate and effective, but a few cases make big data misjudged.