Ask the white big head to flicker and escape directly, leaving two poems and the charming fairy shadow floating away.

"Mo Wen now go to the high bed to sleep …"
After a while, Xiao Pang whispered softly, "Big Brother … is this going to bed?"
"I don’t know anything about sleeping and dreaming … why is any brother sleepy?" Small mirror crisp scolded 1 immediately asked the people.
"Not sleepy not sleepy …"
"Since we’re not sleepy, let’s start. Jing killer can help us take a way to the most powerful magic door first …"
Qingyun’s younger brother is busy, and the Baiyun Building is leisurely in the clouds.
It’s not too slow to miss the gods.
Just now, I was asked by a small mirror for a few words. By the way, I also listened to a few ears of mundane things. Baiyun Building felt that some gods would not be kind after all.
Mindful of Baiyun Tower, a small bamboo building on the edge of a cliff flashed in my mind, and the wind was clear and clear, which made it easy to recite those two poems.
I’m moving, but I’m just halfway through, and a beautiful image comes from the east and goes with me.
It is Ziyan’s younger sister who divides her soul.
"It will only take a moment for the elder brother to accompany the younger sister to a place."
Hearing that it was a moment, Baiyun Tower immediately nodded and went back to the White House yard.
Although the public sentiment has been destroyed, not everything has been forgotten. Since I went back to the Baiyun Tower, I went back to my room to get the Taoist scriptures written backwards.
When I saw Xiaowen, I greeted my father and mother with Ziyan with great interest. I was very close to Baiyun Tower because of the pure spirit innate qi machine.
Before and after a short time, when Ziyan walked out of the room, she left the White House quite casually, saying that she wanted to play with Xiaowen for a while and let her senior brother go back to Qingyun Gate first.
Baiyun tower naturally freely should step on the clouds and spill away.
Ziyan didn’t talk far off the mark. She played with Xiaowen, who was already stumbling, for a while and read more than ten short poems softly.
This little baby is still not very steady in walking, but she speaks and pronounces a lot earlier. Occasionally, it is quite interesting to follow a few grandma words.
Stay well settled Xiaowen Ziyan came to the backyard and told the parents about the senior brother.
Brother Yan said that he had killed the devil and cut off all the people’s feelings, so he was floating in the air.
Upon hearing this, auntie anxiously asked about Xiao Chaoyang, but this time, Dad got up and said that the summer man should stand up and his children’s affair could be put aside for a while.
Niang pushed Bai Torre aside and asked about Xiao Chaoyang’s safety. She learned that Chaoyang was too tired and fell asleep in a cave, so she could rest assured.
Later, Baiyun Tower often lived in Qingyun Cave, a small bamboo building, and was idle and casual.
The years of practice are falling with the passing years.
Months passed by Baiyun Tower in a hurry, and when I read it, I stopped thinking and had a good time.
When you are interested, you will flicker to the sky, hide in the dome, feel the laws of heaven, and repair the cracks in heaven by the way.
Wandering Yunxiao Manor pruning and weeding is also convenient, and you can watch it for half a day when you meet a strange ventilator.
Kunlun Fairyland, Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, and the fiery phoenix tree in Shennan State have all become the places where the White Big Head rises and patronizes.
Follow one’s heart and follow one’s whim
When you are at leisure, you can sit by the window and watch the clouds roll and the fragrance of tea.
Nowadays, the head of Bai Dazhao likes to be quiet. Talking about enlightenment doesn’t like the interference of mundane things.
Visiting old friends and brothers in the door are well known, and their temperament is mostly in line with their wishes.
In Baiyun Tower’s eyes, these visiting Taoist friends are different in temperament and understanding, but they all have their own opinions. It’s also interesting to talk casually.
Ziyan, a fellow martial sister, does not say that her temperament and temperament are very compatible.
Chatting over tea and talking about Tao can also help us understand the laws of heaven through the magic weapon of the sundial. There is a road to happiness.
It’s Ziyan’s martial sister who has suffered a serious mental loss recently. Even if there is a huge amount of immortal spirit, she still has some difficulties in making ends meet.
Baiyun Tower is easy to ask a few words. Sister Ziyan said that it is not the right time to invite colleagues after a period of experience in a secret land.
Since Sister Ziyan responded to Baiyun Tower in this way, she didn’t delve into it any more.
In addition to Ziyan’s frequent visit to Xiaozhulou, there is also a junior sister from Chaoyang
This school sister’s temperament is quite eccentric, and sometimes she can sit for a while, and sometimes she can sink her mind and practice calligraphy, but sometimes she jumps out of her mouth and blurts out words, which often makes Baiyun Tower concentrate on thinking for a while.
In the past six months, among the many visitors to Xiaozhulou, this school sister has talked about trivial matters and never talked about the road.
The original Baiyun Tower is not interested in these mundane things, but this school sister’s sincere and casual views are also quite unique, but it is still a bit interesting.
Besides, every time Sister Chaoyang comes to Xiaozhulou, she will bring some cakes and melons, which are all nice and delicious.
However, some of this school sister’s preferences are sometimes quite unreasonable for Bai Dazhao.
I often spend the night in Xiaozhu Building, but I don’t say that I am interested in playing chess occasionally, but the chess skill is simply a bit difficult to see.
What makes Baiyunlou Nai often play chess halfway, this school sister will be shocked by the thrill of god, and most of them will directly fall into their arms and fall into a deep sleep.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two Learn enlightenment
Fortunately for Baiyun Tower, Junior Sister Chaoyang has gradually lost her chess addiction recently and has also converged.
Occasionally, in addition to tasting food together for half a day, I just sit on my desk and watch it in a daze.
It’s said that his understanding is poor, but he has forgotten his mood. On weekdays, he should look at the head brothers and push forward the Taoist method to practice on the road.
I feel that this school sister is also interested in the Baiyun Tower, and she often deduces the magical power of the wooden line and the aura of the wind to show her.
Recently, the wooden walk in Baiyun Tower and the feeling of the wind and the spiritual path have gathered a lot, and the road to perfection has advanced a lot.
In addition to these two school sisters, his younger brother and younger sister, some fellow practitioners came to Xiaozhulou to discuss Taoism, which also added a lot of help to Baiyun Lou’s practice.
Nowadays, if a few opponents in the repair world of Baiyun Tower directly learn from each other, they will get very little.
However, the white leader has his own magic method, and almost every monk who comes to discuss and learn from each other comes on an impulse and enjoys himself.
With the magic Dao Dacheng, every time he has a discussion, he will directly pull the visiting monks into the cloud dreamland.
In the dreamland, the monks can take advantage of the powerful spirit of the White Leader to exert the magical powers of the perception technique to the extreme, so as to have the strength of World War I.
Not only that, but also the true power of the road is realized by the fact that it is very suitable for one’s own laws of heaven
At the same time, Baiyun Tower will also have a discussion with Taoist supernatural powers, so that the understanding of the changes and operation of the laws of heaven will become more and more transparent.