However, even if the other party is a demon saint in Kyubi no Youko, he even dares to confront Sakyamuni-Kyubi no Youko and tian hu.

He chuckled, "I know who it is. It’s the monster saint of Megatron Kyubi no Youko. No wonder you have this bearing. I already know who you are looking for. Don’t worry, I don’t think you can stay in this world for long. Do you want to find her to go back and continue to shelter you?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint narrowed her eyes and looked a little dignified and light. "That’s her destiny."
Li Zhichang said, "What will you do if she doesn’t want to go with you?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint sneered at Li Zhichang coldly, "It doesn’t bother you."
Li Zhichang sighed and said, "For you demons, great power is the truth. The weak have no choice, and I can’t ask you from a human point of view."
Kyubi no Youko demon saint word for word "but what".
Chapter 14: Seek happiness.
Li Zhichang’s partial head and fingers are still tapping on the desktop, and her eyes are crisp and rhythmic. How many peach blossoms float away with the flowing water? In a low voice, she said, "But you underestimate me. You may be better than me in terms of strength, but if you are better than fighting, you may not be able to beat me. Why do you want me to listen to you and hand over people?"
Kyubi no Youko demon saint cold hum a solid didn’t expect this small so unappreciative.
She came out from southern Xinjiang, and one by one, she used the secret method to induce a generation of Kyubi no Youko breath and just searched for Zhezhou.
This secret method requires that anyone or anything that has been in contact with Kyubi no Youko can be sensed by her.
It will take ten years for her to finish the search when she comes to Wan Li in the Great Xia Dynasty. I didn’t expect to find her breath so soon.
It really made her overjoyed to solve the problem of ghost soldiers in Yinshan and not let her heart go.
The four ghost kings of Yinshan add up to put on a big array of ghosts, which may make her scruple. But can they have this chance?
It’s not necessarily a good thing that a powerful monk in Li Zhichang has contacted Dai Kyubi no Youko.
If Li Zhichang domesticated Kyubi no Youko or killed him, it would be a mortal enemy.
Just let Li Zhichang to also look at each other’s attitude.
See Li Zhichang flat and agile will kill a few Yinshan ghost Kyubi no Youko demon saint also know each other is the kind of war determination mind strong person in my heart.
It’s better to be honest and straightforward with such people than to be reasonable and profitable.
And the world’s most earth demon-she is also used to this way.
Kyubi no Youko is the noblest fox. Unlike ordinary foxes, they never love to solve problems by themselves even though they have the perfect appearance.
At present, it seems that the other party seems to be on good terms with Kyubi no Youko. If the other party’s affairs hadn’t provoked several people to protect Kyubi no Youko, of course, it wouldn’t be a problem. She was a little relieved.
However, the other party poked her eyes. Although she was not angry, she would never really give Kyubi no Youko a chance to choose Qingqiushan.
There is absolutely no choice in this matter.
Now that you have become Kyubi no Youko, you have the right to protect the green hills. This is not shirking.
If she doesn’t cooperate with each other, she really doesn’t trust it. It’s a big deal to force each other to cooperate
She’s even killed a Taoist fairy. Is she afraid of you, an uncertified fairy monk?
Even if the seven demon saints are such rising stars as Baishan, she has never looked down on them.
Of course, if it weren’t for the white mountain background, it would be noble. It would be a bit reluctant for him to be ranked among the seven demon saints.
Kyubi no Youko demon saint said coldly, "Since you don’t want to cooperate with me so that you can wake up."
Interest rate huge momentum from her charming body like wind and waves to detain swept the whole restaurant.
The board rattled and the whole restaurant shook.
However, Li Zhichang’s continuous finger tapping is like an anchor needle. Every time he hits the restaurant, it seems to be stable.
Li Zhichang is also like a tough rock in the rainy days and winds.
He is calm and calm, with no horror, no excitement and no unnecessary emotions, just like the moonlight in the middle of the night is clear and clear, which can face everything.
Chang Jian Li Zhichang waist whine for a long time have not met such a powerful opponent.
Or it has never met a demon saint stronger than Kyubi no Youko, except for Sakyamuni.
A sword has militant elements in its bones.