It is obvious that the Deep Blood Emperor has the strength to threaten Lu Chen’s life, which can be said to be the most lethal node in the flood calendar at present, which is stronger than the means they originally planned.

But if you can’t figure it out or understand what’s going on, it’s very uncomfortable for taboos.
You know, they have been paying attention to the world situation, but the bottom of their eyelids has become like this, which means that things are out of control and there are unknowns that interfere with their world and they have never known it.
"I understand that the Great Blood Emperor must have neglected the long river when the cave was out of date. He took care of the future!"
Covered with red light taboo exclaimed, what’s going on?
In this era, the deep blood emperor can’t be so strong, but according to the branch trend of ancient history they have deduced, the deep blood emperor did not die in the flood calendar, but was exiled to the later generations with the abyss!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and forty Back from the dead Deep blood emperor
They naturally know the whole ancient history and what the original history should be like.
It will be tens of thousands of years before the battle for Lingzhu will be launched. Although it is not because of Lu Chen, it is still terran.
Because the Terran has a secret blood warrior, that is, the remains of Emperor Wudi’s immortal martial arts, it is suspected that the ancient remnant chapter has become a strong family.
The vertical and horizontal flood land has swept all the way from the rise of Nanzhanbuzhou, and it has become the ninth strongest tribe in the flood land in just tens of thousands of years since the establishment of Emperor Wudi Palace.
Canada has been on the mainland for years, and the water has also become mixed. According to the screening procedures set by them, the spirit beads will come.
Emperor Yuanxue was exiled by Emperor Wudi’s heart and moon, and the seal spirit bead was stripped because Emperor Yuanxue was separated from the main world, but in the end Emperor Wudi did not win the battle for the spirit bead.
It was because another peerless tianjiao was born with the will of world balance, or because of their behind-the-scenes help, that such a powerful man collided with Emperor Wu.
The end result is that all the strong people in that era have been swept away, and the universe has been completely silenced, reaching a balance between heaven and earth, and all the strong people have returned to the market, and the strong people have also become taboo.
Drama … It should be like this.
The Great Emperor of Deep Blood naturally became a killer after he climbed to the top, but actually became a taboo, except for the communication at the same level. They were not interested in war.
Because life has almost lost its meaning to them, they naturally will not interfere with those meaningless things, unless they sit in the sky and watch the reincarnation to see if new taboos will be born in the future.
"He saw the future and avoided our eyes"
Pangu thought and agreed that the red light taboo analysis may also be the result.
Because a creature can’t become stronger by itself, especially if they have been screened in ancient history and have not been exposed to the deep blood emperor abnormally.
But ancient history has always been like that, or repeated reincarnation. This time, in ancient history, the deep blood emperor saw the future moving towards detachment.
"Are we being set up again … by that dirty and despicable man?"
Nine wings taboo gloomy mouth seems to think of something.
"I’m afraid this is not because we underestimated the ambition and magnanimity of the deep blood emperor in his calculation. He is indeed expected to be promoted to our level."
Pangu shook his head and said, What’s the matter with some white?
There is no outsider or taboo to interfere with the deep blood emperor and give something.
But once a great event happened in this world, which gave some failed strong people a chance to some extent.
The man who claimed to be a magician originated from the virtual hunter who lost the first world war and tried to escape from this world. They used to besiege because at that time, they were still in harmony and it was normal to stop the offenders face to face.
It was when they were distracted that he paid attention to the magician. In a certain era, the blood emperor penetrated the long river and took care of his future.
Because at that time, due to several taboo wars, it was in an unstable situation, and there were many gaps. I wanted to come to the realm of the Great Blood, and I realized some subtle changes, so I quietly stopped and took my future.
Therefore, he will have the present strength, that is to say, many great families are facing the reality that they should not face the deep blood emperor but the future deep blood emperor!
"Ha ha ha is really interesting."
Looking for light also connects the middle button and looks at the long river of time with great interest. "But this is a good thing for you. I am afraid that a new taboo will be born. This is a good thing for the whole world to strengthen."
It’s the eleventh native world. The four taboos are surprised by this situation, but they won’t resent it if it turns out this way.