Ghost saint ha ha a smile in the eyes of cold light shot two wings of meat, a fan jumped directly from it, rolled up a black whirlwind, and the horror was worse than a sharp fingernail, and the cold light was harsh.

Xiao Yu’s face was malicious, and he turned to the ghost saint to smash his physical strength to the extreme. His body was glowing and his blood was surging. Bang, the magic pestle smashed the ghost saint’s arms and gave a muffled sound, and blood flew.
The ghost saint grinned with pain and his arm was broken. He roared with surprise and anger, "Xiao Man, I’ll kill your family!"
"Give me death!"
Xiao Yu’s face was solemnity. After a successful blow, the magic pestle danced like the wind and hit the ghost body again and again. He snorted and blood flew all over his body. The conjoined table, golden thread and jade clothes were beaten to pieces, flying wildly.
The ghost saint’s face turned miserable and hurriedly shook his wings to the sky.
Xiao Yu’s knees bent and jumped, and the whole person rocketed into the sky and rose and fell. The magic pestle behind the ghost saint waved and chopped hard at his back.
Ghost saint cursed a hurriedly turned around to resist a bang. His arms were directly smashed by Xiao Yu to melt the blood fog, and his whole person was directly dropped from Gao Zhen.
The ghost saint was frightened and hurriedly rushed to a bronze hall, and the flesh and blood peristalsis at the shoulder soon emerged two intact arms.
Xiao Yu’s hair is flying wildly to kill.
Ghost holy a super hall with a square painting halberd waving murderous Xiao Yu fight together.
Bang bang bang!
Two people fight together in an instant, and the fire splashes, and the hall shakes, and the artifact collides with the flesh, and the flesh collides and rolls vertically and horizontally. It’s like there are two behemoths fighting.
The whole bronze temple was the first to bear the storm of two people fighting, and it was directly blown to pieces flying around.
The ghost saint snorted and was knocked away by Xiao Yu. The blood flowed in his hand, and his heart was cold and he rushed to the sky and fled to the distance.
"Where to go!"
Xiao Yuli jumped into the sky and waved the magic pestle toward the ghost saint. Suddenly, he hit the ghost saint and screamed. A meat wing was broken by Xiao Yu.
His body fell into another hall half-quickly, and he rushed out with a big iron sword. Xiao Yu fought together and broke into a crevasse, cursing, "Xiao Man, you are bad at my body and I will never die!"
Suddenly, the earth shook, and the earth trembled again and again. The bodies of gods and demons were unsteady and wobbly. Even the bronze hall here was shaking, and terrible cracks appeared on the ground.
Is war two people are facial expression, a flurried points looked around thick black magic gas rushed out from the ground with rolling straight like a chimney towards high smoke.
A low roar suddenly came out of the ground, as if there was something particularly terrible and a monster was waking up, and the earth shook more violently.
Click, click!
A series of bottomless ravines are constantly cracking from the surface of the earth, and the demons and bronze halls that suppress the surface are shaking violently, and many of them have collapsed and been swallowed up by the huge ravines.
Those artifacts have sent out bright light in an attempt to suppress the ground movement, but there is no such thing as the huge ravines spewing out pieces of terror, and the dark light has enveloped many artifacts, so it can be clearly seen that the light of those artifacts is dim, and it seems that all the essence has been absorbed, and cracks are densely covered in an instant.
Dark and dead rushed up from the ground and turned into huge tornadoes, stirring as high as half of Wan Li.
"Oh, no, the resentment in the underground heaven is really not dead. It’s out of trouble."
Xiao Yu’s forehead was cold and sweaty.
The ghost saint is also a sudden change in his face. "How did this happen?"
The earth shook, the ravines were bottomless, and many bronze temples were swallowed up in the cracks, and some petrochemical ghosts and gods shed bright red blood and tears in their eyes.
"Let’s go and stay here for a long time!"
Xiao Yu jumped into the distance without thinking.
The ghost saint’s face changed greedily. He looked at the artifacts that had not been corrupted in the bronze temple. Suddenly, he saw a raven spit out all those artifacts, and his face changed and he quickly fled to the distance.
As soon as he rose to the sky, Xiao Yu’s hand dropped the magic pestle, and the ghost saint’s face changed greatly, and he hurriedly resisted the anger and shouted, "Xiao Man, I grass your grandmother!" "
He was smashed down by Xiao Yu, and was immediately corroded by a magic gas. He couldn’t help but scream and shake the meat wings and rise to the sky again.
Xiao Yu holding a magic pestle smashed again and the ghost saint thundered with one hand and waved his iron sword to resist him. "Xiao Man, are you fucking dead?" Heaven here complains that the horse will get out of trouble, and if you don’t get entangled, both of us will die here! "
"Kill is you!"
Xiao Yu jumped vertically and horizontally, and the magic pestle danced like rain, but the potential was strong and fierce, and the ghost’s body shook and his hands and arms were bloody.
Two people violently collide and blink of an eye and have collided thousands of times in a row!
The ghost saint was hit by Xiao Yu again in the shoulder, and the whole shoulder was blown up with blood. He couldn’t help but shout angrily, "Little beast has put up with you for a long time. You want me to die, then everyone will die together!"
He reached out his hand to the eyebrows and dug out a coffin. He held the coffin in his hand and called Xiao Yu to press the coffin plate to automatically knock Mao, and then Xiao Yu buckled it in the coffin and then the coffin plate quickly fell to the side again.
"Go to hell, you don’t want to be old!"
The ghost shook his wings and rose rapidly to leave here.
Suddenly, as soon as the coffin was blown up, Xiao Yu broke the coffin and went up into the sky, holding a magic pestle and chopping it hard behind the ghost saint.
The ghost saint screamed and was caught off guard by Xiao Yu. The whole back was blown up and a huge blood hole appeared. One arm was directly shocked and flew out.
Ghost SAN horrified way "how is it possible? Xiao Man, you “` "
Xiao Yu’s face was cold, and he waved the magic pestle towards his forehead with a heavy split, and a peach blossom blossomed into a ghost skull, which was directly broken and blood mixed with brains flying all over the sky.
His head and body struggled for a while and then quickly fell to the side.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Troll was born to devour heaven and earth
Here, the earth shakes upside down, several gullies tear out, and there are still terrible resentment and rage in the earth, like the emergence of the nine realms of the underworld.
Xiao Yu’s face was changing, and he quickly rushed to the distance in a hurry. He turned around and caught a glimpse of a huge shadow slowly emerging from the ground, and his eyes were red and radiant, which made people appall
There are several chains around this shadow body, and it vibrates as he comes out.
Xiao Yu’s face is pale and the speed is not reduced. He muttered in his mouth, "This is really going to be turned upside down."
Heaven’s resentment has been suppressed for several years, and hatred has been unwilling to extricate itself for an era, and it will surely wash away the heavens, and the vast mainland will be his first foothold and will directly face the violent erosion of heaven’s resentment.
Xiao Yuli flew away without considering the collapse of the bronze temple and the flying treasures. She rushed out of the ancient temple and immediately spread the wheel to fly in the distance.
That strange tree is still a steady stream of monks rushing to offer a powerful magic weapon from a distance, trying to resist the strange tree’s power to enter the ancient temple. Suddenly, when everyone saw Xiao Yu fleeing from the ancient temple, they couldn’t help a slight ash.
"It’s Xiao Man!"
"When did he enter the temple?"
"What happened? Xiao Man seems to be running for his life! "
A monk boldly asked, "Xiao Man, what do you see in it?"
Xiao Yu ran away from this strange tree quickly and sank. "Run for your lives! The horse will be in chaos!"
What? Big chaos?
They looked at each other.
Xiao Man’s words are too alarmist, aren’t they? What can be so serious that it makes a big mess?
After Xiao Yuchong, the strange black tree suddenly shook its trunk and revealed a huge face. His face moved in the direction of the ancient temple and looked at it. "This breath is him. He is out of trouble. Heaven is going to get out of trouble again!"
Boom, it rises from the ground, its roots are interlaced, and its two thick thighs fly away in the distance. It rushes across the branches and leaves and dances will stop it. In front of it, monks have penetrated and hung branches.
The big scary hurriedly fled to the distance.
"This strange tree is refined!"
"Run! If it becomes fine, it will kill!"