"What to do with it? Is there any way you can subdue it? This dog is a wild and ancient alien. If you can, it will definitely greatly increase my strength. "

Xiao Yu asked in my heart.
Thinking hard, he shook his head and said, "No little master, this strange dog is born to be more ancient and mysterious than those innate creatures. I know its name and talent, but I don’t know anything about it. I’m afraid no one in the whole six worlds can know it except those taboos."
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed, "In this case, you can take it with you at any time …"
He looked at this area to let Bodhisattva trees, religious leaders, old turtles and others set about building houses.
Others watched the outside world in front of the cliff.
Outside, a large number of warships are rampaging and meteors are bombarding the earth, and many creatures on the earth desperately resist the roar, roar and help, and they resound through the sky. It is simply an end-time arrival.
"Xiao Yu, are you going out from here?"
The mirror asked curiously.
Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed and asked, "You have experienced several things since you lived in Taikoo. Do you know what the powerful outside the country are looking for here?"
The mirror Zheng thought hard and shook his head. "I don’t know, I’ve never heard of it."
Xiao Yu frowned slightly. "Does that black dog know?"
The mirror laughed. "He always talks about god. I don’t know, and it certainly won’t know."
Xiao Yu said, "Go and call it and I’ll ask it."
The mirror should be melted and a streamer roared away in the distance.
A little while later, the little black dog came up with his head hanging down, and the dim light in his eyes flashed and scanned Xiao Yu’s eyes, and there was a little bit of cold light.
Xiao Yuwei smiled and said, "Your name is Xiaohei from today."
The little black dog stood up with black hair, jumped up like a cat standing on its tail, and looked at Xiao Yudao with a grin. "You are the little black dog, and your family is full of little black dogs."
"Ow …"
As soon as the words sound just fell, it fell to the ground and wailed. The neck chain shone and locked it firmly, and it struggled violently and fluttered back and forth.
Xiao Yu looked cold and said, "I have to obey my command to protect everything."
The light of that chain gradually gathered and stopped shining.
The little black dog was strangled to death and panting.
Xiao Yu stared at the black dog and asked, "After all these years, I ask you, do you know what the powerful outside the world want us to look for here?"
"How can a dog know that he has never stepped out of here for so many years?"
The little black dog has the strength to say
Xiao Yu frowned.
I really don’t know?
This mirror and this black dog have lived for years, and they don’t even know about them.
What the hell is that thing?
Xiao Yu eyes toward the cliff, lost in thought in my mind.
When I slowly passed through this cliff, the observer’s constantly changing picture of the cliff flashed, and it was half a month later that the mirror hung on the cliff when I was idle.
The little black dog coldly swept Xiao Yu and said nothing behind him.
For more than half a month, a huge building has been built in this area by Bodhisattva, the religious leader, Lao Gui and Yang Linger, and the surrounding area is almost the same as the outside world.
On this day, Xiao Yuzheng observed the picture and suddenly there was a light in his mouth. There was a light in his eyes and he swept away a picture in the cliff.
"It’s them and their three brothers who are still alive."
In the picture, three monks dressed in yellow robes are chased by a group of people, and they quickly flee to the distance.
There are too many enemies, and all kinds of magic weapons fly out, where they can escape, and their bodies can be locked, and they are all bloody and very embarrassed.
In the past more than half a month, the road map has been completely broken. After several days of strong arrival, there is almost no life left on the earth for more than half a month.
Some lucky creatures were all trapped by powerful monks everywhere, and one camp after another was formed to keep them like captive animals.
Every day, a powerful magic weapon bombards the earth and digs three feet. I don’t know how many mountains have been razed to the ground.
It was in this way that these three dead rats were blasted out of the ground.
"I think they are old. Since they are not dead, they have to be saved. Besides, I also want to take a walk in the earth during this period."