Compared with other Lingnan cities of his time, Guangzhou is undoubtedly the biggest one.

Chaozhou, Meizhou and Huizhou were inhabited by southern ethnic minorities for a long time before the Tang Dynasty. After thousands of years of population migration and the management of the Pearl River Delta region in the Northern Song Dynasty, the region gradually developed in the cultural direction.
A large number of people from the Central Plains and the south of the Yangtze River crossed the Wuling area and settled in Lingnan for refuge, mainly in Chaozhou and Huizhou, which brought great changes to the population structure in this area and also brought many positive changes to local production, life and cultural broadcasting.
At present, the population of these States is quite large, and the gap between production and lifestyle and the northern part of Lingbei is not large, and there is no shortage of material life.
Of course, class contradictions are the same.
The arrival of the army means that the feudal patriarchal lifestyle of the landlords has come to an end, and of course they will resist
In fact, in the process of the whole army’s destruction of the Song Dynasty in the south, the landlord’s armed attack on the army was far more intense than Song Jun’s attack on the army, and the threat and loss caused by Song Jun and Song officials to the army was almost negligible.
In the process of Su Yonglin’s south, a total of five cities insisted on defending their lives, and a county magistrate organized troops to fight to the death. In addition, they fought desperately, all of them were landlords and tyrants, and officials of armed groups ignored their heads and fled. They didn’t dare to fight against the army.
This also gave the army an excellent reason to thoroughly clean up the place and thoroughly liquidate the landlord’s powerful family.
All the way to the south, the army helped the grass-roots organizations of the Renaissance Association to do a lot of things, and it was almost not a problem to eradicate the remaining kittens from the powerful local landlords and strongmen.
Su Yonglin entered Guangzhou City on December 17th, Hongwunian.
At the same time, the whole Guangnan East Road was almost occupied by the army, and the local Song official forces had collapsed, and a few landlord forces were still fighting hard, but it was only a matter of time before they were completely destroyed.
When Su Yonglin decided to sit in Guangzhou for a while
Guangzhou Su Yonglin met Zhao Yucheng, who led the troops, and also met Lin Jingchun, the right assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, Yu Xingyan and his financial management team.
After years of study and experience in armed struggle, Zhao Yucheng has become an excellent political worker and military cadre with rich experience in struggle. He belongs to political and military affairs and has a very strong ability to grasp both hands.
Because I haven’t seen Zhao Yucheng for many years, I miss Su Yonglin very much. I should lead my army to bypass Guangzhou and meet his troops in Zhaoqing, and completely solve the landlord’s armed forces. However, he still took two days to rush to Guangzhou in the hope of meeting Su Yonglin.
In fact, Su Yonglin’s brother Su Yonglin is very concerned about Zhao Yucheng’s education, and it is also very difficult to test him. In fact, Zhao Yucheng has lived up to Su Yonglin’s test and expectation.
Su Yonglin hoped that he could take Jiangnan West Road, and he really took Jiangnan West Road to make it a big province in Jiangxi. Zhao Yucheng played a decisive role in the whole struggle.
In addition to his contribution to the revolution, Zhao Yucheng also single-handedly selected Xu Tong, who was very young at that time, as a major military general to resist many people’s doubts about him, so he made Xu Tong create one military miracle after another and made Su Yonglin love him.
In various senses, Zhao Yu Chengdu is an important achievement of Su Yonglin’s revolution.
When I saw Su Yonglin from a distance outside Guangzhou, Zhao Yu’s achievements could not help but turn over with excitement. The horse trotted all the way to Su Yonglin and went to the crowd to kneel and salute.
"I will meet the chairman at the end!"
Su Yonglin helped Zhao Yucheng up with a smile.
Zhao Yucheng’s face, which I haven’t seen for years, has lost its childish color.
The immature young man who once tried to launch land reform by himself is no longer a mature revolutionary, a revolutionary who was reborn after betrayal and disillusionment.
"It was a good battle. Did you encounter any obstacles all the way south?"
"What’s the obstacle? It’s just a gladiator’s arm as a car. It’s just a group of wishful thinking people who want to stop the revolutionary tide and they will die. "
Zhao Yucheng laughed. "I haven’t seen the chairman’s posture more magnificent for years, and I will be very happy to see it at the end."
"This kind of disgusting words should not be called" general "or" chairman ".
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Let’s go. I’m ready for a banquet and I’m waiting for you."
Zhao Yucheng walked over and followed Su Yonglin into Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and had a good invitation-only dinner.
"Since I have come to the seaside, I have to eat standard seafood once. Guangzhou people are good at cooking seafood, and the taste is different from that of Jiangnan people who often eat seafood. I like this taste very much."
Su Yonglin personally peeled a sea crab tongs and handed them to Zhao Yucheng. Zhao Yucheng laughed so hard that he could hardly keep his eyes open. Then he took them and ate them like a dragon’s liver and chicken’s marrow.
At the end of a pile of civilian military commanders, watching Zhao Yucheng with great envy seems to be very yearning for Su Yonglin to peel the meat for him personally.
It is no wonder that Su Yonglin’s actual status can do this. It is really a great honor for the genus, which makes him more happy than any reward.
Most of them also know Zhao Yucheng’s special position, but nothing can appease the hearts of civilian military commanders. Su Yonglin frequently raised his glasses to thank the civilian military commanders for their efforts in the great revolutionary cause and everything they have paid for the great reunification war.
Several civilian military commanders with the greatest contribution were named by Su Yonglin and then went over to raise their glasses in person.
It’s a pleasure for everyone to drink and eat seafood together.
After a full meal, Su Yonglin personally arranged their accommodation and went to the military camp outside the city to inspect the soldiers’ accommodation, which was warmly welcomed by the soldiers.
After a period of inspection, Su Yonglin accompanied Zhao Yucheng back to Guangzhou City. At this time, it was dusk, but Su Yonglin did not want to rest, so he took Zhao Yucheng to the Guangzhou Tower and looked at the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky in the distance.
"A time when you talked alone or a few years ago, when you left for Jiangnan West Road, you have been busy reorganizing the army in Jiangxi since the success of the revolution, and you haven’t come back to see me, but I miss you very much."
"I miss Uncle Yuting too."
When they were alone, Zhao Yucheng didn’t shout anything about the chairman or the general, and called it the name of the period of the Guangfu Army.
"From the end, you are the only one who calls me like this."
Su Yonglin patted Zhao Yucheng on the shoulder with a smile. "Actually, I’m three years older than you, but you always feel a little strange calling me uncle."
"Generation relatives call themselves just because they don’t look at their age. There is a newborn child in the old clan, but the generation is too high to be scary. It is my grandfather, but I am about ten years older than him.