He is familiar with the road here, even with his eyes closed, he can pass a steep plank road without going wrong.

A mountain valley appears, and several paddy fields are surrounded by a stone house, and bamboo pipes are connected to form a canal. Spring water is drawn from the edge of the cliff to irrigate the stone house in the field. Planting pine on the left side of the stone house and planting cypress on the right side. After the house, several acres of tea trees are green, oily, green, gorgeous and fresh.
Gu Zhen walked to the front of the stone house and said respectfully, "Master ACTS has come to see you."
But there is no response in the room.
He pushed the door and saw the rest of the stone couch and table. He was a little disappointed and said, "It seems that the master has left."
At this time, I heard a familiar voice, "Gu Zhen, didn’t I tell you that we should never meet again in this life?"
Gu Zhen couldn’t help turning around and looking back, there stood in front of him a man with a green cloth gown of 40-year-old, washed white and a hoe basket, tall and thin, with a little cinnabar mole on his left eyebrow. Although it is not handsome, it is not handsome, but it is not stained with any earthly turbidity.
This is his master.
Gu Zhen said, "I don’t forget that the master told me that there are some things I need to come back to find the master."
Tsing Yi people sighed and said, "It seems that this is all a natural meaning. Do you believe in reincarnation?"
Gu Zhen suddenly felt a little cold when he heard this sentence, as if the world had become so strange, but the familiar faces of Tsing Yi people had also become unfamiliar, and the earthly world suddenly became elusive.
Gu Zhen said, "Even if there is reincarnation, I don’t want it to happen. I have my own body, my own body and my own memory to form a complete self. If reincarnation keeps the same memory, it’s not me after all."
Tsing Yi people sighed, "What’s the matter if I am not? I told you not to come back until you were dead, and you refused to listen to anything."
-dividing line-
Lu gradually is at a loss at the moment, and his mood is not calm because of the faint dusk of a boat.
Think about how much she has suffered in the past three years, and take a look at her again.
In the early spring night, it gets dark earlier and the boat goes downstream without realizing that the lights are dim. Looking back, it has long been a dark night, and the night wind blows gently.
After a long journey, the two sides of the strait suddenly became busy and lively. The boatman was a man wearing Tsing Yi. He laughed. "Liu Xiaoge, these two shores are famous for selling gold caves in Qinhuai. I think that Li Yishan’s’ smoke cage, cold water, moonlight sand, night parking near Qinhuai restaurant; Businessmen don’t know how to subjugate their country and hate singing backyard flowers across the river.’ That’s where it is.’
Lu gradually said, "Big Brother, this poem is really good, but I have never heard of it."
The ferryman burst into laughter and entered another touching world through a small boat in Shuikou. In front of the misty water, there was a painting boat left in the world, which was not far away from the high Nanjing wall.
According to this tall and majestic impregnable wall, it was built at the expense of Shen Wansan, the richest man in the world. Even so, Shen Wansan didn’t escape Zhu Yuanzhang.
And I don’t know how much material and human resources it took, but Cao Guogong and Li Jinglong ordered the Yongle Emperor to enter the city, so that his inheritance was destroyed from now on.
Of course, all Lu gradually knew about these things was that he saw a girl with a gown sweeping the floor like a fairy on the bow deck of the original boat in front of him, but she was not the person he missed so much.
The ferryman stopped the boat and led the landing gradually. The original came behind the girl. Lu gradually wondered, "Eldest brother, didn’t you say that Miss Yao is here?"
The woman whispered, "Are you Lu gradually?"
The sound is cold and clear, like a cold spring hitting jade. Although it is somewhat cold, it is also better than pleasing to the ear.
Lu gradually felt a little ashamed when he heard such a fairy sound. "I … just … yes," he stammered.
The woman gave a sloped smile and then said lightly, "I know you are an important person in Yao Qing’s heart. You will meet her later, but I have something to ask you."
Lu gradually hesitated, "What is it?"
The woman sighed leisurely and said, "What is the origin of the extraordinary master who walked with you before? I ask myself, I almost lost to heaven, but I can’t grasp it better than him. That’s all. I don’t know what martial arts he practiced, but I can’t see it. Can you answer my question?"
Chapter 40 Wind and rain
It suddenly occurred to Lu that this girl was up to no good to Li Zhenren.
He knew that he was stupid. Even Yao Qing, he couldn’t do anything to betray Li Zhichang. If Yao Qing’s face and habits were clearly described by the other party, and Gu Zhen knew each other, he would never come so casually.
Because I don’t know that he met Gu Zhen, he was very close and believed in him.
Lu was silent, and he was only silent.
After a while, the woman added, "This first spring rain is coming."
Good rain knows the season when spring occurs, and it sneaks into the night with the wind to moisten things, fine fields, fine trails and clouds, and the black river boat is on fire, and the flowers in the red and wet places are heavy in Jinguan City.
Although it is a rainy scene in Qinhuai, it is not inferior to Chengdu.
Spring rain is like a cow’s capillary needle and smoke water. Gradually, I feel that my body is changing from real to virtual, and I can vaguely see the misty lights in Qinhuai.
The rain turns into a mystery, and finally Tianshui meets in the vast world.
A downpour of oblique wind and drizzle turned the lights into thousands of lights.
Lu gradually felt surprised and could not help but exert his hand to mend the sky. Although there were many raindrops, they were not as fast as others, but how could he grasp the shape of smoke and water? Finally, his feet showed a pool of water.
The woman slowly turned around and the veil was covered with jade, which made it even more misty and dreamy.
A slender and beautiful body, she has a moving body, but a pair of water-cutting and clear eyes is colder than this cold spring.
Lu gradually realized that it was the wind and rain that didn’t wet her clothes and didn’t touch her jade hair like dark clouds and light ink.
Such a beautiful woman shouldn’t appear in the world, even if it’s ups and downs, how can she have the heart to destroy this beauty?
The female faint sighed, "I didn’t expect that your robbery was actually a day-robbing hand, and I also thought that he would teach you martial arts moves. So how can the world’s moves be wonderful? He doesn’t want you to do other moves."
Lu gradually realized that the storm just now was no accident. Maybe she was testing his martial arts.
He said frankly, "Girl, let me meet Miss Yao Qing. If you tricked me into coming here, I’m leaving now."
Qingyue sounds leisurely from the Suzaku Bridge in front, saying, "If you want to know my martial arts foundation, you will come to me directly, and you will have to find a fish to find this small one."
Hearing this, the girl sighed, "It came so quickly."
She also said to Lu, "Yao Qing will meet your old friends in the cabin."
After that, she curled up her socks and lit up the vast smoke and water, pointing out circles and circles of ripples, and the whole person slipped to Suzaku Bridge.
The rain flowed around her and didn’t stay for a minute. She was invisible and the wind and rain swept over her hair.
In a moment, Suzaku Bridge suddenly appeared in her sight. After thousands of years of wind and rain, the bridge was abandoned several times and crossed the Qinhuai River. In the misty rain, it became very unreal.