Laughing and laughing, the man shed tears.

How can you not cry?
At the beginning, they left the Terran, away from the wild world because the Terran was in danger of extinction.
The Protector couldn’t bear it, and Ren Huang had to use his great powers to send them to another plane.
However, although they left, the impression that the Terran was about to become extinct was deeply imprinted on their minds, and they were constantly worried about the Terran situation when they came to the world.
Therefore, they all practice hard and dare not slack off at all, because whenever they are free, the sight of Terran being slaughtered by demon race will automatically emerge in their minds, which makes them sleepless at night.
Hatred of the demon race and worry about the compatriots have completely melted the motivation of these Terran Tianjiao, forcing them to strive to gain enough revenge power as soon as possible during their cultivation period.
With hate in your heart, progress is naturally extremely fast.
Almost not many years later, these Terran Tianjiao people have set foot on the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, but they are born with defects in the vast world, which makes them prove that the road is extremely difficult, and almost all of them are stuck in the realm of Taiyi Jin Xian.
It’s a long time to break through revenge, which is even more distant. These Terran Tianjiao are almost desperate.
But then the wind zichen came!
This is different from a bolt from the blue for those Terran Tianjiao.
Followed by a series of ecstasy.
They associate a lot of things with Feng Zichen’s arrival.
Ren Huang incident
Doesn’t that mean terran is also a matter?
After knowing this, the Terran Tianjiao are naturally happier than they are.
That kind of feeling is not white if you haven’t experienced national destruction and death.
God bless the terran
Has not been destroyed by the demon race.
A wave of the earth shook the clouds around the man, and then he rose and flew in the direction of Tianzhu Mountain.
Ren Huang has a letter to him. Why can’t he go?
At the same time, a middle-aged man suddenly paused when he was talking to a friend in a small town located in Bianhuang, and then saw him cry.
"What’s the matter with you?"
Seeing this, his friend around him hurriedly asked.
This is the frontier of the former world of Xuan and Huang, and it is also the forefront of fighting against congenital fierce beasts.
Yes, with the arrival of chaos fiend, there is also a congenital fierce beast disaster in the world.
In order to protect their own world, those innate monsters spontaneously gathered together to repel the innate fierce beasts and built a line of defense in their birthplace.
This Tianjiao, named Yu Terran, is a deity stationed here.
Yes, it may be to protect the world, but it is more important to be stationed here to improve your strength.
After all, fighting, especially life and death, is the fastest way to increase strength.
"What’s the matter with you?"
"Is there a curse?"
Seeing that he didn’t answer, his friend was more worried and gave birth to a bad guess.
At this time, Yu Fang was full of apologies and said to friends around him.
"You have something to leave for. Let’s meet by destiny."
Said the danger figure disappeared in situ before everyone could reply.
There are several spirits in the original Star World of Xuanling Valley. Here lies a powerful family of famous wind makers.
At the moment, the bodhi old zu Fenghua, who had already fallen in the smell, suddenly appeared and looked at the distance with a face of excitement.
Such a scene