Suddenly, I saw the wind Zichen here, even if it was a star fiend, I didn’t have a moment’s shock, but soon he reacted and made a fist directly towards the wind Zichen.
For Feng Zichen, the Star Devil has a deep memory, especially since he got out of trouble from the bad mountain, but he suffered several big losses in succession.
Three points of the true spirit, he has already had two true spirits destroyed by the wind Zichen, which makes the plan of the star fiend come to an end before the universe is planned.
In addition, because the true spirit was destroyed, the strength of the star fiend was not affected, and it fell from the original top chaotic fiend level to the first-class level.
Feng Zichen’s hand has suffered so much. Can the Star Devil not hate him?
If you can’t see the wind, Zichen will be fine.
But now, when he woke up, he suddenly found that he had missed his enemy so much that he appeared in front of him.
This feeling is really expressive.
Joy, grief, hatred …
Maybe both!
All kinds of emotions flow in the heart of the star fiend, and finally all of them are transformed into the fiercest anger, which is vented by killing a word.
"Come on!"
See the stars fiend that a punch from the wind zichen not shine at the moment directly Pangu Taoist body for boxing to meet.
Two punches stand for the winner!
Is the star fiend lost to the wind zichen was severely hit to fly out and fall away toward the outside world.
At the same time, there are terrorist forces from the place where the two men fought and swept away in all directions.
Suddenly, the mountains collapsed and the earth overturned … There was fire, water and wind surging wildly, interweaving with marginal destruction.
This is a sign that heaven and earth can’t bear this force and will soon collapse.
Yu Wei alone makes this world unbearable and has a tendency to collapse. I don’t know whether the world is too weak or the wind is too strong.
Maybe both!
The situation of heaven and earth can’t be concealed from the wind. Zichen felt that he shook his head and waved patiently.
Suddenly a drop of purple and golden blood flew out of his fingertips and fell towards the world.
The purple blood fell with mysterious fluctuations, and the rules of numbers blossomed from his body and quickly merged into that world.
The trend of collapse day by day has been contained, and the destructive force that is raging everywhere has disappeared with it. Some rules of heaven and earth have emerged and are slowly repairing the broken void.
The world is slowly returning to its original state!
Is it because of my own reasons that this world is almost broken? How can Zichen sit back and watch it go to destruction?
Therefore, he had to force a drop of Jingxue to repair this broken world.
At this time, Feng Zichen really realized the meaning of the sentence that destruction is far easier than creation.
He was the driving force to destroy the world, but he was forced to force a drop of Jingxue to repair the world. There is no difference between them.
"Grass!" (noun a plant)
"If I can’t get the star fiend today, I will lose a lot."
Dark scold a wind Zichen rushed to the star fiend who fell outside the world. This drop of JingXie loss is counted as his body.
Zichen, who jumped into the wind, came to the star fiend, and before he could get a firm foothold, he was blasted out with one punch, and then he flew out far away again.
This place is still too close to the world. If they are really desperate to go shopping, the aftermath will definitely destroy the world if they are so close.
This kind of situation is that Feng Zichen is absolutely not allowed to happen.
Star fiend, he wants the world. Let’s call it the world of stars. So does he.
We must pull the battlefield far to the point of Fabo Star World.
Boom Boom Boom
Feng Zichen’s crazy offensive, fighting and retreating, finally came to an unknown time when I don’t know how far away from the world of stars.
Here, Feng Zichen can finally be sure that the destructive power generated by their struggle will not reach the world of stars.
So he is relieved.