His soul-stabbing pike with ShaQi is pointing to the rushing son’s good baby. "Bah ~ where are you from?" Is there any reason to rob by car? Hum ~ My master wants to find a mount for cattle and beasts for a long time, but he doesn’t send it as soon as possible, so he will kill a soul hunting gun! "

How can you show weakness when you see each other so arrogant when you suddenly wake up?
Seeing a good baby is not to be outdone, but also wants to find some momentum. "It turns out that the pavilion wants to be a cow and a beast. It’s just that we need to ride a black horse … It’s not as good as taking the equivalent exchange according to the rules, and it hurts the gas."
Obviously, this good baby is pretending to pass by evil forces and wants cattle and beasts in exchange for each other’s black riding monsters.
"Exchange …?" The bearer first one leng seems to be some material.
Then he secretly said, "Oh, do you really want a cow and beast to change to a black ride?"
As soon as this remark fell, I smelled that the quiet car had come, and the man coughed lightly!
People looked suspiciously at the car curtain to cover the car, and the demons turned sharply to think about it
I’m afraid that this group of people are rare and unique. I’m afraid it’s unusual to be a rickshaw man. I’m not sure which way will pass the strong one.
Is this cow and beast so rare that black riding can be compared? I don’t know … Are they really going to change or are they cheating?
As this person thinks, there are a lot of mixed forces in the ghost gate and the mountains of Wan Li are intertwined, so all forces can get a rare one-horned ox and beast mount and feel complacent, which shows their identity!
The cow and beast, this ghost gate, Sichuan is not only hard to find money, but also hard to ask for it.
How can you be a general celebrity if you can drive a car with an ox cart?
Obviously, when I grew up watching cows and beasts grow up, my good baby didn’t think of this. Because cows and beasts, their water curtain cave Xia heart is not a rarity at all.
There are always people robbing them along the way, and one of them must have seen this cow and beast and doubted their identity.
But who knows … Get this rare one-horned ox and beast in Ghost Gate!
If they knew that cattle and beasts were so precious and scarce, they would have been happy.
But at the moment, the good baby is still ignorant.
It’s like people who live by the sea are used to eating seafood, but seafood is rare to land people, especially when the roads are blocked and the traffic is inconvenient.
At the moment, the good baby seems to be impressed by his wise proposal. He has proudly said, "Nature and nature are the so-called strong local strongmen. Now that you have passed your treasure, we have to respect three points, so you rob me of cattle and beasts, and I rob you of black riding, which neither weakens your prestige nor loses our fairness and rationality."
The man a listen to some not letter in my heart.
But the smell of the car gently coughed again.
Good baby smells Luo Yu as if coughing, but when Luo Yu has something to say, she takes credit as if asking lightly, "Is this business like me?"
Los feather nai wry smile seems to be some strength "you … you really do a good job …!"
Good Eva and Paopaoer turned to look at the bearer as soon as they listened to the flowers and stopped listening to Luo Yuwen.
Seeing Paopaoer’s thumbs up, he couldn’t wait to draw back. "Did you hear that my family agreed to this deal?"
When I heard this, I saw the sincerity in the eyes of the two men, and the man held the gun and solemnly admired, "Sure enough, there are people outside the thief. It’s really admirable!"
Said he also don’t forget to hand in the direction of the carriage a ritual way "one is the soul hunting gun of the elders of Luo Cha Gate thirty miles ahead. Tong Yuan was so generous and grateful today that he dared to ask your name …"
It doesn’t take a moment after a hasty ceremony.
The elder Tong Yuan of Luo Cha Gate rushed across the cattle and beasts without looking back and left his magnificent mount and a bag of solid soul stones.
Good Eva two people see that Tong Yuan leave is relieved to reveal a happy smile.
Paopaoer is happily tying the frame to recognize the Lord and riding black, while Haowa is proud with the Tong Yuan stone bag. "Gee … Look at this. It’s called wisdom."
Then he came to the front of the frame and boasted through the curtain, saying, "Did you all see Gong Yingying?" The man also left a lot of soul stones … "
See the car for a long time without any response. The baby is puzzled and pulls the curtain.
See around by sitting bully wave son swim ying ying is squinting at him with a straight face is very angry.
While Luo Yu is sitting in the innermost place, holding the sleeping Anu in one hand and holding his heavy forehead in the other, which is quite nerve-racking and sad.
Seeing this good baby, she was shocked to understand, "What’s wrong with your head?"
Luo Yu took a deep breath and sighed with depression in his heart. "Good baby, this business is not suitable for you … Let’s just say it’s a little overqualified."
Good Eva when los feather kua he immediately scratched his head hey hey laugh.