Xie Yuan’s angry star aggregates escaped from the maser uncontrollably, causing some instruments around to short-circuit and catch fire.

No wonder he is so angry.
After all, Xie Miao is his only child. Xie Yuan is the only one. Now Xie Miao has been cut off from his spine. This is going to ruin his foundation!
"Who did it!" Xie Yuanda roared, and the iron fist rattled, and the small stars around the storm fist continued to explode!
Xie Hong shook his head with a face of shame. "Xie Miao passed out and his people didn’t see each other’s looks. We don’t even know whether it’s a man or a woman."
"Now wait for Xie Miao to wake up and ask him if he saw the murderer."
Xie Yuan hummed, "Don’t dare to hurt my son, let me know who is always trying to kill him!" "
Xie Hongshen said, "Old three, calm down. It’s even not that simple. Xie Miao was assassinated when he arrived at the floor. Obviously, this person came for him to share the meeting yesterday. I told you that Xie Miao had a conflict with someone. Do you remember?"
Xie Yuan Zheng: "Do you mean that this is the Tianyang Institute today?"
Xie Hong smiled wryly. "He does have this motive, but I don’t think he has this strength. Xie Miao has a rank of 4 sublimation, and that’s rank 2. Even if he has advanced to this big game, the information hasn’t been updated yet, that’s rank."
"In that case, he played Xie Miao team around and hit Xie Miao hard, which is almost impossible unless …"
"Unless what?" Xie yuan asked
Xie Hongshen said, "Unless he entrusts it with a high-level strong person, he is backed by Yunjia. This may be because it is not too wasteful."
Xie Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he said, "Yes, even if Yunjia is willing to contribute, it’s hard to see how a rank 4 can easily hit Xie Miao. It’s not a rank 6 or a rank 7. The problem is that the strong can’t afford it?"
"Ten thousand steps back, even if they can afford it, please let the strong hand waste Xie Miao. This is too waves."
"That’s what I thought" Xie Hong nodded "by …"
At the end of the voice, suddenly there was an earth-shattering explosion outside, and the impact of the explosion shook the main account. Xie Gu brothers Zheng hurriedly rushed out of the main account.
I saw the flames billowing in the distance, and the smoke was everywhere, and it turned into a sea of fire.
"That direction!" Xie Hong facial expression, a change, even owed to greet Xie Yuan kung fu, and swept past like lightning.
Xie yuanli knows that something big is happening, so hurry up.
Just when Xie Gu brothers were running, a figure crept into the medical tent not far away.
The preliminary diagnosis of tent Xie Miao has come out, and the spine and nerves have been cut off. It is impossible to cure him with the equipment and manpower here.
The family doctor was so worried that his eyebrows would be broken. Suddenly, a nurse exclaimed. He couldn’t help but say, "What are you yelling for? Get something ready quickly to do everything you can."
The nurse pointed to the doctor’s back. "There is someone behind you!"
The family doctor just looked back and saw a shadow in front of him, and then the whole person lost consciousness after a heavy meal.
It is a slap in the face.
The two nurses screamed and ran out of the tent. The man ignored them and went straight to the first aid cabin.
The lights of the first aid cabin show that this person is surrounded by thick black fog. Who is it if it is not Tianyang?
He quietly followed Xie Hong to the family stronghold. With the cover of black fog, Xie Jia’s defense was quietly infiltrated. First, he created a little chaos behind him and gave Xie Jia a surprise. This came here.
The mask boy calmly took out Xie Liu’s golden gun and hit the first aid capsule with the muzzle against Xie Miao’s forehead.
Maybe life is threatened. Xie Miao’s eyes opened when he was stimulated by the crisis, and suddenly he saw a shadow next to him. The man also pointed a gun at himself.
This perfect golden pistol looks familiar to Xie Miao. It suddenly occurred to me that this is not Xie Liu.
Look at this man Xie Miao suddenly turned white and Xie Liu died by his hand.
He was about to roar loud when his forehead suddenly shook violently. Xie Miao felt a burning heat drilling into his head, but with that burning heat, it turned cold and finally fell into vain.
Collect the gun and leave the account.
The family doctor woke up when Yang Yang left. He finally got up and suddenly smelled something burning.
Looking back, I was shocked.
There’s a fire in the emergency room! The family doctor quickly brought a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, and when he looked inside, the fire extinguisher fell to the ground
Xie Miao in the first aid cabin has been burned beyond recognition and was shot in the forehead. Now even with the black star fort nanotechnology, it can’t be saved.
Xie Gu stronghold on the other side of the fire burning road figure is busy putting out the fire and even Xie Gu brothers came to nobody’s attention.
Seeing that the tent in front of us was on fire, Xie Hong turned pale and lost his way. "It’s over, it’s over, we’re miserable."
Xie Yuan quickly asked, "What is this?"
Xie Hong grabbed her hair and cried, "It’s a material warehouse. There are food, medicine, weapons and other things piled up in it. Our big Billy will fall behind its family and maybe leave before!"
Xie Yuan immediately caught a guard passing by and roared, "What’s going on? What material warehouse will explode!"
The guard looked pale and murmured, "I’m not sure, Third Master. I heard the explosion and came to help put out the fire. I really don’t know …"
"Waste!" Xie Yuan pushed the guard down and roared again and again. "Doesn’t anyone know how the warehouse was bombed?"
A tall guard came running trembling. "Third Master and Fourth Master, I saw someone throwing grenades at the warehouse, but the fog around him was so thick that I couldn’t see him clearly."
Xie Hong Zheng "You said you couldn’t see him clearly?"
Xie Yuan suddenly cried, "Mom, that person is not Xie Miao, but wants to make us Xie Gu. He seriously injured Xie Miao to find a chance to sneak into our stronghold and blow up the material warehouse, so that we can leave before!"
Today, it’s doomed that Xie Gu will fall into disaster. Before the fire in the material warehouse here was put out, the family doctor came running again and shouted, "Grandpa four! Master Xie Miao master he had an accident. "
This is really a wave after wave.
Xie Gu brothers exchanged glances with each other and then turned like a whirlwind and rushed towards the medical tent.
Xie Yuan was the first to rush into the tent and saw the blackened first aid cabin at a glance, and then saw his son’s body. Xie Yuan couldn’t help but let out a roar!
Without saying anything, he crashed out of the tent and rushed outside the stronghold.
But outside the stronghold, there are four passages in the corridor of the base. Where do you know where the murderer went? Xie Yuan went around several times in vain and finally returned to the stronghold in frustration.
Xie Hong stupefied at the body in the first-aid cabin for a long time and didn’t return to absolute being until he noticed Xie Yuan’s aura.
Xie Yuan’s face is as heavy as water. If he wants to do something, he will leave the stronghold again.
Xie Hong quickly stopped him. "Where are you going, Lao San?"
Xie Yuan went on the rampage and shouted, "Where else can I go? Of course, I went to Yunjia to call that Tianyang Xiaozai!"
Xie Hong shook his head. "No, this matter hasn’t been found out yet. Don’t make a rash move. People can easily sneak into our stronghold. It must be a master. He destroyed our materials and killed Xie Miao. It’s very likely that he wanted to frame Yunjiamu for provoking a fight between our two families. Do you think a rank of two can plan such a thing?"
"Although he has a motive, I don’t think he can do such a thing. In my opinion, we’d better call the eldest brother and the second child back quickly and discuss it first. We should take care of ourselves, whether to let the fortress family transport a new batch of materials or buy supplements from its family."
"Besides, it’s not too late for you to avenge Xie Miao when you check the identity of the murderer."
Xie Yuan knows that what he said makes sense. Chloe’s eyelids are killed. Ask this tone to make him swallow.
In the end, Xie Yuanda made a piercing scream with clenched fists, which only slightly relieved the evil spirit in his chest.
Chapter 232 Re-acquisition node
The dark fog surged and the sky in the corridor of the base felt that the body star had a sense of fullness and sublimation.
He knew that he must have been promoted, but now is not the time to stop the inspection. After all, he just killed and set fire to his family’s lair. If he doesn’t run fast, it will be in big trouble for Xie’s family to find it.
Follow Xie Miao into the stronghold and lose two hellfire grenades in Tianyangchao’s material warehouse. These grenades are not only powerful, but also release chemical flames after the explosion, regardless of any fireproof cloth.
If the fire area is isolated from time to time, even Xie Gu strongholds will have to be burned down.