Tengyun also looked up at the snow all over the sky.

I haven’t enjoyed the scenery for many years
But everything seems to be getting better after they got married.
Even the things around him seemed to revive, and in his eyes they became alive.
"Go home? It’s not good to catch a cold, "he said after watching for a while."
Nodding gently, um …
bite one’s tongue
Gentle hey hey giggle
"Go ahead!" Men are very open-minded and generous.
"Will you hug me?"
She suddenly stretched out her long arm, and she wanted him to carry her home.
In fact, every time he holds her, she is very excited and moved, and she likes that feeling very much.
As if it were his treasure.
He raised his eyebrows slightly as if he were reluctant, but for a moment he bent over and picked her up.
"How dare you disagree if your wife wants to hug me?"
Words have been holding her down inside.
People can’t help laughing when they see that scene at the window. See how well they match?
"Yes!" Professor Teng also took his wife’s hand. When he got married, he was no longer so affectionate, but at this moment he suddenly wanted to hold her hand.
Professor Yuan looked at his hand being pulled, and he even had a sudden heartbeat. He couldn’t help looking up at his husband and then blushed.
Back to his room, the man gently put the woman down. Is there anything else to tell him now?
"sleep with me!" Gentle smiled and said one by one eyes just looking at the man in front of me.
Her infatuation matters.
"Yes" also learns to respond to her as usual.
Later, the two men lay in bed and hugged each other tightly, especially when they were gentle and reluctant to let him go.
He was a little surprised but a little excited.
Because she has been very sticky recently, he doesn’t know if she has found it herself.
"Your chest is so warm. Will it be very hot in summer?" Gentle suddenly whisper 1
"It will be cool in summer."
"It can be seen that you didn’t feel his ability well before."
She didn’t dare to say hate in her gentle mouth but be sweet in her heart.
Now …
Raw rice is cooked and cooked, and it’s already ripe.
So now that she is holding him, she feels like she is holding one of her own.
Not exactly, he is his own man.
I’ve never been so bold. Holding someone seems to take him over.
I am always afraid that I will go too far and then I will lose more.
Dare not show too much, even looking at him needs to be restrained.
Section 132
☆, 92 Teng is always too dark.
Once you keep waking yourself up, don’t lose your mind
Now it is completely against him.
Or even I don’t know when it is, so I rely on him.
But the next morning, she couldn’t get up and had a fever.
Although manager Teng always went back to get her shoes last night, he still caught cold.
I ran out in my pajamas and coat, and I must be very fragile after I washed it last night.
Tengyun took a thermometer and measured her temperature at 30 degrees. She couldn’t help sighing.
Gentle had a hard time opening his eyes, and a tall figure seemed to be him in front of his face.
I saw him sighing. What happened?
It is really painful to see his eyebrows frowning at her gradually.
"What’s the matter?"
"You have a fever!" It’s actually quite troublesome for pregnant women to have a fever, but manager Teng is just distressed by his wife.
I should have come back with her earlier last night.
Gentle a listen to those words just feel my head is really a little hot and a little uncomfortable.
But seeing him so worried, I still feel distressed. I feel fine