There was another riot at the auction house, and the ghost monks at the scene of the horse took action to call friends to find Sun Hao’s need for ghost milk and lotus.

Ghost milk and lotus are the specialties of ghost domain, but most of the ghost kings have never heard of these two things.
But if you think about it, you know that if these two things are so easy to get, people will not exchange them for the extremely clever ghost.
Sun Hao is not in a hurry. The trading desk is quietly looking forward to it.
It is self-evident that the extremely spiritual ghost can greatly increase the speed of cultivation for ghost repair, and its value is immeasurable especially for new ghost repair heirs.
It is difficult for ghosts to cultivate their children, and every child is very precious. If there are extremely spiritual children paving the way, they will probably pave the way for practicing Tongtian Avenue.
Sun Hao is full of confidence in this barter because he knows the extreme importance of extremely clever ghosts to ghost practice.
The auction house is not in a hurry. For the auction house, the higher the value of the things auctioned here, the bigger the auction house is. I didn’t expect that there would be a ghost today, or we would have started advertising long ago. There are more than just a few monks here.
However, after the appearance of the ghost, the auction house has quickly spread the news, depending on whether several big customers are interested in it.
Extremely clever ghosts stir kangbashi’s new ghost town. It takes less than the auction house to make tea. Several ghost kings come in a hurry, and two of them are very peak like Yunyew. After the ghost king came in, the ghost repair in the auction house got up and handed over to the two ghost kings.
Two peak ghost kings, one surnamed Kang and the other surnamed Ba, are the representatives of two families in kangbashi’s new ghost town. Zhongkang Fu Wang is directly the current Lord of kangbashi’s new ghost town, and Ba Yu Wang is also the owner of Ba Jia’s family. Their identity and strength are all different. When they arrive, they suspect that the specifications of this auction have risen by an unknown amount.
King Kang Fu first spoke loudly and said, "A thousand years of dripping Yin wears away the stone for thousands of years, and the milk is really a rare spirit in my ghost domain. The whole ghost domain is afraid that there will be nine deep and remote ghost domains before it can be produced …"
Jiuyou Ghost Domain! The ghost practitioners at the scene talked together.
Jiuyou Ghost Domain is a ghost domain where Jedi ghosts dare not go. It is too dangerous. The ghost milk comes from Jiuyou Ghost Domain, so the ordinary ghost king is not qualified to set foot in it at all.
King Kang Fu spoke and shocked the scene.
Not to be outdone, King Ba also quickly said, "Bihe gives birth to a beautiful spring, and the fresh lotus is a treasure of all ages, even if there is a dead pool, it is possible to pick it."
Dead pool! On-site ghost practitioners are talking again.
Fallen leaves can sink in the dead pool, and the ghost of the dead spring can invade and dissolve. It is also a ghost domain Jedi. At first glance, it is quite difficult to get a lotus.
Finally, I learned the exact news of the ghost milk lotus. Sun Hao was a little relieved in his heart. Finally, he made a real effort. His face smiled indifferently. Sun Hao said, "There is a ghost milk or lotus here that can be exchanged immediately."
Two peak ghost king looked at each other, Kang Fu Wang body momentum up to Sun Hao pressure.
Sun Hao stood unmoved and indifferent.
Cloud yew cold hum a momentum together rushed Kang Fu Wang hit Sun Hao front hit a ring.
Kang Fu Wang accidentally looked at Sun Hao and then accidentally looked at Yunyew and laughed. "It turned out that it was no wonder that Luo Cha Fairy entourage could come up with the ghost to barter." When laughing, the body momentum was a little loose, and then he said, "I have no ready-made ghost milk to exchange, but our Kang family can send someone to lead you to Jiuyou Ghost Domain to get the ghost milk."
It’s a good idea for Sun Hao to move in his heart.
King Kang Fu’s voice just fell on the other side, and King Ba took the words very rudely and said, "There are nine ghost dragons guarding the ghost milk in Jiuyou Ghost Domain, but it’s the ration of nine ghost dragon cubs. Hahahaha, can you take it if you say so?"
Sun Hao slightly one leng in my heart.
In the past two days, there are nine ghost dragons in the catch-up knowledge. Nine ghost dragons are the top creatures in the ghost domain. An adult ghost dragon is not a ghost emperor, but it is not Sun Hao who can compete now. If what King Ba said is true, it is quite difficult to get ghost milk.
King Ba Fu satirized King Kang Fu for a few words, but before King Kang Fu spoke, he quickly said, "There is indeed a lotus friend in the nether world. If you agree with me, your family is willing to take you to pick the lotus …"
Kang Fu Wang also smiled at this moment and said, "Is it so easy to go in? I’m afraid you’ve already been turned into a pool of blood before you see the lotus. "
These two people are tit-for-tat, but Sun Hao has come for nothing. Even these two things are quite rare (~ ~).
Chapter five hundred and fifty Yellow pool
Laughed at by King Kang Fu, King Ba said with confidence, "This is not the case that the duke is worried that if I dare to go out and pick lotus, I won’t shoot at you. Although the water is terrible, it’s not impossible for my friends to choose me to trade. My family naturally has the means to let you get the lotus."
Sun Hao can’t help but move in his heart. Two things are as rare as each other. If you can change to the same thing first, it’s not bad. Ma Sunhao nodded and agreed to exchange.
Kang Fu Wang interrupted Sun Hao with a wave of his hand and said loudly and quickly, "Ha, ha, ha, you have the means, don’t I have the means?" Little friends want you to agree to exchange with me. My Kang family naturally has the assurance to help you change back to ghost milk. "
"You", King Ba, was interrupted by King Kang Fu when he saw that he was about to get the ghost. He couldn’t help but blow his nose and stare at King Kang Fu with great anger.
Kang Fu Wang also showed no weakness to stare.
Both of them are rubbing their hands, and they don’t like the upcoming war.
Sun Hao gave Yunyew a wink. Yunyew stood up and got up. A shock shook the opposing momentum of the two demons. A jade bottle flew past Sun Hao in his hands.
Sun Hao took the jade bottle lang’s nonsense in one hand. "I want the ghost milk and the lotus, and I want both. My Lord doesn’t want the two kings to argue, but there is another’ Luo Cha Baodan’ that can also exchange the ghost milk or the lotus."
Luo Cha Baodan? This is pure nonsense.
Yunyew, a panacea in South China, is a rare commodity, but it is not very big. It is a yang-attribute elixir refined from Jiuyang Dan, and its function is to drive away cold toxin, yin, yang, blood circulation and granulation.
Sun Haoyin asked Yunyew to come up with this panacea because Sun Hao found that the Yang-attribute panacea in the ghost domain is of high value, but I just don’t know if this Yang-attribute panacea will be of high value.
Seeing that the two ghost kings are contending, Sun Hao simply asked Yunyew to take out a Jiuyang Dan, which is called "Luo Cha Baodan", in exchange for ghost milk or lotus.
The auction house immediately hired another appraiser to begin to identify the so-called "Luo Cha Baodan" in Sun Hao’s hand. Moments later, the Appraisal Normal University announced that "the value of the rare myogenic cast in Baodanyang, Luo Cha is incalculable enough to match the hidden lotus".
On-site ghost repair is another burst of discussion. It’s even unimaginable that Luo Cha Fairy was born and brought such Baodan with him.
Luo Cha Baodan Sun Haoyi took out two extremely rare treasures, both of which were quite rare enough to exchange the ghost milk lotus.
To this Sun Hao, I vaguely feel that the ghost land environment is very different from that of the southern mainland, and the value of many materials is very unequal. Although Jiuyang Dan is a rare commodity in the eastern and western southern continents, its value will not be so high.
Sun Hao really wants to know if he can benefit from the secret passage of the small white fox to and from the ghost domain and the southern mainland, so he must earn a lot of money from reselling business.
Extremely clever ghost Luo Cha Baodan
I want both of these things.
Both of these things are priceless, and the ghost has more stamina, but it will not help the family or individuals much for the length of time.
Luo Cha Baodan, but not Luo Cha Baodan, can quickly help the Ghost King to complete the physical recasting of the family and add a fighting force. However, Luo Cha Baodan is a one-time event, and in the long run, it may not be more promising than the extremely spiritual ghost monk.
And as far as the cultivation of younger brothers is concerned, the value of the extremely clever ghost is even greater.
One is to focus on the long-term and the other is to focus on the present.
Two ghosts, Lord Wang, look at me. I look at you. You hesitate for a while.
Sun Hao is in no hurry to wait quietly.
A moment later, the two householders made a choice according to their own needs.
The overall strength of the Kang family is stronger than that of the Ba family, and there are direct descendants who have just chosen to exchange ghost milk, while the Ba family is slightly weak and there is no suitable younger brother to cultivate and choose to exchange lotus.
Because neither of the two companies had any physical hands, there was no deal on the spot. The auction house witnessed that the two sides reached a trading intention. The Kangba two companies promised to lead Sun Hao and Yun Yeshu to collect the hidden lotus, and Sun Hao also promised to make a deal after they got them.
The auction officially ended shortly after Sun Haotai’s foreign body.
Back in the ghost shop, Brother Ghost King has come to the Kangba family to discuss the details of the operation.
Sun Hao believes that if it weren’t for Yunyew’s Luo Cha status and the peak ghost king Kangba, it would be hard to say whether the two families were so accommodating.