Dozens of people on both sides of the grand staircase of the hotel crowded into the building and exhibited a gun battle that was almost desperate.

The military personnel in the three major areas prepared to charge for three times, but they were all beaten by the other side. It took only a few seconds for four or five soldiers to rush in front and be screened.
"Damn it!" The head of the district action team immediately turned around and shouted, "Don’t throw mines. They have an explosion-proof shield, a gun and a Grenade launcher."
Voice down three young people end gun touched.
"Rush out of the bunker and face each other’s defensive area, give me three hits" shouted the captain of the action team.
After hearing the order, the three men did not hesitate to grind their teeth and rushed out of the corner of the stairs.
"Dadada …!"
The square gun was fierce, and one of the three people was immediately beaten into a sieve. Before he fell down, his mouth was bleeding and his right hand grabbed the handrail of the stairs and shouted, "Fight!"
"Bang bang!"
Two dull guns and square Grenade launchers spewed long flames and ammunition into the building.
The explosion rang, and three security guards were killed on the spot with explosion-proof shields on the stairs. The building trembled and the walls were cracked, and the rubble fell like a rainstorm.
Yao Jingzhong and others saw that the building was hit by a gap and immediately attacked with a gun.
Jin Taizhu, at the entrance of the hall on the third floor, glanced at the building and immediately shouted, "Evacuate the guests quickly and let them go to the private room on the third floor."
After hearing this, the peripheral security guards immediately turned around and shouted, "Mr. Jin can’t leave without lights. When people get separated, our security guards can’t distinguish gangsters and protect guests."
"Fart don’t run here to die? !” An old man in the house immediately got up and hid behind his bodyguard and urged, "Let’s go!"
In this case, if one person wants to run, it will cause a fierce chain reaction. Most of the guests have panicked and ran to the side door, the small door, the podium and the workers’ door.
Jin Taizhu gritted his teeth in the crowd and said to a security guard, "Zhou Zheng and his assistant are in the lobby. Please take someone to find them and catch them for me."
Security personnel one leng "catch them? !”
"They are likely to be gangsters," Jin Taizhu replied in a hurry.
Chapter 1336 The general trend talks about human nature?
On the third floor corridor, Zhou Zheng sweated his forehead and glanced around at Lin Chengdong and said, "Brother, I’ll give you a hard task. You find a dog leg around Jin Taizhu to lead him."
"I have a few hardships!" Lin Chengdong looked at him cautiously and scolded, "Laojin probably already doubted you. Why don’t you let me lead you?"
"This his mama all what time? When we slept together for so long, you and I were not United? "
"Don’t sayno. We have to be together."
"… I fucking!" Zhou Zheng was about to reply when he vaguely saw a light at the corner of the corridor.
Lin chengdong was nervous and sweaty, so he reached out and touched his waist because he was Zhou Zheng’s assistant and was qualified to enter with a gun.
"Is Lao Zhou Lao Zhou?" The middle-aged man who often gives advice to Jin Taizhu shouted with a hand barrel.
Zhou Zheng eyes a bright motioning with his hand shouted, "what the fuck happened? Why is the building shot and the lights are black? !”