This night, Jiang Ziyin slowly spent in the exhibition and wandering.

It was not until dawn that Jiang Ziyin stepped outside the gate and found that his nephew came back with a face of excitement.
Fourth Martial Uncle quickly greeted him and squeezed his nephew’s arm with excitement. "Nothing is good, nothing is good."
Boss Li was touched by patting Fourth Martial Uncle’s hand at this moment and said, "Please, Martial Uncle is worried."
A few powerful bodyguards slammed their mouths behind them. It was such a chat that they stayed in the ring and farted. It was as good as staying in meditation with the magic sword Sect.
Liu big a face of dissatisfaction and muscle trembling.
"Uncle Shi took the trouble to prepare a place for as many people as he could live in," Li Chengzhu said.
"There are still a lot of rooms that can accommodate more than 300 people." Fourth Martial Uncle was excited, and this little boy finally got the hang of it. It is high time for his brother Acacia to make a bright appearance and bring a little hope to the League Magic Sword Sect.
"Three hundred won’t be enough." Pick a night rose pie.
Isn’t it enough for Fourth Martial Uncle to stare at his eyes suddenly?
Jiang Ziyin’s chest was filled with excitement and excitement. This nephew is interesting. Saving his legacy crisis not only brought a few higher immortals but also brought hundreds of younger brothers.
"How many people are there?" Jiang Ziyin wiped a stiff face with a smile and asked
Li Chengzhu put up a finger.
"A thousand?" Jiang Ziyin’s happiness is about to faint. It’s really interesting that one thousand brothers and nephews of Acacia are really interesting. If I guess correctly, this one thousand brothers are definitely the elite of the elite. The whole one of Acacia’s fists has been brought by nephews.
"Ten thousand" Li Chengzhu lightly spit out a number.
Jiang Ziyin suddenly felt that this nephew was … very funny.
"Ha ha" Fourth Martial Uncle smiled a little reluctantly, and there were no ten thousand people in the whole Acacia Sect. He was not a pig.
"But at least you have to be able to stay for five thousand people." Li Chengzhu scratched his face seriously. "There may be ten thousand people."
"Old four, go and vacate those warehouses. Anyway, there’s nothing left." Night Rose said this with a bitter face. "If you can’t do it, just ask your brothers to open a fence."
Jiang Ziyin blinked at his third brother in confusion. Is this raising pigs?
Jiang Ziyin, the warehouse leader, got the news that the top management of Magic Sword Sect got up from the meditation state and surrounded them one by one to ask.
And the brothers of Magic Sword Sect also have a lot to wait and see. It’s really hard to see what tricks this is already the patriarch’s younger brother playing.
Doubts were instantly solved. When Li Chengzhu gave up and released a large pair of immortals, the high-rise body of Magic Sword Sect took a mouthful of air conditioning.
There are thousands of people in it, to say the least, and how do they look like they are besieging the three disciples of Magic Sword Sect?
This thousand people were released from confusion, and they turned their heads and looked around for a moment. When they saw Li Chengzhu’s smiling face and those bodyguards behind him, they quickly pulled out their flying swords and glared at each other.
"Welcome to the Magic Sword Sect that has been besieged by you for nearly a month. This is also my master." Li Chengzhu’s face is smiling, but it seems to be more dangerous than these people’s eyes at the moment.
"When condescending to all of you to stay here for a while, I will naturally let you go when I finish the misunderstanding with your door owner," Li Chengzhu said with his hands around his chest.
"You sneak attack", a younger brother shouted, emboldened and shook his hand and flew his sword.
It’s not a rant about Li Chengzhu’s shameful menstruation that the sound of a thousand waves is instantly chaotic.
"mean?" Li Chengzhu sneered, "If you are always mean, you are either missing arms or legs now. If you whine again, I will waste you."
Liu’s big man took a step forward against the phoenix axe, and the tiger’s eye showed a murderous look.
Nearly a thousand people took a step back and swallowed, with a horrible face.
"On meanness, I don’t want you to be in charge of more than 12,000 people and surround less than 2,000 people with magic swords. If I can save your life, you can burn incense. Now, do you want me to seal my aura myself? Don’t try to cheat. You know that if these things behind me are seen, it will be difficult." Boss Li squinted at nearly 3,000 brothers in the blocked warehouse with his fingers.
No one started work for a long time.
Who wants to seal their aura? After the seal, it is no different from mortals. These brothers have never tried a day without aura.
"why?" Li Chengzhu picked his eyebrows. "Do you want me to do it?" Li Chengzhu smile "if you want me to start work, it’s not that simple" and gestured to Liu.
Liu Sanbiao resisted the phoenix axe with one hand and pinched it with the other. He stared fiercely in front of him, and a younger brother chopped it violently with one hand.
"Crack" was accompanied by the brother’s miserable cry, and everyone’s eyelids jumped.
That palm knife cut this brother’s arm backwards, and it made him shrink into a shrimp-like roll in pain.
"Don’t start work yet?" Li Chengzhu binge drinks.
No one dares to question the truth of Li Chengzhu’s speech again. No one dares to stare at him and listen to a few muffled grunts. Everyone is holding the law to seal his body and meridians.
After Li Chengzhu asked several bodyguards to check it, naturally, he played some tricks on himself, but the strict inspection of boss Li’s bodyguards exposed traces, and one of the foreign countries was completely abolished.
The three brothers are frightened. The character in front of them is not quite the same as the one in the impression. It is even more vicious and difficult than the one in the impression.
"Stay here, darling, and I’ll let you go if I don’t want to die." Li Chengzhu lost a sentence and ordered people to seal the warehouse and put an alarm barrier outside to prevent someone from escaping
"Sixth Martial Uncle, let’s find some brothers to guard here." Li Chengzhu patted him for a night and was covered with dust and said lightly to the DPRK.
"Well," the immortal nodded quickly. The nephew’s means were really high. He didn’t know whether the 1000 people were captured or not.
I don’t quite believe that he relies on those who are of the earth and pick Jin Xian to do it. If he picks Jin Xian, these brothers are afraid that there will be no such good treatment.
After explaining the matter, Li Chengzhu went alone to arrange for his guest room to meditate and rest
Boss Li has calculated that if one night goes well, 1000 people will be captured and 12,000 people will be even worse in 12 days. The forces behind it are afraid that they will have to show up before they can finish capturing their disciples.
There will be another big war then.
Chapter 23 Lin Fan passive
With the illusion and the ring that can hide the living, Li Chengzhu received a bumper harvest for several nights.
Base can get around a thousand people at a time.
Every time Boss Li moves, there is a person who gives him a shoulder to guide him. The little thing with fluctuating mental pressure has good mobility and gives full play to the essence of guerrilla warfare. Shoot one gun and stir up the alliance of the three factions in a different place.
The three brothers often feel that a group of brothers suddenly broke out, and then suddenly disappeared and disappeared together. Every time there were hundreds of brothers.
Qi Zhengdao is having a hard time these days, and Lin Fan is also having a hard time. The main body of Wu Cang Wu Da Men has yet to be conditioned, and the roots are too heavy. After Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan discussed the resolution, they gathered their brothers together.
The original 200-300 people have become a pile of 500-600 people.
However, Qi Zhengdao and Lin Fan found that the disappearance of the younger brother continued, and the number of people who disappeared because of the gathering of the younger brothers soared.
Qi Zhengdao is to know your own opposite, and to summon your brother with one hand.
Cilong Cave Mountain itself was startled by his skill.
But after thousands of younger brothers disappeared, Qi Zhengdao had some doubts and speculated.
Although the game-writing precept ranks in the top five in the celestial world, it is believed to have the function of hiding the living, but it is impossible to hold thousands of people, right?
Even if the ring is hidden at the top, it can’t be this big.
Although the piles of 500 or 600 brothers can’t be repaired very well, Qi Zhengdao believes that throwing them into the water will still make a sound.
But they just disappeared and didn’t even come out.