After all, Pei Wende was dead at that time in Geng Shen’s night, and when he woke up, he found that the death was a mandrill.

It doesn’t need to be said that Pei Wende saw the little green snake beside the entrenched mandrill and knew at the first sight that it was the other side who saved himself.
Therefore, after knowing the specific situation of Lu Fu, Pei Wende first thought of the thick thigh of Little Green Snake.
If you can successfully fool the little green snake into his trip this time, it will be considered as an increase of "insurance"
Of course, considering that the little green snake showed the character of keeping strangers away and rejecting strangers during this period, Pei Wende felt that the possibility of his success in fooling was not high.
Although he couldn’t understand the little green snake’s "snake language", Pei Wende heard a little impatience from its expression and tone.
-say something quickly and fart quickly. Don’t delay my time.
Understand the little green snake like a heart, and Pei Wende immediately scratched his head in embarrassment.
"It’s not really a big deal, is it?"
"Isn’t there a pilgrim in the temple during the day?"
"Something happened to her family not long ago, so I have to go to the mountain these two days."
A brief summary of the cause and effect Pei Wende immediately looked forward to seeing the little green snake.
"Do you want to go with me to the mountain? I heard that Changsha County is a famous’ food town’! "
Pei Wende doesn’t know whether Changsha is a "gourmet town" in this era, but this doesn’t prevent him from fooling Little Green Snake with this.
And the ending was not expected by Pei Wende. The little green snake disdained to leave him, and was not coaxed by the naive deception of the other party at all.
Is there a so-called "food town" in Tanzhou, a deserted place?
Although the little green snake is a monster, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t understand that human society constitutes cheating "ghosts". Isn’t it so cheating?
"PSST …"
I was looking at Pei Wende’s vowed expression. I wanted to dive directly into the water, but the little green snake hesitated
Maybe I don’t know much about human society?
Is there really a so-called "gourmet town" in Tanzhou area?
Chapter 15 All things
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Tang Dynasty has a vast territory and numerous buffer regions, which can be roughly divided into 10 prefectures and 360 states.
Tanzhou is a remote state town that is not rich and located in Jiangnan Road.
According to some unreliable official records, Zongyuan and Niantan Prefecture belong to six counties and sixty-nine townships, with about 15,444 families.
And Changsha county, or Changsha county, is Tanzhou, which belongs to six counties and one.
"This should be the first time I have traveled far in my life?"
Light muttered to see Pei Wende walking alone the only road leading to Changsha, and also looked at pedestrians on both sides from time to time.
I used to take those mountain trails differently.
The official road of Tang Dynasty is paved with pebbles and bluestone slabs, which are built and maintained by the government.
Thanks to this, Pei Wende felt that his steps were brisk for a few minutes, and there was no such difficulty and pain as when he shuttled through the mountains before.
"The road of this era is much more difficult than I thought."
Pei Wende’s past life in the 21st century is only a few hours’ drive from Weishan to Changsha at most.
Influenced by this inherent impression of past lives, Pei Wende didn’t think how far the journey was at first.
Therefore, he also deliberately ignored Li Yanran’s surprise and admiration when he heard that he was going to Changsha alone.
When Pei Wende officially acted in two ways, he realized that he seemed to underestimate the difficulty of this road.
In this era, the Tang Dynasty is no better than China in the 21st century.
It would be nice to have an official road built and maintained all the year round in this remote place of Tanzhou.
Most of the remaining country roads are not even sufficient, that is, pedestrians abruptly step on some traces.
A few local governments build their own roads, but they don’t talk about the materials. Compared with the lack of funds for maintenance all the year round, it is very lucky to be able to leave.
It can be said that all the way from the mountains, those rural roads and wild roads, Rao is physically amazing, and Pei Wende has some support.
However, Pei Wende knows in his heart that he has just stepped out of the Weishan boundary, and there is still nearly a hundred kilometers to reach Changsha.
"It’s not an exaggeration to say that there are different sounds and customs in a hundred miles."
I couldn’t help sighing. Pei Wende finally knew that there was a saying in ancient China that "a hundred miles of different sounds and a hundred miles of different customs"
Just look at the road conditions. Besides those businessmen who want to go to Beijing to catch candidates and travel all the year round, which ordinary people will go out?
Not to mention the possibility of encountering wild animals and robbers along the way, which is absolutely disastrous.
Think of this Pei Wende and especially admire the Zen master who was still a baby and walked all the way.
Only after personal experience can we know how hard Zen master Lingyou was at that time.
[So you can relax and celebrate the old age in Tongqing Temple! 】
【 these monsters suddenly come out of nowhere and leave them to me and Hui Ji! 】
Considering that Li Yanran’s health has not yet recovered, someone must stay at Tongqing Temple to watch the house.
I have long noticed that Zen master Lingyou may have been seriously injured when he was young, leaving a sequela. Pei Wende insisted on letting him stay in the mountain despite the opposition of the other party
What he said at that time was that all the old men had to be old and stop learning young people to run around.