The moonlight cone poked into Yang Yong’s body with affection, and he gradually became quiet, stared at his eyes and swallowed his breath.
In the dark, Lin Chengdong sat in the cave with a bloody cone and said nothing.
I don’t know how long after the emotional breakdown, crying out of the cave is more than piercing.
After about an hour, Lin Chengdong dragged two bodies with his face callous and came to the cave to dig soft soil and bury them slowly.
Everything is done. Lin Chengdong lit a cigarette by the sea and looked at the international sea like looking for the direction of home.
The seabird hiding in the ice suddenly jumped out. It limped and panicked, and the slippery ice fled to the sea.
In the moonlight, two other seabirds swooped down from a high altitude, and their long mouths kept pecking at the solitary species …
Bite the trapped bucket and bleed profusely.
Lin chengdong looked blankly at the three birds like sculptures and watched quietly.
The lame bird ran and couldn’t run away, but the two groups of the same kind were finally pecked and covered in blood and died on the ice.
Two seabirds landed, one on the left and one on the right, and both sides of the same kind pecked at it crazily, eating flesh and blood …
"… I want to live and go back" Lin Chengdong looked at them and said simply.
Songjiang City Hospital Bi Pang lay in bed swearing, "I’m sure I’ll get him back to Fengbei and sentence anyone who can’t fucking talk so that you can do it."
Chapter 19 Back to Black Street
Liu Duichang, the compound of the defense third squadron, personally came to pick up a horse and chatted with him next to the second car
"Brother, it’s really not that I don’t help," Liu Duichang said in a low voice, smoking a cigarette. "Wei Kungan is a construction company, and the old Bi family found a roll call to get him. You said I didn’t catch him, but now this man has been detained, so I can’t talk to him personally."
"yes, I know your difficulty."
"If you had told me earlier that Wei Kun and you had it, I wouldn’t have been able to arrest him." Liu Duichang sighed and said, "You also know that when I returned to our army, I let the Military Supervision Bureau fix it because of my position. Now my grandmother doesn’t love my uncle, and I don’t dare to offend anyone."
"What do you think?" Ma Laoer said after thinking, "You let me take Wei Kun away, and then you report to the face that the superintendent of black street came to your place, and you can’t help it."
Liu Duichang zheng, "I say it’s no problem because the defense, after all, is not caught by the three major judicial institutions, but it’s also for you to deal with … but it’s not easy for people here in the black street to get it. Can you cope with it?"
"There is another case." Ma Laoer knows the ground very well. "Just say that there is also a case in the black street of Wei Kun. Go back here and investigate how you can explain it to Lao Bi."
Liu Duichang smell some hesitation.
Ma Laoer stretched out his hand and pulled the door from the co-pilot and took a prepared black plastic bag and stuffed it directly into the coat pocket of Liu Duichang Army to "drink tea"
"That’s not what I mean …"
"Fuck, you can’t be busy for such a long time." Ma Laoer smiled. "It’s not too much. Anyway, that’s what it means. Reward your brothers."
Liu Duichang shirked a few words and immediately replied with a smile, "Brother, if I want to hand over people, you have to live for me. Otherwise, it will be very uncomfortable for me to face accountability."
"I’ll ask the black street to send you a procedure later, and you can sign it to ensure that there is no problem." Ma Laoer replied very rigorously
"I am white."