"What?" Qin yuwen

"You read it first!" Malaoerhui
"ok!" Qin Yu nodded
five minutes later
Through the war, the private brain received the information from Ma Laoer and watched it with Qin Yu after the fight.
This is a piece of information that is not difficult to put away, but it makes Qin Yu and Li Zhan very shocked!
In this intelligence report, when the early background of Huncheng Brigade was established, when it was expanded and expanded, it was compiled. Who was equipped with firepower in each unit? When was it supplemented? What was the style of the military chief officer? What was his education? Did he have any experience in participating in the war? The personal information of officers in each battalion and platoon was recorded completely, and the order of information recording was very user-friendly, so that he could understand it at a glance.
Qin Yu stayed in wait for a while and looked at this very detailed military information and unconsciously sighed, "No wonder people are playing so well! It turned out that the bottom of my hometown was clearly touched by others! "
"I finally know what the second division of the new army fought with Wang Tianhui’s troops." After reading the data, I also analyzed it from a military perspective. "In this data, Wang Tianhui’s troops have the lowest comprehensive score and the best defeat! I’m really dying now. If Xinyang isn’t the Lins’ garrison, the new army is worried, then they will continue to pursue one who is sure to fight Ou Xiaobin and Xiaobaituan … With this information, they know how to cooperate and cut into the battlefield from which point! "
"Yes" Qin Yu nodded heavily.
After watching and studying for about twenty minutes, Qin Yu’s mobile phone rang again.
"hello? !”
"Are you finished?" Ma Laoer asked
"Where did you get this information? Very energetic, right? " Qin Yu immediately asked
"strength? That’s fucking awesome! I spent hundreds of dollars to buy this information from an intelligence dealer. As soon as I got it, the market price outside instantly became thirty thousand. It is estimated that no one will give it to others for a while. "Ma Laoer replied sarcastically.
Qin Yu forced "this information is worth 100 thousand?"
"You haven’t fought for HunChengLv intelligence, but some people in the district stared at them and bid for it. Naturally, some people are willing to sort it out." Ma Laoer said concisely, "The intelligence in this direction is very expensive, but now that the first collision is over, the intelligence value of HunChengLv is not great, or what you should know is already known! Estimate that you have a new army high-level conference room should be a "
Qin yuyan is right
"Xiaoyu really lost this battle!" Ma Laoer continued, "In addition to the fangs, the officers in our army are almost half-way monks, and there may be advantages in gesticulating with the Erdao players in Chuanfu! But what advantages do you have when you meet such a senior officer who specializes in war? You’re not equipped, you’re not qualified, you’re not even intelligent. How do you fight? ! I also became a monk halfway here, and I did military intelligence, which really taught the noodle people a lesson! My mind is still stuck in the stage of burying information, and people have already played big circle and big information sharing! !”
Qin Yu instantly understood Ma Laoer’s meaning and quickly asked, "Our Hunchenglv situation has been dug up. Is there any circulation in the new army intelligence?"
"Yes, the highest bid is also very high, but you don’t buy the main rivals of the new army. Can others be willing to be suckers? ! I asked that there was not much information flow in the new army, that is, Gu Jialin’s family and some forces outside the region had taken it! " Malaoerhui
Qin Yu licked his lips. "Second, your horse helped me get a higher grade. The information of the new army should be very detailed!"
"This is your account? I had already done it before I called you. "Ma Laoer immediately replied," I have sent people to Yanbei Fengbei, including Nanhu, and I have received the information of the new army! "
Qin Yuwen is gratified that he is his own mother and an old brother. He can always think of his own family affairs and have a sense of urgency in his heart. You are like Gu Gu’s military intelligence unit. Although you have also given a lot of news to HunChengLv, their side is even more chaotic. Gu Taixian has to take care of too many things. It is impossible for everything to be given to HunChengLv. The military intelligence department is also temporarily formed. It will not be long before you are so concerned as Ma Er.
"I not only sent people to collect the information, but I’m also going to meet people in Yanbei circle to see if I can buy some officers in the new army." Ma Laoer said in a low voice, "How many officers are there in the 30,000-40,000-strong army? I don’t believe that they don’t like money and they are very firm! "
"The idea is powerful!" Qin Yu agreed and realized that "this place is worth spending money!"
"You should be careful, too. I can buy you face to face." Ma Laoer immediately woke up.
"I am white!"
"In this way, I will tell you if there is something here!"
After finishing the conversation, Qin Yu continued to look at the information and sighed, "Mom’s decision to become a monk halfway is forward-looking … If you can’t give this job to outsiders, you have to do it yourself!"
"Then you have to train him!" Through the war looked up and said
"I must train him and feed him with the best breast!" Qin Yu nodded heavily.
Gujia Corps Headquarters outside Qufu City
Gu Taixian rested on her hips and asked, "What Tan Zhongshi hasn’t gone yet? !”
"I have sent a letter to Tan Zhongshi several times. They promised to support Teng Pang but never moved!" Deputy chief of staff replied.
Gu Taixian pondered for a long time and immediately said, "You call Teng Pang and ask him to retreat!"
"Yes!" Deputy chief of staff nodded.
Gu Taixian twist a head looked around stepped directly into his lounge to consider after a long time dialed a number "hello? This is the case …! "