Qin Yu nodded. "I know. Before his teacher, he was not the logistics department minister of a war zone."

"Yes," Lin Xiaosong scolded with his neckline down. "When I was stationed in the ninth district, this king egg told me that our forest corps could not keep it and would leave sooner or later. Over the years, many troops secretly detained our brigade and secretly dialed his own troops."
"There is this thing?" Gu Yan also felt a little surprised. "Isn’t your ninth district a fragrant cake?"
"What a fart!" Lin Xiao frowned and said, "Because the Lins are from outside, my dad won’t let the team go too close to either end, but I’m angry that we haven’t been on the team, but we’ve been working hard on the military defense force in the ninth district for so many years." Then can you give less horses and chariots? This is the problem of gas volume. Do you understand? "
Gu Yan smiled and answered, "The Chief of the General Logistics Department of the 9 th District Army is also going back. Shen Wanzhou is also very interested in this position. If you don’t team up, it is not a group. He must give the benefits to one of his own first."
"How many people are there in our nine districts?" Lin Xiao with the wave, "Even if you give benefits to your own people, it won’t be bad for us. I’m telling you, you may not know much about the situation in the ninth district. If Shen Wanzhou can be the commander of a war zone, there must be a pattern, mainly because he independently rowed us to the opposite camp. I’m sick of him. I’m not kidding. I wanted to beat him a long time ago."
"I’m tired of them, too," Gu Yan gritted his teeth and said, "Sha Zhongwei went to Tonghe 100% to support Tang and Zhang’s mother in stabbing when something happened to my dad. It really needs beating!"
Ucg a look at the topic is a bit partial immediately tugged back "dry Shen Yin is a small matter, round table is a big deal, let’s pay close attention to the research conditions how to appropriate"
"Right, right, first, don’t be such a fool." Gu Yan immediately chatted back and looked up at Qin Yu and asked, "How are you going to talk about it at the Brotherhood?"
Qin Yu lit a cigarette. "Four towns are full of stories and blood and tears. I won’t let any of them out."
"It’s not nonsense? If you want to let me out, why are we still here? "Gu Yan sat on the sofa." My dad asked you to come back just to hold Sichuan House to death. "
Ucg thought for a while and said, "If you don’t let me talk, it’s hard to promise me personally that the bottom line across the street is that you don’t have to take the weight, but there is still a certain garrison in Xiaoyu. If you don’t let Shen go, it’s very likely that you will fight this battle. Objectively speaking, Commander Gu just took the area, it takes a certain amount of time to stabilize the fire … It’s also a big loss for you. On the one hand, it is necessary to prevent the resurgence of some parts of the area, and on the other hand, it is difficult to go to Japan for
Chen Feng’s statement is quite objective. What Gu lacks most is that they need to stabilize the district quickly instead of continuing the fire with belligerence, which will lead to a very bad development for the economy, arms consumption and people’s war-weariness
Don’t say that the regional war has been fought for less than ten days, and more than 200,000 people from several regiments have participated in the war. Every day, when the army consumes less, it will cost more than 100 million planes and cannons to smash, not shells, but economic reserves and resources accumulated over the years. This battle has been fought too quickly, but it has been heated up and not warmed up. No matter whether it is the loser or the winner, it is very hurt.
Gu Yan pondered for a long time and said concisely, "We don’t want to fight the general logistics department of the ninth district army, and we don’t want to have any round table meetings. This thing is a psychological game. Whoever is unintelligent will suffer. I can definitely say that I want Shen Wanzhou to dare to shoot the first shot. We are sure that the Sichuan government didn’t lose it before it landed in the company area. This thing is over and we can still let them be fooled." ! The bottom line is very simple. Sichuan government town can’t pay at most one person, but it can give them a certain garrison and cede some economic benefits. If they want to plant flags, let him insert Qin Yubing’s strength is not enough to contain them. The headquarters will transfer Teng Shushi. "
Qin Yuwen was confident. Lin Xiao also took a sip of tea and said, "There is also a key condition, that is, the establishment of Hunchenglv. More than 10 million people in Xiaoyu have also taken a brigade to replenish the army. This is nonsense. If we want to talk about it this time, we must get the treatment well and prepare the ranks."
"This is not easy," Qin Yu shook his head. "The heavy capital problem is like this. The general logistics department of the military looks like a dead child. I just want to dig a hole and bury it. How can I give my rank to HunChengLv? I don’t even think about it now. It’s really …! "
"I want to say that this negotiation will directly talk about you!" Gu Yan looked at Qin Yu with a slight frown and said, "The general logistics department of the army doesn’t like you anymore. What did you say you were doing in the ninth district? Have a chicken feather future? Is it still a problem that you came here for a minute and then the major general won the military establishment supply? Brother! "
Qin Yu rubbed his face "I can’t go"
"What? I don’t understand. Why do you have to guard these rotten garlic in the ninth district? Is it interesting to intrigue every day? " Lin Xiao is not too white. "Your father-in-law is the commander of the war zone. There is something wrong with you. You have to suffer indignities here."
"Now that I’m gone, I’ll pit Commander Zhou and my big brother Di." Qin Yu replied succinctly, "What do you want Wu Peipei to raise me? What is the investment of Digokawa Prefecture? How many times did Commander Zhou speak for me? That’s because when I get up in Sichuan, the words in the World War II area will become tough there and I will get some benefits here, but I’m leaving, which means I’m taking Sichuan away by stealth. After people help me, I’ll grow up, eat and wipe clean and slip away directly. Isn’t this a bit inhuman? There are no soldiers in the Wu family’s hands. They let me accept the enlistment because I want to train my own people in the army. Diego and Wu Shu and I didn’t pick it, but we knew each other. "
Everyone smells silence.
"And commander zhou, I disobeyed several times and mobilized troops without authorization. He helped me to block the fact that I ran away now. The general logistics department of the military department may not use this thing to get the World War II area to death. ! Before you came to the headquarters of World War II, Liu Mi-chang also called me and asked me to talk it over. Well, I have to work out the conditions for going to the area at the negotiating table. "Qin Yu sighed and said," This is not authentic. "
"Also" Gu Yan couldn’t help but nodded his head after listening.
Shen Yin and others in the defense zone of Shen Corps outside Sichuan House also sat in the camp to discuss it.
"Is it time?" A man with a very unfamiliar face looked up at Shen Yin and asked 1.
Chapter 156 Lu Jia He Chong
One day later, a living village near the borderline of the seventh district in Chuanfu was cordoned off, and a battalion of the Shenbingtuan in the ninth district was stationed on the north side of the living village. Similarly, a battalion of Lin Xiaotong’s war brigade was stationed on the south side of the living village, and a food and lodging shop in the center of the village was chartered. Here is the place where the round table meeting was held.
Ten o’clock in the afternoon
Gu Yan Qin Yulin Xiao Ucg Li Zhan Qi Lin and others drove to the meeting place and stepped into the accommodation shop.
"The popularity of Chuanfu is flourishing. There are more than 1,000 living villages." Ucg looked around at the low impact Qin Yu and said, "Brother, you have to do a good job in the steady development of this place for a few years, and then you will have money and people."
"It’s all people. I just want to have some soup with them," Qin Yu replied quietly.
"Mom hypocrisy" ucg pie mouth replied.