What kind of result will you face when you return to South Shanghai? Qi is very clear in his heart that Chu Yexiao has no feelings with him. This forced VIP must be to kill him.

Is there really no way out?
Is it really different in such a big world?
You don’t have to find a way!
At this time!
Qi Xin’s mentality has changed dramatically again. He knows that there is no savior in his world and that no one can help himself! He wants to live on his own and can’t be a chess player as before.
He need a chance, a chance to live for a while!
March bowed their heads in the car after a long silence suddenly looked up at the co-pilot male "you call ShaYong tell him I still have! It is in Jin Taizhu! "
The co-pilot man suddenly turned his head. "You’re not naive enough to decide your fate by putting a fake message, are you?"
"… I know my situation," replied Qi, clutching his right hand tightly.
The co-pilot sportswear man thought for a while before he took out his cell phone and dialed Sha Yong’s number.
late night
Sha Yong, a private club in Songjiang, frowned and asked, "Is he afraid of talking nonsense?"
"I woke him up and lied to us. It’s meaningless." The other party replied softly, "I don’t think he is a lie."
"Jin Taizhu? !” ShaYong slowly got up and gently analyzed, "Qi once worked with Ma Laoer’s five districts to know some news about this. It’s normal! However, Qi has been missing for so long. Can Qin Yu be unguarded? "
"This is really hard to say." The other party shook his head.
Shayong House took two steps back and forth. "All right, let him go for a day. I’ll go back to Fengbei one day and talk to him."
"Well, then I won’t take him back to the hospital and find a place to live directly? What do you think? "
"Look at him to death" ShaYong woke up.
"Don’t worry, I won’t let him lose it if I lose it."
"Okay, that’s it!"
With that, the two ended the call. Shayong turned his head to look at Shen Yin playing with his mobile phone and said, "That Qi said that he still has cards in his hand in Jin Taizhu."
Shen Yin took a sip of red wine pie mouth should way "he has a fart card! He worked with Ma Laoer’s fifth district. The living have been missing for so long now. Can Qin Yu have no defense? I guess his cards are some urgent news. "
"I’d better meet him first," said Sha Yong after thinking. "There’s no harm in trying!"
"Well," Shen Yin nodded. "Have a drink!"
"I can’t drink any more." ShaYong bent down and sighed and said, "Recently, my brothers and sisters are not very good at some moves in Sichuan. My master doesn’t like me … I’ve been jumping on my right eyelid for a month, and I always feel like I’m going to get cleaned up."
"Listen to your destiny as best you can," said Shen Yin, holding up his glass in anger. "Come and drink!"
same evening
Sha Yong took Qi to an apartment in the city. He was kept looking at the dark night outside like a sculpture.
Can’t let others go with the rhythm …
A sound echoed in the bottom of my heart.
Early the next morning
Qin Yu, a little tired, came from the second floor and looked at the living room and asked fiercely, "Are you finished practicing?"
It’s abnormal to get up at 5: 30 every morning on time and then have breakfast after an hour and a half of morning exercise for so many years.
"Ah, finished practicing" Cha Meng nodded.
"What about the little funeral?" Qin Yu asked smoothly.
"Haven’t you got up yet?" Cha Meng said with a smile.
"It’s getting faster. Haven’t you got up yet?" Qin Yu said, "This guard is a bit too fairy."
"I told him to go to bed early last night. He has been fiddling with his mobile phone and probably fell asleep very late," Cha Meng replied smoothly.
"This is a soldier. How can I get used to it?" Qin Yu went to the door of Cha Meng’s room, stretched out his hand and pushed the door through a gap. He saw that the mourner was snoring with his ass pursed. "Why hasn’t his hair been cut yet?"
"Hehe, he said that he has stayed for several years and has feelings." Cha Meng replied with a smile.
"Go and get the massage!"
Five minutes later, Qin Yu gently pressed the bereaved head with his left hand and pushed it with his right hand to shovel the bereaved head into a sand monk!
Lost less woke up in a daze cried in surprise and shouted "teachers teachers what are you doing? !”
"I’ll shave your head!" Qin Yu bent down to grab the funeral and shovel it.
In a hurry, he pushed Qin Yu and said, "Teacher, please let me cut it myself!"
Qin Yu’s left hand clasped his wrist and held it against him. He dropped the sheets directly, and pressed his hand to scold him while shaving his hair. "Can I beat you with this physique? Do you give me back as a guard?" ! Get up at four o’clock in the morning and push the barbell for me! Practice hard with your aunt Meng! "
In the living room, Lin Nianlei listened to Cha Mengfang and shouted, "Get up early to kill pigs?"
The baby dining table mutters and whispers, "Ma Ma, I want to eat Nai Nai!"
The room is full of laughter and the family is happy.
Zone 5
Lin Chengdong and Zhou Zheng, who were secretly laid out by Jin Taizhu, moved forward for a long time, but they also came into operation with strong purpose, and they were ready to do something about Yandao.
The combination of these three people is very strange. They are all middle-aged men who are ruined by salt island. Xiaoqi privately calls them "middle-aged and elderly The Avengers"
A new wind storm is brewing.