"OK, no problem"

"That’s it"
After communication, Qin Yu sent Jiang Xiaolong’s words to Lin Chengdong.
About two minutes later, Guo Hui stepped to the front of the third floor and shouted, "The floor has reached a consensus that we agree that you should leave and the vehicles …"
"I want three cars, ten automatic rifles and a thousand rounds of ammunition," Lin Chengdong shouted and answered.
"no problem"
"Your helicopter has to retreat five kilometers, and the ground personnel have to retreat two kilometers." Lin Chengdong continued, "We can’t see you from the south side."
Guo Hui described Lin Chengdong’s words intact to the major officer, who nodded with a gloomy face.
After the communication between the two sides was completed, Lin Chengdong waited for about five minutes and saw three pickup trucks enter the hospital.
"Withdraw!" Zhou Zheng Lou shouted one
Zhongrenwen Lima building
The rescue mission to Moganbi is a veteran of the military intelligence department, who has sufficient experience in danger judgment.
When the people evacuated, there was not a piece from three floors, but Lin Chengdong took two people out of the car for a distance first, and then Zhou Zheng and other talents covered their heads with coats. Everyone gathered together and quickly left the main building.
This is because we are afraid that the enemy will hide the sniper’s sudden shooting at ourselves, cover up the bust, and then put the man in the suit in the crowd, so it can be highly safe.
After everyone rushed out of the third floor, the troops surrounded by the Red Scarf Army also withdrew, and then Zhou Zheng and others pulled the suit man and roared off.
After leaving Moganbi, the three cars drove in the direction of Baku for about three hours, and finally the war zone saw the motorcade at the parking fork.
This is General Temba’s hand. There are about three or four hundred men coming.
After the three cars stopped, Lin Chengdong returned on foot with two hostages in his car.
On the back side of the road, the Red Scarf Army also chased the major officer before carrying Xu Wen.
The two gangs held guns and looked at each other. Lin Chengdong Zhou Zheng’s mentality was very stable. He replaced the hostages with the other party and quickly evacuated.
In the crowd of the Red Scarf Army, Guo Hui looked at Lin Chengdong and his heart was filled with unwillingness, while the latter pulled Xu Wen back and glanced at him with extremely cold eyes.
It was this glance that made Guo Hui completely uneasy and felt like he was being stared at by a murderer
Baku city
Jiang Xiaolong rubbed his hands at General Tengba and asked, "General, I take the liberty to ask how did you get the Red Scarf Army to agree to release the hostages?"
"The strength of this land is the first factor that determines the outcome of the negotiations," replied Tengba, spreading his palm. "I told him that if he didn’t agree, I would attack Moganbi. The Red Scarf Army has just seized a part of the area, and there are many problems that haven’t been solved. It’s as simple as not wanting us to have a war."
Jiang Xiaolong heard this, and his heart andao Ma owed this favor, which is not so good.
Chapter 224 Tengba conditions
More than four o’clock in the morning
They flew back to Baku and Xiaolong personally came out to meet them.
"Thank you, Boss Jiang!" Lin Chengdong held out his palm very sincerely.
"Hehe, we are old friends. It’s just easy." Jiang Xiaolong is a delicate person with a very sweet speaking style. "General Tengba’s chief of staff has arranged the medical room for everyone to have a rest first."
"Good" Lin Chengdong nodded his head.
"Thanks, brother!" Exhibition nan also rushed Jiang Xiaolong dozen hello.
"Oh, don’t say that," Jiang Xiaolong waved and said, "Let’s go!"
Zhou Zheng is very embarrassed at the moment. His head is covered with dust and debris, and his skin is exposed with many wounds. But he still observes Jiang Xiaolong very carefully and says, "Silly, I think this man is not simple."
Lin Chengdong turned his head. "What’s the matter?"
"Mom, isn’t it strange that he is a broker who eats everywhere? If you want to say that he was a famous person with a surname in the three major districts, it is also reasonable, but I have never heard of such a person in this circle half a generation ago. "Zhou Zheng said low," I don’t believe he can get this scale without political background or strong financial support behind him. "
"Now who hasn’t got a secret yet?" Lin Chengdong replied in a low voice. "But according to the previous events, he didn’t have any malice towards the Sichuan government, which is enough."
"No offense, but I think he is a little too close to us."
"Li Lai Bai" Lin Chengdong lightly replied.
"Unfavorable and more illogical" Zhou Zheng shook his head.
"The war in the three major areas is over, but his play in this kind of business has been limited," Zhou Zheng analyzed rationally. "To put it bluntly, he can’t lick us, but if he has business in the four areas, he won’t come forward to help us. What do you think is the most important thing for military brokers?"
Lin Chengdong understood that "the most important thing is that he has no political stance."
"I don’t offend anyone who you are and I can talk to anyone so that I can do business well. Even if there is a political background behind me, it is impossible to easily reveal that this is the rule of this line." Zhou Zheng nodded and replied, "But isn’t it strange that he offended several of us?"
Lin Chengdong carefully thought about it and slowly answered "reasonable"
"Watch out for him" Zhou Zheng’s words woke up briefly
Lin chengdong nodded his head.
That night
General Temba’s chief of staff arranged a medical room for everyone to deal with trauma, and several rooms with good environment were set aside in the backyard of the general’s office for them to rest.
(early) morning
Lin Chengdong was consoling Xu Wen when he suddenly heard a knock at the door outside.
"Who is it?"
"Brother Dong is my Jiang Xiaolong"
Lin chengdong got up and quickly came to the door and pulled the door.
"Is your sister-in-law better?" Jiang Xiaolong asked with a smile
"Yeah, much better."
"Then let’s have breakfast together? I just have something to talk to you about. "
"Good" Lin Chengdong reached for his coat and shouted back, "Xiaowen, let’s have breakfast together."