"If everyone is a saint, you don’t have to pretend like this. Let me ask you, are you going to interfere in my oriental affairs?" The original Buddha was really arrogant and arrogant by Luo Ya.

"Brother Yuan, when you confuse me more, did you intervene in the East?" Los ya still do not recognise the way
"Hum, san huang is our eastern affair. First, you let your good corpse incarnate Pu Shen Nong, and then later you sent your brother to intervene in Xuanyuan. You did it yourself during the fighting. We don’t know about this!" The original didn’t good the spirit said
After listening to the deification of the original heaven, Luo Ya made an epiphany. "It turns out that the original Taoist said these things, and I still want you to sayno. Then why didn’t you make it clear earlier that it hurt me or something else!"
"Yes, I came here with my teacher and brother today. You must give us an explanation for these things!" The original Buddha see los ya finally no longer play the fool fully distracted justly way
Say that finish the original Buddha and looked back at the old seems to be asking old opinions, old see the original Buddha looked at himself and ordered a head slightly to show his purpose.
"Then I take the liberty to ask an original Taoist if this world was created by Pangu?" Luo Ya did not directly answer the original Buddha’s words, but asked about the original Buddha.
The original Buddha didn’t look at Luoya grumpily. Although he couldn’t figure out why Luoya asked this question, he still replied, "It’s natural that Pangu Great God created this but that person doesn’t know it in common sense."
"Since this world was created by Pangu, what’s the point of this difference between the East and the West? Who stipulated that I, westerners, can’t participate in the East?" Los ya face serious way
"Ha ha, a friendly argument!" At this time, I saw the original show, but Luo Ya laughed
"Am I wrong, or do two Taoist friends think that this wild west was not created by Pangu?" Luo Ya’s suspicious statement buckled a huge hat to Lao He’s original head.
The old and the original nature dare not deny that this vast west was created by Pangu, a great god. At that time, neither of them knew what to say
"Well, let’s not do this for the time being, so why don’t you and I know the cause and effect?"
After some consideration, the original Buddha knew that there would be no result if he entangled in this East-West issue again. He simply stopped pursuing the matter and said that the two men had a causal relationship with Xuanyuan Sword.
Luo Ya really doesn’t know whether to deal with this matter as a good cause and effect. This matter can be decided by the attitude of both sides, but this time the cause and effect is caused by him, and it depends on whether to roll with the punches or roll with the punches.
"This original brother, just cross the road. Anyway, I’ll take it!" Luo ya said with a horizontal heart.
"Well, since Daoyou said so, I’ll tell you what I think!" The original Buddha didn’t expect that Luo Ya thought about this matter so much, and then continued, "Not long ago, I just issued an array. Today, Daoyou need to break this array, so we can understand the cause and effect!"
To say that the law has the knowledge of Luoya, there is no law in the vast expanse that can baffle the saints except the celestial leader Zhu Xian Jian array. What’s worse, the original Buddha has also made outstanding achievements in the law on the one hand. It is still unbelievable to let the broken array understand the cause and effect of Luoya.
"Steamed I still cook! Can I still blame you? Besides, I invited my brother to be a witness. Don’t you trust me and my brother? " Yuan Tian Zun Dao
I can’t see that the original Buddha has a sense of humor. Luo Ya tried to smile and looked at the old man and asked, "Is that true, Laodao?"
The old man nodded his head and answered Luoya.
"Well, that’s what the original brother said!"
For this quiet saint Lao Luoya, I still trust to meet the old nod, and Luo Ya also agreed to the original Buddha’s proposal.
"So good friends later!"
When the original Buddha saw Luoya, he agreed to discuss with himself and flew thousands of miles away to quickly set up the law.
Soon the array was laid out, and the original Buddha said to Luoya, "The array has been laid out. Please join the array!"
Say that finish a finger law location made a gesture to los ya, please.
Today, the school guards are very strict. Don’t blame everyone for coming out late!
Chapter 19 Cut past lives
Luo Ya looked down the original direction and saw a piece of aura in the sky running in a wonderful way. If it weren’t for his own strength after realizing the second HarmonyOS purple gas, it would be difficult to find this change. It seems that he still has some contempt for the original Buddha.
"Taoist friends are still hesitating about whether they dare not. If Taoist friends dare not speak, they must ensure that they will not easily intervene in the East in the future, then this cause and effect will be counted!" The original Buddha saw Luo Ya wait and see for a long time and didn’t speak into the array.
"Ha ha, the original brother is joking. For you and me saints, what else can scare us on this day? Since the brother is in such a hurry, I will go and take a walk!"
Say that finish los ya flashing shape into the original Buddha cloth array.
"Brother, it may not be so good to do this!" See los ya entered the array of old to the original Buddha way
"Brother, this time, you must drop your face so that he can know that I, the sage of the East, can’t easily intervene in my oriental affairs after telling him." The original Buddha looked at Luo Ya and entered the array with a face of excitement.
"Well, I hope you don’t go too far this time, otherwise it won’t be easy for us to ask our prospective friends to help us in the future!" Old sigh a way
"I think you are overrated, brother. How can we saints’ avatar have something to solve? Besides, if something really happens, you and I can solve it, then what must be decided! " The original Buddha is full of confidence.
"Maybe, let’s see that Taoist friends are like a broken array!" Laoyoudao
"Yes, this time, I want to see if he has the ability to break my disillusionment needle."
After saying that the old original Buddha is not there, the words are quietly watching the law.
It is said that Luo Ya’s law came into operation immediately after he entered the disillusionment array of life and death. When he saw the original sunny day, he immediately gathered several clouds to rob him.
Looking at the gathering overhead, I wonder what the original Buddha really wants to do. Should he be brain-dead enough to clean me up by these ugly days? No, it’s not a brain-dead point!
After accumulating enough power, the large array of robbery clouds heard Gaba’s arm-thickness robbery thunder fall to split Luoya.
Looking at the first day of Luoya Lou’s dew, I smiled contemptuously and gently stretched out my hand and let out a palm ray. After two rays met in the middle and bumped into a brilliance, they disappeared in order.
"Oh, what fun! I didn’t expect the original Buddha to come up with such a big battle, but he came up with this thing. It seems that he didn’t underestimate him just now, but looked up to him! "
Luo Ya chatted after easily resolving the fourth robbery, haha, and said to himself in my heart.
"Brother Yuan, if you have these interesting things, you will forgive me. I am a busy man, and sometimes it is very precious to me!" Luo Ya shouted to the original Buddha outside in the array.
"Since the prospective Taoist friend said so, if I don’t add something to you, I’m stingy to make you laugh!"
Say that finish the original Buddha hands quickly hit a set of spirit tactic to disillusion with life and death large array of printing.
Spirit tactic came into contact with a large array of large array of Jieyun immediately rolled up sharply, and the color of Jieyun changed slowly from black to purple.
"You don’t know that all methods except chaos and thunder have caused harm to strangers!" Luo Ya shook his head and continued to say to the original Buddha, "It’s a pity that other people except Mr. Hong Jun are the original brothers who have mastered chaos and destroyed the world. You’d better think of something new!"