Wang Zong hesitated for a long time and then asked directly, "We people alone can’t do it. What if we really get out of control?"

"If we do a good job, we really can’t get the main force to enter the arena." Wang Zongtang replied briefly, "Xiaoyu has already prepared."
"That’s fine," Wang Zong nodded and waved his hand at the five-room man. "Don’t be blocked here and get ready!"
At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Ruan Jingshan, Director Geng Qiuxin and others went to the city to announce the details of the case to the public.
Thousands of people on both sides of the street gathered spontaneously to see what the police station would give you.
This time, it’s not just the people in Pingdao District, the black block of Xinyuan District. Most of them are living in a relatively difficult life. Songjiang’s life is not stable, and ordinary people have both Yuanyuan District and Jiangnan District.
In front of the media building, military pickup trucks, armed off-road explosion-proof high-pressure water jets, and thousands of police officers and security personnel were on alert with live ammunition.
There are dark clouds in the sky, and the scene is very noisy, which is somewhat depressing.
More than a dozen living villages near Xinxiang, the south exit of Songjiang, also came to a large number of people. They surrounded themselves with vigilance or watched the live broadcast on the LCD wall of the SAR or watched the media reports with their mobile phones, which was neither noisy nor noisy.
The supervisor in charge of the afternoon shift in the lobby kept wiping sweat and communicating with the police station. "At least thousands of people came spontaneously and blocked the outside door. If we can’t hold it down, we may be able to maintain order."
There is no exaggeration in this statement. Wu Wenqun and others are the backbone of the Wangs’ Three Rooms. The living village outside the area has an extraordinary influence. In addition, at present, the police station has detained hundreds of leaders, so after the video of their abuse was exposed, the living village outside the area naturally bombed relatives, families, clansmen and interests allies, and all of them put pressure on the outside.
At 2: 30 pm, the police station press conference was officially held.
The secret chief of Fengbei Police Headquarters frowned and said, "Miller can’t be punished in Songjiang, but he can be suspended, but people must come back. You must remember that there are nearly two million white people in the ninth district and they are social elites. If this matter is not handled well, once European-funded enterprises go on strike, what will be the consequences?" !”
Chapter 114 Huge waves shoot Songjiang
The lobby on the first floor of the publicity department
Hundreds of journalists from hundreds of media outlets have been seated in the audience.
Director Ruan Jingshan Geng Qiuxin has been protected by four or five leading police officers at the police station and walked to the rostrum.
Director Xin helped the receiver and smiled at Ruan Jingshan and said, "Mayor Ruan, would you like to say something first?"
"I’m here to attend the speech on behalf of the people, so I won’t talk about it," Ruan Jingshan said with a wave of his hand. "Get down to business as soon as possible so that the media and people can understand this matter."
"Well," Xin nodded nervously, wiped his hands and sweated, looked up at the media and said, "The press conference will take about two hours. You can go to our midway if you need convenience. Try not to be interrupted."
Some people in Taiwan echoed the laughter and applause, while others looked at the leader’s silence coldly.
Director Xin talked a few words with everyone in an attempt to narrow the distance between himself and the media, but the effect was not very satisfactory. Songjiang is responsible for this, but the government is more responsible for paying taxes to you, and all kinds of decrees have been coordinated, but you don’t even have the ability to deal with emergencies. Why do you still listen to your chatter?
Director Xin talked about the topic. "First of all, it is true that all the arrested suspects are actually involved in and directing the riots. They are the leaders and backbones who have plunged Songjiang into a panic and chaos situation. We have carried out two large-scale arrests in accordance with the orders of the North Police Headquarters and achieved great success. At present, about 45 suspects have truthfully admitted their criminal facts. Our police station has not violated the law to arrest people marching in Koo. All actions are based on legal basis and have regular procedures. It is also to maintain the stability of Songjiang. In the second video, it was exposed that Deputy Director Miller has been ordered to be suspended by the North General Administration and the police supervision department also intervened in this matter two hours ago. Currently, it is under investigation …! "
"Don’t pull this miller how didn’t come? !” A young man at Sudden Station got up to drink and asked, "He is the party. Why didn’t he come?"? He killed three suspects in Songjiang who have not yet been tried. Why should he be transferred back to Fengbei General Administration? This is in accordance with the provisions of that law? "
Director Xin leng one.
"There will be Songjiang to ten thousand security company members who have law enforcement? If so, who gave them benefits? Songjiang government or Fengbei government? Do they really have the qualities of police officers in arresting and controlling workers? Can they beat these? ! If the security guards arrest or control the demonstrators during the period, causing casualties, how should the judiciary and the existing laws determine the responsibility? ! Can they not accept legal sanctions? " Another middle-aged woman also got up and HeWen replied.
As soon as the words started, two media reporters did not know which one sent out a soul query, and every word was hidden!
"His mama didn’t come to the press conference and what’s the point? ! Torture is a fact. Do you have any power to announce the suspect population? ! That’s the way to play and abuse. Everyone will do what you say, right? Who dares to kill directly without admitting it? Who won’t compromise! " A middle-aged man in the corner seat got up and pointed to the Taiwan leader and scolded, "Songjiang can prove that you people can be useless if you make this bear!" Why don’t you go and see how many small businesses in Singapore have suffered from the parade for three days? ! Why didn’t you hit Tai Ji Chuan Miller at this time? ! What? "
"Everybody be quiet!" Mayor Nguyen looked up at the old Singen and asked, "Which media are you?"
"You don’t care which media I am," the middle-aged man shouted directly. "No one listens to your blind BB to let the client Miller come here! Today we are coming for him! "
Next to the four police officers immediately came up with guns, and the live picture was instantly cut to the rostrum and the sound was quiet.
"Get up!"
"Don’t move!"