Shan’ an sideline
Teng fat sit command car grind scold a way "Mahler Gobi Chen what do you mean? Want to fight? !”
Chapter DiErSiYiWu Jun Chen to.
Teng’s fat mentality is really cracked because he received an order from Governor Gu to personally dispatch and was ready to clean up all obstacles, but he didn’t expect to be intercepted by Chen halfway.
What exactly does Chen mean by cutting a bar horizontally at this time?
Teng Pang looked down at the adjutant next to the command vehicle and handed him a flat-headed frown and asked, "Where did their regiment come from?"
"It was a sudden forward insertion around Jiangzhou," the chief of staff said with a frown. "And they made the light rail train so that it could reach the interception site before our department."
"The end of the light rail train is Jiangzhou. How did they board the bus around Jiangzhou? Isn’t this bullshit? " Teng fat frown drink asked
"I didn’t get on the bus in Jiangzhou, but bypassed Jiangzhou and then arrived at the scheduled place." The words of the chief of staff explained in detail that "I didn’t figure it out why I went this way."
Teng Pang paused for a long time and immediately made a decision. "There are still three or four hours away from the conflict-torn area in Texas, so I can’t afford to delay you. Ma Xiang, the position of our division headquarters, asked them to make way for me quickly, and the frontier troops immediately observed the arrangement of Chen troops and prepared for the storm."
The chief of staff knows Teng Pang’s character and that it is hard for the teachers to resist what the old governor said. He is going to be impatient. That’s really daring to rush Chen Huo.
But the current military and political environment is not the same as before. If you really want to hug the fire, it will be a big thing.
The chief of staff hesitated and said, "Do teachers want to report to the old governor? After all …! "
When they were communicating, a security officer suddenly shouted, "Commander Chen Jun Chen, the teacher, is here."
Teng fat dazed a immediately said "good ask him to come over"
Anxiously waiting for about five minutes, three military vehicles stopped by the road, and Jun Chen marched over in a school coat. "Long time no see, Lao Teng!"
"Long time no see, Commander Chen" Teng Pang held out his palm.
After the two sides shook hands, Teng Pang couldn’t come to the other side to catch up with the past. Seeing the mountain, he asked, "Commander Chen, I urgently need to enter Texas to quell the chaos. Your troops Chen want the horse to make way for me, or there will be changes in Texas when it is delayed."
Chen frown replied, "I’m here to tell you this thing. First of all, I really didn’t know that any troops would bypass Jiangzhou and suddenly come forward here to block your marching route, but I’ve been involved in communicating with the floor. I flew here specially to tell you not to cause unnecessary military conflicts on impulse. When I finish this matter."
Teng Pang looked down at his watch. "Our department is the closest unit to the battle site. Now you can ask me to do anything, but I can’t wait any longer because I can’t come."
"You let me communicate with the layer first-I promise to give you a satisfactory answer."
"How long will it take?"
"It won’t be long. Half an hour at most. What do you think?"
"Not for half an hour, Commander Chen. Can you talk here and I’ll listen to the results?" Teng Pang didn’t give in because of Jun Chen’s identity, but kept urging him.
"I’m waiting for news now." Jun Chen also looked down at his watch. "So I can fly to the headquarters now and get there in 20 minutes at most. Can I call you when I arrive?"
Teng fat pause for a long time "ok, I’ll wait for you for twenty minutes"
"Good, that’s it." Jun Chen held out his hand again.
Teng Pang held his hand and said with an expression, "We are allies. I hope that at this moment, we can continue to fight side by side in the United front instead of parting ways or tit for tat."
"I think the same as you" Jun Chen nodded heavily.
After the communication between the two, Jun Chen rushed to the airport by car and flew away quickly.
After people left, Teng Pang considered for a long time and ordered again, "Continue to arrange according to my deployment just now."
"Yes!" Chief of staff nodded.
"Didi Lingling!"
Just then the bell rang, Teng Pang got into the car and pressed the answer key "Hello, Governor!" "
"Teng Fat, don’t give me foolhardy when your head is hot." Governor Gu coughed two times and ordered seriously. "The current situation can’t be changed. Things will be completely out of control. You wait for my order right now."
"Your body …?" Teng fat some worry.
"I … I’m all right" Gu Taian back.
"I know, Governor!"
"That’s it"
Say that finish two people ended the call.
Yanbei sanatorium
Gu Taian sat wearily and gasped, "Chen’s involvement in their attitude also shows this … so try calling Lim again and let the troops in Lincheng enter Texas."
The staff thought for a while and answered, "Lincheng troops will be slow to get there."
"I know that letting Lincheng go is the end," Gu Taian continued to order. "Give Wang Zhou’s army all troops stationed near Texas an order that they are not allowed to make a move. Military forces should cooperate with the special operations brigade."
"Yes" the staff officer nodded.
"… Chen Chen" Gu Taian sighed "Don’t go to the opposite!"
After the Dezhou Special Operations Brigade captured Yilian Mountain, the scope contracted and moved closer to Baishantou of Mengxi.
After a large number of soldiers entered, they built a military defense area in situ and prepared to wait for reinforcements.