"Didi Lingling!"

When the bell rang, Qin Yu immediately picked it up. "Hey, commander!"
"It’s estimated that it’s almost over. Are you ready to chat with Pu Blind?" Gu Taian Audio started.
Chapter 1766 cocktail party
The main force of the first fleet in the fifth district, Waigang, unleashed heavy artillery and violently attacked Pu’s offensive zone to cover the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels like no money.
Three 570,000-ton troop carriers near the port entered the dock to meet the evacuation of Wu Junsheng rebels.
At the moment, the South Shanghai Fleet has not yet arrived in the war zone, and there is no support on the sea surface of Sopu, and the existing firepower can’t reach others. The fleet can try its best to avoid the enemy’s sea fire and clean up from the surrounding area, and Wu rebels have not yet run out.
After four hours of fierce fighting between the enemy and the enemy, the war drew to a close.
After paying a painful price, the new government forces in Wu Junsheng left the old triangle area by troop carrier.
In this battle, there were nearly 40,000 rebels in Wu Junsheng. However, after Puxing committed suicide, some anti-war troops of the Yugoslav capital brigade turned their backs on Pu, and less than 20,000 people actually participated in the war.
After two days of fierce fighting, there were less than 20,000 troops, more than 1,000 people died, nearly 10,000 people were defeated, the prisoners were disarmed, and finally they boarded the ship and fled, leaving more than 7,000 people, which was a terrible scene.
After the troop transport ship left the port, the first fleet of Area 5 quickly evacuated under the cover of it.
The next day, the South Shanghai Fleet arrived near the mouth of the river and symbolically chased the waters of Area 5. After seeing each other’s deep-rooted love war, they could finally retreat.
In addition to Gu Chen’s gains in Chuanfu District, the cheapest thing in this Pu War was that the General Political Department of the Seventh District Army Department opposed Pai Cheng in World War II.
They did send out the navy, but after a circle along the estuary, they removed it, burning a little oil roots inside and outside, but in the end they got 10% shares from Han Sanqian without his investment.
This is the first time that the anti-Chen forces in Area 7 have taken advantage of the salt island problem, but there is nothing to defend Qin Yu’s side. Because the South Shanghai fleet is not moving, Area 5 will definitely not go and the war will continue.
All I can say is that the military and political officials in the seventh district are not given away for nothing. Too fucking will seize the opportunity.
As soon as the rebels in Wu Junsheng fled from the old triangle, there would be no oil and water to take. Qin Yu and Teng Pang added up, and they all felt that it was not good for their troops to wander around. They immediately transferred their troops back to three san.
Three days later.
Pu blind after finishing the finishing work immediately met Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and other 20 "friendly" main officers.
The old triangle area won the battle, and everyone must be flattered by it. They immediately returned to the appointment with pleasure.
Saturday noon
Menghan town martial law Qin Yu Gu Yan Teng Pang and others each sat in a whole Yugoslav capital regiment surrounded by generals and military vehicles.
Qin Yu, a car colleague, looked at wearing a school coat and licked his sentence with alacrity. "Big brother, you look a little head-on now!"
"Ha ha! After the battle in the old triangle, Gu Yan Teng is fat. They are all halo-added. It’s not good for this old dog to hang a lieutenant." Qin Yu said sourly. "What about me? I followed up with a lively army establishment or division rank and didn’t go … There was a Mao head meaning. "
"That’s not the same. Gu Yan is the commander-in-chief of the northwest, and he will be sooner or later," Daya said with a smile. "But he’s too fierce again, and you’ve actually ascended the throne. This rank establishment is nothing. If you really want a birthright, why don’t you just declare independence?"
Qin Yu waved his hand, "It’s still early to leave that step."
"Then you can endure it, hehe." Daya replied naively.
Pu deliberately let the "friendly" group show up in front of the local people. The speed of the motorcade was arranged according to the process of receiving the regional delegation, and it took more than 40 minutes to go to the office building.
The main generals of the Houpu Command of the People’s Car came out to meet the people of the Office of the Old Triangle Area Autonomy.
A list of complicated and boring reception etiquette will not describe what happened at the reception dinner after the meeting between the people’s offices in the afternoon.
More minutes late.
The host of the gathering hall of the civil affairs office shouted softly, "Welcome the commander-in-chief of Pu Corps to speak!"
A burst of enthusiasm in the palm of your hand, Pu blindly dressed in the commander’s army, although not tall, but with a strong aura, stepped into the venue and waved at everyone.
Qin Yu Gu Yan whispered around him, "Commander Pu is still quite elegant!"