Mr. Suoye took more than a dozen people to the ancestral grave to burn paper and incense and kowtow. "May the ancestors show their spirits and seek all the best …!"

Chapter 133 Laojin Happy Life
At 12 o’clock in the morning, Jin Taizhu arrived at the door of the house by bus and got drunk from the car.
"Come and pick me up at half past ten in the morning," Jin Taizhu explained with his tongue banged at the driver next to the car.
"Let’s keep two people?"
"No, it’s safe here." Jin Taizhu waved. "You go."
After the two exchanged three cars, they left along the original road, while Jin Taizhu took a step and rang the doorbell at home.
After a while, Mrs. Kim pushed the door in her pajamas and asked in Korean, "Why is it so late again?"
"Entertainment" People outside Jin Taizhu talk a lot, but when they get home, they cherish words like gold. It is not easy for him to reach this age, and his desires are gradually declining. However, he is deeply mired in the mud and it is difficult to quit. Every day, his mental stress is great.
Mrs. King immediately asked Jin Taizhu to sit in the small chair at the door and help him take off his clothes and shoes.
"I’m going to take a bath upstairs." Jin Taizhu muttered, holding the wall and getting up, I’m going to the bedroom upstairs.
Mrs. King took the dirty clothes and shoes to the laundry and prepared to call the nanny to clean them.
"By the way," Jin Taizhu suddenly stopped the stairs and asked back, "Did you call me back today for something?"
"Oh, there was a visitor at home today. He said that he was General Manager Park and sent two gold bars." Mrs. Kim immediately responded, "I want to attend the Tianfeng Summit and ask you for help."
Jin Taizhu drank a little and recalled it for a long time and asked, "Who’s General Park?"
"He said you knew."
"I know? I don’t have 10,000, but there are thousands. How can I know where to go? "Jin Taizhu held the handrail of the stairs." Didn’t he say which company he was? "
"I didn’t say it, but I kept my business card secretly. Why don’t I contact him one day?" Mrs. King asked.
"Stupid woman summit day is coming. What money do you charge indiscriminately?" Jin Taizhu reprimanded slightly discontentedly, "Don’t be so greedy and get me into trouble."
Mrs. King pursed her lips and didn’t dare to say anything.
"Give him a call and return the gold bars." Jin Taizhu didn’t think much about it. There were too many people who wanted to give him gifts and leave because of Iraq. This kind of thing also happened from time to time. He reprimanded him for two sentences and then stepped downstairs.
late night
Jin Taizhu washed his bed for nothing and got ready for bed.
Next to Mrs. Jin, she stabbed an old golden waist with her finger. "Did you miss me, Oba?"
Jin Taizhu’s hair stood up. "I’m a little tired."
"I miss you …!" Mrs king put her arm around him.
Jin Taizhu hesitated for a long time, got up and hit the bedside table and took out a small stick from the inside. "Come on, hurry up."
"You hate it!"
"I’m too drunk to keep up with my physical strength." Jin Taizhu leaned in and played.
"Buzz …!"
Strange sound
More than ten o’clock the next morning.
Ye Xiao in Nanmu area of Sichuan Province just finished talking and Lao Qi quickly came in "Someone is coming".
Ye Xiaowen looked back. "Is there someone coming across?"
"Yes, a dozen cars stopped in the north just now," Lao Qi said with a frown. "The road was blocked."
"Go to the north to see" Ye Xiao replied and walked outside.
About half an hour later, Ye Xiaozhan Nan Laoqi took more than 20 people to the first and second floors on the north side of Nanmu Life Town and looked out.
More than a dozen cars in the old road have become more than two dozen all-in-one off-road pickup trucks with swinging weapons.
"What do you mean, people don’t fucking move when they come?" Put a young man frown scolded 1.
"It’s crazy to close the door." Zhan Nan said with a black face.
"Do you know which side this is?" Ye Xiao blunt old qi asked
"It should be around the capital," replied Lao Qi’s back hand. "It may be to come and step on the spot."
Ye Xiao was silent for a long time. "Step on a fucking point B, Lao Qi, let people come over!"
"Good" old qi raised his arm and shouted with a walkie-talkie.
There were more and more people on the other side of the road, but they didn’t make a move
Yishi hotel
In front of Zhou Zhengjing, I arranged a suit face expression and asked Lin Chengdong, "Did I tell you what to do in person?"
"Didn’t tell me let’s run with people after the gunshot" Lin Chengdong sat on the sofa and answered.
"Ha ha, the man who was sent here to shoot people didn’t even know if he could go back and let us run with him." Zhou Zheng turned around and said succinctly, "Let’s follow the way I told you."
Lin Chengdong looked up "a little risky."
"Kobayashi believes that I will die if I run with people in one sentence!" Zhou Zheng said somberly, "But there is still a chance to come there according to our agreement."
"Are you so pessimistic about this matter?" Lin chengdong asked