"Didn’t you see they just faked it?"

"this time it’s true."
"Come on, knock down the pervert"
"Come on, brother pervert, be sure to bring the beauty back."
You can say everything.
Haikui turned a deaf ear to the surrounding directly. Looking at the boy in front of him, he also reported his name "Haikui"
Wang Lin nodded "Wang Lin"
They both looked at each other quietly.
The surrounding students clamored for "hurry up and whoever wins will get the beauty back."
"I am optimistic that you will come on and fight quickly."
They are all afraid that the weather will not be chaotic.
Yang Yulu really wants to scold the boys one by one, but there are also many girls fanning the flames. She really feels that she hopes Haikui will settle this matter as soon as possible.
Haikui looked at Wang Lin a few times and knew that he was an ordinary martial arts practitioner. Although his body was a little angry, it did not run regularly, but his temples were slightly raised. Among ordinary people, it should be regarded as a strong hand with thick hands. That is the reason for practicing palms all the year round.
Wang Lin also looked at Haikui carefully. He didn’t put Haikui in the eye, stretched out his right hand and held out his palm, posing as you come.
Haikui doesn’t want him to wave his feelings and stretch out a finger to move forward. He doesn’t want to hurt Wang Lin and wants him to back down.
In others’ eyes, it seems normal to see this finger pointing towards Wang Linmei, but in Wang Lin’s eyes, this finger locks his whole person’s breath and he talks about which direction to dodge, as if this finger can point his eyebrows.
He went to Gege, only to find that the finger flashed strangely and continued to come to his eyebrow without any pause.
Wang Linshen started up in a cold sweat. He didn’t expect that he could even pick up a recruit from the other side, but he had no doubt that Haikui was sorry for himself after this guidance. Suddenly, he calculated a light in his mind and blurted out, "Are you …"
Haikui seemed to guess what he was going to ask. Suddenly, his eyes flashed and stared at Wang Lin.
At that glance, Wang Lin felt that his three souls and seven spirits seemed to have been dispersed, and he generally had no strength to say anything behind him.
Although Wang Lin fights boxing all the year round, he is an ordinary martial artist, but after all, he has been in the same line for a long time and naturally seen a higher level.
Haikui eyebrows slightly jumped a finger and said nothing to Wang Linmei.
When Wang Lin saw that Haikui didn’t answer, he confirmed that it was absolutely true. If an ordinary person wouldn’t let him feel this way, he sighed, "I lost."
He blew up in front of the students around him in a flash. "Why did you give up when you didn’t do anything? What happened was a fake fight."
"Give us justice, don’t fake it."
"It’s too much. How can you play with our feelings like this?"
Wang Lin ignored the noisy people around him and bowed slightly to Haikui and turned to go.
He went to the door of the Wushu club and immediately a man of about thirty passed by and asked in a low voice, "How did you leave without playing?" Although he was a little unhappy, his tone was quite respectful, and he could see that he was in awe of Wang Lin.
"Don’t say go, I’m no match for him. If you give me a thousand dollars, I’ll pay you back. I can’t help you with this," he said, leaving first.
The man in his thirties was unwilling to chase after him hurriedly. "Then you have to give me a reason. How do you know you can’t handle it if you didn’t fight?"
This 30-year-old man is the man Xie Yan has been asking him to clean up Haikui.
"He’s not an ordinary practitioner, I can’t handle it." Wang Lin said as he walked, his feet were fast and he wanted to leave this place quickly.
"I don’t understand what you mean."
Wang Lin sighed and looked back at him and said, "You don’t understand. If you want to deal with him, I can introduce you to someone who wants too much incense money."
A man in his thirties asked, "How much?"
"At least 200,000" Wang Lin once again glanced at the gate of Wushu Club and said gently.
"Two hundred thousand," the man took a deep breath and said, "This can buy several lives.
Wang Lin sighed, "Yes, human life is cheap. For them, human life is even cheaper." He pointed to the direction of the Wushu club and left a sentence, "I’ll pay you back when I go back."
The 30-year-old man stayed where he was, stunned for a moment, and vanished into thin air.
"Hello, Guo Gong? I’m Lao Dong. Please trouble Guo Gong to prepare another 5,000 yuan." The 30-year-old man said bluntly.
Guo Shuai was furious. I didn’t expect a black fungus to bring so much trouble, but I dared to be angry and didn’t dare to say, "Dong Ge, I really have no money now."
Old Dong snorted, "We believe that you have seen this regardless of our means for three days, and then come up with five thousand yuan quickly or you will weigh it yourself." Then he hung up.
Xie Yan was sitting naked in a man’s body. The man leaned on the sofa. Xie Yan turned his back on him with one leg on the ground and one leg on the sofa.
One by one, the moving mouth constantly sends out a moving * * face expression, which is also rich and enjoyable.
From time to time, I also rub my breasts with my palms.
While enjoying it, her cell phone rang, and Xie Yan scolded in her heart that she didn’t care. After the phone rang for more than ten seconds, she stopped, and Xie Yan swayed back and forth for two times and entered the state again.
But then the phone rang again, and she said, "Answer the phone. If you are upset, you can’t just take the opportunity."
Xie Yan lost her feeling of fullness when she came from his body, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She picked up the words and glanced at Guo Shuai’s number and didn’t return to the machine directly.
Put your mobile phone aside, hold the man’s penis in your hands and sit down again and enjoy the feeling of * * * *.
Guo Shuai played twice Xie Yan didn’t pick up the words and then played again, which became a machine angry and cursed. "This ten thousand-person-round coquettish bitch is really down with blood and mildew and actually met this kind of thing." He suddenly remembered a sentence, where do you often walk by the river and have wet shoes?
I can’t help it. Guo Shuai tried to get another 5,000 yuan. He refused to get them another 10,000 yuan. I didn’t expect the other party to actually want to give him to baiwan, which frightened him.
Think of their means Guo Shuai chrysanthemum a tight hurriedly to talk to his home for another five thousand dollars.
After Lao Dong called Guo Shuai, he found a passer-by ready to go. He didn’t believe that even if he was good at kung fu, he could ever shoot a gun. He was going to get a gun to make him die and peel off his skin.
The noise around is getting louder and louder. Haikui frowned and said, "It doesn’t matter if you say you want to challenge me, but even if I win."
Look at me and I’ll see if you are hesitating. Although many people covet Yang Yulu’s beauty, they think they are not the material. This is a lively event, and even if they win Yang Yulu, they can’t really follow them.
"Is there anyone else to challenge this classmate? If you don’t have anything to say, you can compete today to get married, but even if Haikui wins," shouted the boy who had been the referee before.
The boys hesitated one by one, and the girls urged "hurry" one by one.
But after waiting for more than a minute, I didn’t see anyone as a referee. The boy shouted, "So today’s winner is this classmate. Congratulations to this classmate." Then he clapped his hands first.
Haikui pretended to wave around and told himself that it was a contest, and if he won, he would be able to hold the beauty back.
"Let the two of them kiss one" I don’t know who shouted one.
As soon as the students heard it, the boys were boiling with blood, and the girls were immediately screaming "kiss a kiss a kiss"
Yang Yulu was pushed by her two traitor sisters to escape but was tightly held.
"I think forget it, after all, it’s a joke." Haikui was a little embarrassed and said to the surrounding classmates.
"Who made a joke? We are all your witnesses. Don’t forget us after the banquet." I don’t know who shouted.