The man looks ugly and seems to be very ignorant. Haikui is angry and confused and says, "This is a fact that everyone knows."

"If you can really make this elixir, why do you have to practice so hard?" Haikui said that if there is such a thing, he would have to go directly to the immortal himself, which would delay such a long time.
"I just heard about it," the man added.
Haikui turned to Qiu and the middle-aged man for a while, and the direction of fighting could be refined into an elixir tripod. Many people envy and covet it, no matter whether it is true or not, he doesn’t believe it anyway, but it should be refined into an elixir.
The battle between Qiu and the middle-aged man lasted for ten minutes, but there was no winner. The first update made many people stunned. Although it was overwhelming, it was enough to change the color of heaven and earth.
The sea is shining in the night light, but it is hard to hide the black. It keeps rolling and growling, and it gets worse every time it is growled by magic waves.
"Uncle Liang, don’t let me wait too long." Master Yu Jian has retired three times after the battle, but he is not affected by the wave, but he has been frowning and urging because the tie has not been won.
The middle-aged man didn’t answer. He pushed his hands and hands outward, hugged each other, took a deep breath, slammed his clothes, and swelled up like an inflated balloon. He stepped on the waves and rushed toward Qiuchong. Please go to more and faster chapters.
High finger pinch tactic a true qi from the fingers fly out toward the middle-aged man maser.
"Gu Wu" someone low drink a way.
Hai Kui is far away, but this Fiona Fang accent can’t escape his ears. He stared at the middle-aged man. It turns out that this Nangong family is a Gu Wu family with martial arts.
Middle-aged men’s body weapons keep attacking the hills. The body is harder than black iron because of special achievement methods, and the magic weapon can’t be broken.
Qiu fought with him for a while and also found this problem. A dagger with a length of two feet and three inches appeared in his hand and stabbed him between the eyes.
Middle-aged men drink cold and update their fingers to cut a dagger that cuts the hill.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
Qiu’s dagger looks ordinary and strange, but after being caught by the middle-aged man’s fingers, it suddenly breaks into pieces and cracks, but it cuts the middle-aged man’s fingers.
Blood left from the middle-aged man’s hand, he quickly retreated and his clothes retracted. He looked at Qiu coldly. "It’s good to break my hard qigong."
Qiu Haha smiled. "It is common sense that this kind of hard qigong is not easy to break the edge and blunt."
Middle-aged people no longer talk, their hands are holding a strange method, and their bodies are constantly shaking in the process.
Haikui sneaked into the front to watch the good position, got out and sat cross-legged on the small pine tree to continue watching.
The middle-aged man’s trembling body suddenly separated into a member who was exactly the same as the middle-aged man, and even his clothes were exactly the same. Haikui was one leng. This is to say that he was divided into two parts. Haikui touched Ba and watched carefully.
Not only Haikui was surprised by all practitioners nearby, but also by the fact that only a master of distraction can show that a man with a child’s mid-term training is a second god.
The so-called second yuan god is strong * Treasure core’s own spiritual thoughts lead to a special achievement method, which eventually differentiates into a second self with the same magical power and mana, and it is a magic weapon. The physical body is powerful far away, and the speed of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth is far faster than the original body. This is the ancient immortal who came to avoid the nine-day lightning robbery method, and the second god bravely rushed to catch it. Even if the magic weapon was abolished, it would be a typical pawn to sacrifice one’s life and protect the handsome, but the second god is often difficult to practice. Not only does it need a magic weapon with excellent quality, but the more tenacious the magic weapon materials are. His physical appearance is even more difficult than going to heaven, and his magic weapon is inferior in quality. He has cultivated the second yuan God for thousands of years, but once he has cultivated it, he is often a means to make great contributions to the characters, not to mention the lack of modern materials and magic weapons.
I didn’t expect this middle-aged man to refine the second yuan God, and he was also a servant of the Nangong family. How tough was this Nangong family?
Haikui is envious of this magical power. If there are two identical selves, it is not clear which one is really walking in the spiritual world. It is much more important to play one of the two.
After this middle-aged man’s incarnation appeared, he was straight. wait for a while looked at Qiu, and one of them moved and punched at Qiu.
Haikui’s knowledge swept through the heart of the middle-aged man who attacked him. It turned out to be the same thing as a magic puppet. The only difference is that there is no difference between appearance, signs and respect
It is the puppet that needs the flesh, and all kinds of magic weapons of the second yuan God can be updated at the first time. When refining the second yuan God, it takes a long time to separate the spirit and constantly control the magic weapon to practice day and night, and then treat the magic weapon as the second self. When the cultivation is successful, you can turn yourself into a spell.
Haikui probably knows something about these things from the memory he acquired before. Various schools have practiced the Dharma for thousands of years, and there are countless ways. What’s more, there are not many roads and trails.
The situation changed when the two men came to a tie, and the middle-aged people became stable in the wind.
Qiu retreated in defense, and his face became more and more dignified. He quickly retreated after blocking the middle-aged man’s palm. At the same time, his hand kept pinching his mouth. In middle age, he suddenly wanted to cover a veil. Generally, the bright moonlight gradually dimmed, and the sea roared more and more. Slowly, there was some light. It was getting dark at night, and everyone held their breath for fear of missing the show.
The sea rolled more and more violently, and finally several hoses circled and quickly came to the hill, surrounded him in the center and blocked the middle-aged man.
Qiu Haikui had seen this trick before, saying it was watery, but Qiu demonstrated that one or two people were not really more powerful than Dou Haikui.
Haikui looks a little weird. He thinks Qiu and middle-aged men have more and faster magic tricks. Please go to the chapters and have great similarities. Is this Sect also an ancient sect?
Several hoses roared toward the middle-aged man at Qiu’s behest and fought with him.
In the ocean, there is the most water, and the water can be replenished continuously. The hills also twist the situation and occupy the wind instead.
Haikui’s mouth slightly evokes, but he is curious instead of laughing. This high-altitude spell is strange but powerful, and it has the same effect as the white ape’s water rope spell at that time.
After nearly twenty minutes, there is still no winner. The young master of Nangong family is very anxious, and the veins stood out on his forehead are all in a hurry, but he didn’t do it. Please go to the chapter more quickly, but he shouted, "You are waiting for an opportunity to help me win this refined tripod. After refining the elixir, I can send a Taoist friend."
Master Nangong is quite despicable. How can you calculate this trick? He won’t suffer anything. Or they can give you a Dan medicine. If you can’t get it, you will die in vain.
Hai Kui felt familiar when he heard the word refined Tianding. Think hard. Isn’t it refined Tianding that Zhou Lin was looking for? It turned out to be refined Tianding. He looked weird and looked at Qiu. It was them and Zhou Lin in the hands of Dao Fei Zong.
Staring at the hill for a while, I turned my eyes to the Nangong master’s heart and cursed his meanness and shame. I was ready to pull others to do the mat.