However, today is Liao Bin’s unlucky day. He met a monk who was not at the same level or at a higher level with him, but directly crossed the title of monk and fairy, which has the strength of a fairy king!

Ji’s expression is very dull. Looking at the roaring, he slaps his hand lightly, lifts his leg and kicks it!
Liao Bin’s heart is cold, and it’s enough to dare to pick up his palm and waste your leg! Liao Bin thought of here with disdain sneer at the corner of his mouth.
However, Liao Bin’s disdainful sneer didn’t disperse when he heard a bang. His body directly lost its gravity and flew away, then fell to the ground and rolled for ten times before stopping. His body couldn’t move at that moment. He couldn’t believe staring at the sky!
Haikui’s eyebrows were smiling and her mouth was sneering. "bring disgrace to oneself!"
Liao Bin felt angry. Although his heart was white, the young man who just flew up was much taller than him, but he would rather die than be humiliated!
Today, Liao Bin felt humiliated and was killed by someone. Shen Qirui, the leader of the leopard group, was injured. What a shame!
Liao Bin got up from the ground and spat, "If you want to leave from here today, leave on my body!"
His eyes are firm and different from Shen Qirui’s eyes!
The leader of Yi Long Group ranked first is really extraordinary!
Haikui looked at him with too much emotion. After a few seconds, he said, "I don’t want your enemy to ask you to let go!" "
"Hum! You say let it! " Liao Bin said, reaching out and hitting the ground, the cement road collapsed. He reached into the rubble and pulled a few stones around his body. The stones flew up and quickly wrapped all three people around him.
Haikui turned and looked at it. I don’t know what this guy is going to do!
Ji disdain said "want to law trapped me? Overreach guy! "
Liao Bin growled, "Even if I die, I won’t beg for mercy from you two guys with a calm face. Today it’s either you or me!"
Ji sneered with disdain and ridicule. "Forget it, you were in lang, but I just chat with you and add a little fun to me!"
Liao Bin’s fists clenched and his knuckles turned white. He has never been so insulted and despised in his life. Then let them see my strength!
Liao Bin thought of here and stretched out his hand and counted the broken stones. The pale yellow fog slowly spread and soon disappeared.
"Hu Lao compromised with you in that villa, but I won’t compromise with you outside!" Liao Binyin came from all directions as if several Liao Bin were talking at the same time.
Haikui frowned slightly and looked dignified. "Do you want to say that you are too mighty to bend? Is it really good for you to seek personal revenge? Is it really good for you to take care of the country’s righteousness and disregard it?"
"I’m not as noble as you think!" Liao Bin replied.
Ji’s face looked up with indifference and glanced at the sky. "The weak perish and the strong live. This is what Wang Dao will waste with him!"
Haikui feels bad when he listens to Ji’s words! But before he could react, there was a flash of light beside him, and then all the rubble fell to the ground, and the yellowish fog dispersed. Ji grabbed Liao Bin’s neck with one hand and lifted him from the ground.
This is the grade gap. Heikkeegun caught Liao Bin without seeing Ji.
Haikui hurriedly said, "Don’t kill him!"
Ji glanced at Haikui slightly from the side of his head. In his eyes, he pinched Liao Bin’s neck with discontent, and his hand was slightly loose.
Liao Bin’s eyes were incredulous. "How could you break my array so easily and catch me?"
Liao Bin wants to mobilize Zhenyuan and Yuan Shen to discover that he can’t do all this!
Ji corners of the mouth with a sneer at a face of disdain, "I am the strong and you are the weak. You said you wouldn’t beg for mercy from a calm person like us. How do you feel that you will be killed by a calm person like me?"
Liao Bin’s eyes took a deep look at Ji with unwillingness, and his hands trembled and he let go of freedom and slowly closed his eyes.
The Millennium cultivation was so much, so it failed, so it was vulnerable.
I have always believed that I am stronger than others. It has always been my own wishful thinking!
Chapter 51 Repair retrogression
Ji eyebrows slightly raised Hai Kuiyin to come again. "Don’t kill him, give me a face!"
Ji looked back at Haikui deeply and said, "But those who offend me must be punished. This is my rule!"
Haikui knew that his obstructionism would upset Ji. Now that Ji had promised not to kill him, everything was easy to say. He added, "Don’t waste his repair!" "
Ji corners of the mouth with a sneer "can!"
But Ji corners of the mouth smile let Haikui feel chilly!
"I don’t want him to fix it, but I want him to fix it backwards!"
Ji said, raise my hand and beat Liao Binran, then threw him aside. Liao Bin lay in the grass like a dead pig and fell into a coma because of Ji’s blow.
Ji smiled and said, "He was badly injured. If you want to return to the former repair, it’s impossible in one hundred years! Let him taste the feeling of retrogression. "
Haikui corners of the mouth slightly pie didn’t speak at Liao Bin walked towards the mountain.
After the two men left, one of them looked at the direction of their departure deeply, and then fell on the gravel and walked to the unconscious Liao Bin’s side, picked him up and flew away towards the mountain villa.
Haikui and Ji went back to Lingyan, the hotel where they lived. Lingyan people still don’t know what happened. After all, they signed a contract with Haikui and Ji’s contract is different.
However, Ling Yan did see that Haikui was a little different and asked for the first time, "What’s the matter? You’re really hurt because you’re so weak?"
Haikui smiled slightly. "Well, it’s good to be blindsided by others. Ji saved me! I have to thank him more! "
Ji indifferently snorted a pair of Lingyan people and said, "Take good care of him and don’t let him die. I’ll go first!"
Say that finish without taking away a cloud and gently come and go!
Ling smoke several people afraid of ji said nothing.
Haikui sat cross-legged on the sofa and thought for a while, then got off the sofa and said, "I’ll go home and talk about it first, then I’ll go to practice, and I’ll have to upgrade first, and then I’ll arrange some things well!" "