Haikui looked stunned,

Beside Haikui, the doctor’s eyes did not stay in Yu Lin’s face, but looked directly at the patient in bed. After all, he was old and had a certain epidemic power for women. Of course, he did not rule out the old pervert.
The doctor stepped forward quickly and said to Yu Lin, "Girl, you let me."
Yu Lin asked the doctor to put his hand on the old lady’s right wrist.
The old lady tilted her head slightly, but she didn’t seem to have enough strength, so she turned her head around. She asked Yu Lin, "Is the baby back?"
"Old man, don’t say a few words, relax and breathe quietly," the doctor said to the old lady.
Yu Lin looked at Haikui a few times and said to the old lady, "Grandma, Brother Sheng is back."
Haikui didn’t speak,
The old lady suddenly became more excited.
"Old man, you are calm, you will aggravate your illness," said the doctor in a hurry.
Yu Lin also hurriedly stretched out his hand and took the old lady’s hand. "Grandma, don’t get excited first. Brother Sheng has brought the doctor. When the doctor has finished seeing you, we will chat with Brother Sheng again."
"Have a baby, have a baby," the old lady ignored it and whispered.
Haikui sighed and went to the old lady. "Grandma, I’m back."
"Good to be back, good to be back," the old lady smiled.
"Hey," the doctor was shocked.
Haikui seems to feel bad, and he sees that the old lady’s complexion is getting better and better. Haikui’s heart is thumped. He has heard the word "dead to shine", but he feels that this is the case with the old lady now. Is it that the old lady is dying?
Haikui couldn’t bear it for a moment. Before he left, he whispered, "Grandma, I’m back. You should live well."
"Of course, my good grandson," the old lady shed tears in her eyes.
The doctor sighed lightly, and when others didn’t notice him, he withdrew.
Yu Lin and Haikui are in front of the old lady’s bed, smiling at her.
Suddenly, the old lady said, "Son, grandma is relieved when you come back. I feel like I’m going to another place."
Yu Lin blurted out, "Where?"
"It is full of all kinds of flowers, and it looks beautiful, like a garden. People there are beautiful, happy and light when they walk," the old lady looked at Fang with a yearning face.
If Haikui guessed correctly, the old lady said that the place should be heaven. It is said that when people die, they can see where they are going, so beautiful, not where heaven is.
Haikui blessed the old lady,
The old lady smiled, slowly closed her eyes and looked happy.
Yu Lin exclaimed, "Grandma,"
Haikui grabbed Yu Lin and shook his head. "Grandma is gone, so don’t disturb her to go to heaven."
Yu Lin sobbed at Haikui and suddenly turned to the door. "Brother Sheng, didn’t you bring the doctor?"
Haikui pulled her again. "Yu Lin, let grandma go. She is old, which is happiness for her, but it is painful to go away."
But Yu Lin didn’t listen. He shook Haikui’s hand and rushed out of the door, shouting, "Doctor, doctor, come in and see grandma."
Haikui felt that the doctor should light a cigarette and take a sip at this time. He was anxious and calm in Yu Lin and said, "Girl, your grandmother is dying. I saw it just now. I’m sorry for your loss."
However, the doctor sighed, "Look at it, girl."
Simple things are on display,
Maybe Haikui didn’t really feel like an old woman, and he couldn’t understand the mood. Yu Lin was heartbroken and continued to ask the doctor, "Doctor, please, please help grandma."
The doctor sighed again, "Girl, this gentleman has said just now, you’d better let your grandmother go so happily."
"No, no, I want grandma to attend my wedding," Yu Lin said, shaking his head.
Haikui suddenly discovered how good the earth photography technology is. At this time, he gave grandma a smiling face and took a picture for Yu Lin. It is estimated that this girl can feel much better.
Sighed, everything can’t go well, Haikui glanced at the old lady with her eyes closed with a smile on her face, and then walked to Yu Lin, holding handfuls of Lin Yulou in her arms, comforting, "Don’t be sad."
Haikui feels strange. At this time, Yu Lin should come to comfort him. He is the old grandson (fake), and I don’t take advantage of you.
Yu Lin cried, tore heart crack lung,
Haikui suddenly felt a little pain,
Looking down at this beautiful woman with pear blossoms and rain, Haikui sighed in her heart.
No wonder the hero is sad about the beauty. This painful feeling makes Haikui want to do everything to protect her.
The doctor shook his head and went out with his things, probably because he didn’t want to be a light bulb.
Haikui just hugged Yu Lin and let her in his arms. I don’t know how long it took. Yu Lin finally stopped crying and looked up. "What about grandma?"
Haikui looked everywhere, and there were few people around here.
"Why don’t you buy a coffin and bury grandma next to the running water of the bridge?" Haikui said.
Yu Lin’s eyes followed Haikui’s eyes, looked at the side of the bridge, and seemed to himself, "How did Brother Sheng choose that place?"
"I think that place is beautiful. Have you ever heard a poem?"
"What poem?" Yu Lin looked up at Haikui with big eyes.
"A dead vine and an old tree faint crow, a small bridge and a flowing water family, an ancient road with a thin horse and a west wind, and a heartbroken man is at the end of the world," Hai Kui recited the poem leisurely.
After studying for several years, few poems can be remembered, which is the same as weeding at noon and moonlight in bed.
Yu Lin listened to Haikui’s poetry reading, and was temporarily infatuated.
Haikui see Yu Lin that seems to be worship eyes, especially this level of beauty to worship eyes, Haikui some airy at the moment,
What’s the lyrics? I float proudly, I float proudly ~ I float proudly.
"Yu Lin, younger sister, younger sister," Haikui shouted several times for Lin Yucai to return to her soul and looked at Haikui shyly.
Haikui gave a dry cough. "Don’t look at me like that."
Yu Lin turned around and smiled, but Ma’s face turned ugly.
At that time, I forgot my grandmother’s death. Yu Lin felt very ashamed and said to Haikui, "Brother Sheng, am I a bad girl? I was very worried just now."
Haikui looked very familiar with her mood. "Sister, this is normal. You are still young. You can make people understand if you forget yourself for a while. Don’t feel guilty."