Then it’s all about discussion class.

"Miss Su, what are you doing here?" President Zhang is a little strange, with a hammer in his hand, ready to ring the bell.
"Nothing, nothing, I’m just breathing fresh air." Su Yuyao made an excuse and hurried into the office to hide her red face.
Ma Liang told Pepe that he didn’t notice what happened here until the bell rang.
In this lesson, Su Yuyao is always thinking about what to do. When the time comes, Ma Liang and Pepe will be alone on the motorcycle, and maybe there will be physical contact.
No, that position is her own. She made up her mind to go with her, but what’s the excuse?
If you don’t drive by yourself, then Ma Liang didn’t help it.
Yes, so Su Yuyao naturally gave me a smile, only to find herself holding chalk beside the blackboard for a long time while the students all looked at her.
She blushed and pretended that nothing had happened. Now Ma Liang has become a part of her life, and maybe it will gradually become a part of her life.
Pepe also tried the second-grade course, and Ma Liang often went to see it after arranging his own class, which made Su Yuyao feel jealous.
At noon, she disgruntled and pulled Ma Liang aside.
"Rain Yao, what’s wrong with you?" Ma Liang looked at her and didn’t understand the situation.
"Ask me why I went to the second-grade classroom thirteen times in one afternoon."
"You have counted" Ma Liang was startled.
Su Yuyao discovered that he was so worried about this that he even remembered the number of times, but he couldn’t be found. He continued to maintain his expression and said, "Can I remember it well?"
Ma Liang actually wanted Pepe to master the principle of doing good as soon as possible, so he wanted to explain it, but Su Yuyao was in a huff. He suddenly thought of Su Yuyao himself and said that she would definitely not explain it, hugged her directly and kissed her wet.
No one here saw Su Yuyao struggling for a while, and then simply cooperated to make his fist look strong.
After a long time, they split up.
"Bastard" Su Yuyao gently hammered Ma Liang’s chest
This trick is really good. When women are angry, explain it. If you make sense, they will be angry, but they will be very uncomfortable. If you make no sense, then they will be even more uncomfortable. Coaxing is the best solution. Wait until they are calm.
And Su Yu Yao didn’t say it again. They had lunch together and continued to study the day’s leadership.
Pepe still has some experience in dealing with second-year students because of her experience in Ma Liang, and she is relieved because the second year is not so naughty.
After school is over before noon, let the students get dressed and wear red scarves. Several teachers will stay to decorate and clean the school. Ma Liang will let Mengmeng go home first, otherwise she will talk.
Qinshan and President Zhang are hanging things at the school gate, while Ma Liang is brushing paste and pasting slogans everywhere with a bucket and two women.
And Su Yu Yao insisted on coming to Ma Hao and gave her the brush. Who knows that her first paste was everywhere, and a lot of it was left in Ma Liang pants, which made Su Yu Yao think of something.
"Teacher Ma, I’ll clean it for you." Pepe didn’t think much at the moment and directly took out his clean handkerchief to help Ma Liang wipe his crotch.
I rubbed it and found something propped up. Pepe turned red and moved more and more slowly, and I didn’t know what to do.
"It’s okay to continue to post" Ma Liang took off but didn’t expect to be pinched by Su Yu Yao’s beautiful eyes.
Pepe looked very embarrassed after this little episode.
Su Yuyao wanted Ma Liang to know that she was also very capable. As a result, when she finished brushing, she directly held her feet. When the stool was twisted, Ma Liang’s speed block hugged her directly, but she was in pain and tears were about to fall.
Because I twisted my foot just now
Ma Liang was very nervous. He quickly checked and found that there were no other symptoms. He quickly comforted her, while Su Yuyao leaned against Ma Liang’s arms with tears and pain at the moment.
President Zhang and Qinshan also came over and were very worried.
Finally, I decided to go home first, apply it well, get some medicinal liquor and rub it.
"Pepe, are you in a hurry? It seems that you can’t go today," said Ma Liang.
And Su Yu Yao’s heart is warm and Ma Liang still cares about himself.
And Pepe first one leng and then bit his lip "nothing I can walk" and bowed his head.
Seeing her like that, Su Yuyao felt sorry for her. After all, she was only a high school graduate, and the girl had some sufferings in her heart.
"Pepe is fine. Ma Liang will accompany you." She said.
"Never mind, Mr. Su, you have a good rest. I’ll go first." Pepe shook her head and her thin figure was really distressing.
"Don’t know to let her come back" Su Yuyao touched Ma Liang.
"But what do you do?" Ma Liang is still worried about this.
"Can I still run in bed?" Su Yuyao said grumpily.
Wanted to think it’s true, so I picked her up and chased Pepe:
Chapter 172 Beautiful outline
"Pepe, I’ll take you to send Yu Yao home first." Ma Liang went to the front of her and stopped her. Su Yu Yao felt that the situation was quite strange now, and he was held horizontally by a man and stopped a beautiful and simple girl. He can always be like a woman. An ordinary-looking man is not handsome or rich.
What is it? Su Yuyao carefully remembered back and forth, remembered little by little, and thought that one of his greatest characteristics was that he was too kind to people.
"Can you?" Pepe was actually a little wronged because she still hoped to go back to Canada by motorcycle. It was agreed that she was full of expectations, but suddenly she had to, almost like her wish, and almost tears came down.
Su Yu Yao saw her appearance and felt that she was thinking too much.
"Of course, you have to do what you promised. I don’t want someone to break his promise." She looked at Ma Liang.
"Thank you" Pepe nodded. If you really want to go, it will be dark when you come back.
Holding Su Yuyao’s motorcycle, Pepe sat at the end and started the car. The power was still strong and soon she got home. Su Yuyao was lying in bed while Ma Liang rubbed her medicinal liquor. Pepe looked at those beautiful things curiously. Obviously, women like Su Yuyao’s clothes.
"Better?" Ma Liang asked.
Su Yu Yao hummed a delicate jade foot and put it on Ma Liang’s thigh. It hurts a little, but after rubbing it, it lightens a lot. It’s a little swollen
"You go ahead, I’m glad." She sat back.
"You are still a little swollen here." Ma Liang is holding Su Yuyao. She is really a delicate beauty from beginning to end. She is not only delicate, but also has a crystal clear feeling, just like playing with her hands is art.
"I’ve been waiting so long for you to go to Pepe." Su Yuyao was satisfied but pie-pie.
"No" Pepe novel way
It’s not too early to rub for more than half an hour
"Go early and come back early." She seemed to say a sentence at random, and Su Yuyao was relieved when they left the motorcycle sound. She felt that she seemed to care too much about Ma Liang, but she couldn’t help but think so. Is she a woman with strong control?
How can I feel like this before? My ex-boyfriend didn’t ask what to do. I didn’t expect real love to be so tangled.
Ma Liang sat behind on Che Peipei and sighed, "Teacher Su is really beautiful."
"You are also pretty, don’t envy," said Ma Liang.
"Really?" Pepe blushed a little embarrassed.
"It’s just that you lack some confidence."
"I know I don’t know what to do, Teacher Ma. Do you have any ideas?" Pepe summoned up her courage and asked.