Rick Fang took a panoramic view of their small movements and immediately scanned the room with a faint smile, looking at Feng Yehe, who was huddled in his arms. "What’s the matter with Xiao Ye?"

"Brother Lulu elder sister poured wine for them and accidentally spilled a little bit of this …" Feng Ye pointed to that Cheng Gong and hated, "It’s hard for Huang Mao to get his pants wet. Sister Lulu asked her to punish herself for three cups and then asked her to accompany the public to watch the performance. I couldn’t see it, but the yellow hair said in his mouth that he wanted me to accompany this bastard … bastard … overnight, otherwise this shit can make us face a dilemma between life and death."
"When I just poured the wine, this person deliberately took the cup away before I spilled it." Li Lulu saw Rick Fang’s heart stable and pointed to Cheng Gong’s narrative of the other situation. Rick Fang was furious in his heart and coldly looked at Cheng Gong’s eyes, and the dangers emerged. That Cheng Gong was an ordinary man who was weighed down by cold sweat in Rick Fang and was pale. He could not help but stoop. Xu Relang looked in panic and stopped Rick Fang’s way. "What are you doing? Don’t worry about it. Do you know his identity? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang smiled and looked at the expression "I don’t care whether you are an ordinary person or a relative of the country. You are the current president. The President of the United States is the secret secretary of the United Nations. If you dare to be polite to me, I will also make you face a dilemma between life and death. I promise to do it now. You are VIPs and we are personnel. I will let you go for the time being. If you act out of line again, your field will be just like this glass."
Feng Ye Li Lulu listened to Rick Fang’s heroic words and couldn’t help but see the look of attachment and worship on the bright side of his beautiful eyes. Rick Fang’s sentence "I am a man" made the two women feel more shy and could not help but feel fruity.
Rick Fang threw cold words, and his right index finger slid quickly across the cup in front of Cheng Gong. Everyone didn’t know that his general technique of ghost painting was to wait for a moment, but when he saw that the surface of the goblet suddenly appeared a thin seam that could be distinguished by naked eyes, then the glass became evenly symmetrical in half.
Rick Fang exposed this shocking scene and pulled Feng Ye Li Lulu with one hand. Several people turned around and went out.
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-three
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-three
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-three
At lunch, the audience withdrew to a nearby restaurant, and all the team captains were called to the backstage lounge by Pang Zhi. Pang Zhi summarized: first, he praised everyone, because everything went in an orderly manner according to the plan in the afternoon, which made the organizers of the conference very satisfied. Then Pang Zhi changed his temper and said that some guests complained that the staff were impolite and not quick enough, and some guests complained that the staff’s expression was stiff, which turned people off. He hoped that everyone would criticize without naming names here, and then encourage them.
Pang Zhi’s words haven’t been finished yet. Many captains can’t help but complain. Most of them are their own hands. Some girls or female employees have been eaten with tofu by some bastards, or some distinguished guests are too picky and poor in quality.
Pang Zhi patiently listened to everyone’s complaints. First, he expressed his apologies for this unpleasant and low-quality incident during the conference. Then he stressed once again that if there is a serious situation, he must not solve it privately. He must report it to himself. After a thousand exhortations, he was very uneasy and announced his dissolution, but left Rick Fang alone.
"Does Rick Fang know that I want to keep you?" Pang Zhi’s look is quite calm, but there is a deep worry hidden in his narrow eyes.
"I don’t know, please tell the truth." Because I was too busy, I didn’t have breakfast, and my eyes listened to Pang Zhi’s teachings for more than half an hour. Rick Fang was already hungry at the moment and really didn’t have the spirit to accompany Pang Zhi in circles.
"Alas," Pang Zhi sighed before saying, "To tell you the truth, I’m full of fire in his eyes. These hypocritical bastards look like he is here."
PangZhi very rude to burst a swearing that looked at Rick Fang way "I guess you also received a lot of business cards this afternoon? Wrong novel network many words those literary circles or some big boss "
Rick Fang doesn’t hide that he nodded and said Pang Zhidao, "You are a boy’s school. I’m not worried about it. I’m worried about girls’ eyes. Many girls have been stared at by some rich people or talent scouts. Mom, these rubbish have had enough fun in society and ran to stare at female students."
Pang Zhi was furious and swore, and then earnestly charged Rick Fang, "In the afternoon, many people have come to me to ask for personnel lists and files. Your school bears the brunt because CZ University has been a famous beauty for many years. Yun is the primary target of these bastards. I remember the names of Liu Jia, Feng Ye, Li Lulu and Yunna. Many people pay attention to the garbage and keep repeating these girls’ names in my ear."
Pang Zhi angrily scolded and looked at Rick Fang. "Don’t worry about your information. I didn’t give these rubbish, but among these people, there are white roads, gangsters, rich and powerful girls who are vain and send their own doors. We can’t control them, but if a good girl is careless, she will ruin everything. I hope you can take the responsibility of being the captain late. I mean, if the girls in your school ask for leave from you late, if the reasons are not very good, you must not allow it. Even if the reasons are very good, you should be more careful to distinguish whether it is allowed or not to press the key.
Rick Fang didn’t expect Pang Zhi to say such words, and he paid a lot of respect to Pang Zhi. He heard that someone actually wanted to get their hands on Liujia and others, but he was even more angry. He couldn’t wait to twist those bastards’ heads and suppress his anger in his heart. "You can rest assured that I will give our school staff a meeting tonight. In these five days, I will try my best not to let my players suffer."
Rick Fang said solemnly that Pang Zhi was quite satisfied with patting him on the shoulder and commended him, "You are a very good young man. I have great confidence in you. I hope they will talk to all the captains one by one this afternoon. I hope they will be as responsible as you. Speaking of it, you are famous today. The close-up that the lighting engineer gave you has been broadcast to the world. It is indeed a pity that your conditions are not right. If you are willing, there will be several big companies scrambling to package you."
Rick Fang ha ha smiled and shook his head noncommittally. Pang Zhi was infected by his smile, and his mood suddenly relaxed. Ha ha smiled and said, "Okay, okay, let’s go to dinner." Pang Zhi was talking, but he rushed and said, "Remember not to go to the wrong restaurant."
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Rick Fang didn’t know that Pang Zhi said don’t go to the wrong restaurant until he walked out of the venue. He was hungry and stuck his chest on his back. Rick Fang went to the front staff dining room and entered the dining room. As soon as he entered the door, he felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere of the dining room. He saw a group of well-dressed men and women toasting each other in front of a long table full of dazzling and unknown exquisite dishes. The dining room was full of beautiful waitresses with silver wine on the surface, and famous wines from all over the world were like butterflies among the guests. Rick Fang crustily skin of head walked in and found out that there were distinguished guests in the super-class restaurant.
Rick Fang searched hungry for a long time before he found a restaurant to feed the staff. He couldn’t wait for a delicious meal and chewed it up according to the case.
"Brother Fang looks very hungry. Eat slowly and be careful to choke." An extremely beautiful woman rang across from Rick Fang, followed by a cup of hot milk with steaming heat.
"Thank you" Rick Fang freely replied with a mouthful of milk looked up is one leng and then can’t help but strange way "it’s you! ?”
Sitting opposite to Rick Fang, it is the famous singer Su Xue who is looking at Rick Fang with her sweet cheeks smiling. Su Xue feels Rick Fang’s gaze on the jade face. Mo is slightly red, and her long eyelashes slightly cover her beautiful eyes, and her eyes are flowing. She asks softly, "I just saw Fang Dage in the super restaurant and followed him. I didn’t even look at others when I was eating." Su Xue said for a long time that Rick Fang was staring at herself with her mouth pursed. Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"I know you are Su Xue and a big star, but Miss Su, I think this is the first time we meet. Hehe, I’m not your eldest brother, but I can’t stand it." For such a familiar tone, the big star Su Xue Rick Fang is quite confused. Looking through her mind, it seems that she can’t find this woman in her memory, which makes Rick Fang very uncomfortable. If someone else can get close to a big star like Su Xue, her heart will be more or less comfortable, but Rick Fang is not interested in stars. After Qiao Qiao Qiao’s incident, I feel a little disgusted with the so-called star. At this moment, I am very concerned. I look around to see if there is a reporter nearby. Maybe I was caught by the pervasive paparazzi. I will be in trouble. Fortunately, there is no sign of the reporter. Then Rick Fang saw Su Xue’s wide-brimmed felt hat and wide sunglasses at the table. Just now, Su Xue had to walk to his place without causing any commotion because of these two disguises. At this moment, there are few diners in a large restaurant. Rick Fang is sitting in a remote place, and no one has found the famous Su Xue.
Rick Fang was glad to see Rick Fang poking around carefully. Su Xue couldn’t help laughing poof-poof. At this moment, Rick Fang took the plate to get up and looked away from Su Xue. His eyes were dark and his eyes were red. "Eldest brother Fang didn’t forget that year when my father raced with Uncle Fang, you won my father. Later, you led me around and invited me to your castle to play. You also gave me a lot of treasures. You made two wooden dolls that can fight with your own hands, and there was a wine glass with nine dragons engraved on it. How long did you pour wine in winter? Wine is also warm in summer, and it is always cold to pour wine in it. The nine dragons come alive and generally swim around in the wine. "
"Kowloon Holy Grail?" Rick Fang couldn’t help but breathe out and put a snack plate and stare at Su Xue who got up the courage. He looked at the jade face and blushed for a long time before Rick Fang moved his eyes from Su Xueyu’s face and murmured, "You are a happy son! ? How come! ? How are you … Hehe, I mean, Hehe, I didn’t expect to see you here. Huaner, isn’t your name Yang Huan? Why did you change your name to Su Xue again? Oh, is Su Xue your stage name? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Su Xue smiled sweetly and made no secret of his joy, nodded and shook his head. "I am Huaner, but Su Xue is also my name." Seeing the doubts in Rick Fang’s eyes, Su Xue explained, "My grandfather had my mother and a daughter. When my father married my mother, my grandfather had agreed with him that he and my mother’s first child would change their surnames to Su Cheng, Su Jia and incense after they were sixteen years old. My grandfather thought that Su Huan was a bit masculine and feminine, so he personally changed my name to Su Xue."
"Well," Rick Fang suddenly nodded and looked at Su Xueyu’s face again, shaking his head gently and smiling. "Miss Su, you look much better than before. I really didn’t recognize it at all." Rick Fang’s face was incredible. Rick Fang had seen that Su Xue’s right cheek was occupied by a slap-up swollen birthmark, and this ugly birthmark was very handsome. A little face was twisted and deformed, which looked terrible. It was also reasonable that Rick Fang could hardly recognize the ugly little girl’s eyes with such a beautiful face.
"Eldest brother, can you call me Huaner as before? Call me Cher or you call me Miss Su. I feel sad to hear it. "Su Xue caught a glimpse of Rick Fang with some bitterness.
"This … Ha ha okay cher" Rick Fang is not a melodramatic person and immediately changed his mind.
"Oh," Su Xue sweetly pointed to his face and explained with a smile, "When I was sixteen, I went to the United States for surgery to remove that birthmark. I was not afraid of Fang Dage’s joke. After I took off the gauze, I looked in the mirror every day. I always felt that it was not beautiful enough. Hehe, am I very smug?" Su Xue blushed and asked Rick Fang shyly.
"Everyone loves beauty at your age." Rick Fang shook his head again and again. He could understand Su Xue’s mood and recalled the scene at that time. Su Xue stayed behind Yang Tianxing very withdrawn and hung his head. He didn’t dare to look up and see someone. After the horse race, he turned around and left, but he saw her and saw the ugly birthmark on her face. He seemed bold and polite at that time and asked a sentence,’ What’s your name, little girl?’ Su Xue didn’t answer at first, but he couldn’t help asking himself again and again before he timidly said,’ My name is Huaner’ and laughed’ Look at your sad face, I’ll complain about it’. There was always something in his teenage mind. When he saw Su Xue’s eyes, he seemed to have tears in his eyes. He felt very sorry that he had slapped himself and then said,’ Don’t be angry. How old are you?’ Su Xuedao’ 14th’ laughed and said,’ That’s it. Come on, I’ll take you to play, and it will definitely make you really happy’. He ignored the surprise on the face of the adults present and threw himself into his arms. He took Su Xue in every way and led her to enjoy herself in the manor. When we parted, he also took some gifts for her from his treasure. The next summer, Yang Tianxing led Su Xue to Fangjia again, and Rick Fang happened to be at home, so he led Su Xue to go crazy again as usual.
"Fang Dage, I went to your house with my father a few days ago, and I didn’t know that you turned out to be Fang Bobo. Hehe, I know you must be no ordinary person, but I didn’t expect that you turned out to be the mysterious great grandfather of Fang Tuan." Su Xue Xi Xi said with a smile.
Rick Fang smiled and said, "I’m my parents. It’s enough for me to remember this. Ordinary people or Fang Tuan … Hehe, these are not important to me."
Su Xue smell speech also smiled sweetly and looked at Rick Fang softly. "It’s the same for me. It doesn’t matter who you are. I want to know that you are Fang Dage, the one who talks about how ugly I am. Even if heaven and man don’t want to talk to me, they will never abandon me, tease me, make me a straw hat and pinch clay figurine, give me roasted sweet potatoes to eat, teach me to climb trees, encourage me to sing and give me a gift. That’s enough."
O, Su Xue circulation, which seems to contain some special flavor, has not yet been savored by Rick Fang, only to see Yang Le in the distance accompanied by a beautiful woman with the same tall figure, and that woman impressively is the woman at the side of 14 packs of Xu Relang at noon.
Two women walked to the front of Rick Fang and decided that Su Xue got up and looked at the two women’s clever nods: "Big sister and second sister."
The woman beside Sprite nodded with a smile, but Yang Le ignored Su Xue and Su Xue with a cold hum, and looked at Rick Fang with a smile. "Brother Fang, let me introduce you. This is my elder sister Yang Xi, and this is my second sister Yang Le. She is an alumnus with you. You should know each other."
Yang Le listened to Su Xue’s intimate call that Rick Fang was pale and ugly, and Yang Xi couldn’t help but ask curiously, "Huaner, do you know Rick Fang?"
Su Xue smell speech satisfiedly smiled crossed the way "Rick Fang is our eldest brother".
Yang Xi suddenly smiled and nodded, "The world should have such a clever thing. Hehe, congratulations."
Su Xue smiled shyly and secretly caught a glimpse of Rick Fang. At this time, Rick Fang also came to her senses. You never know that Su Xue turned out to be the ugly Huaner. More unexpectedly, classmate Yang Le turned out to be her second sister Xu Ruolong’s girlfriend, that is, Yun Ruoxue’s elder sister Yang Xi turned out to be her elder sister and all three of them were Yang Tianxing’s daughters.