If the words sound just fell, Yunyiyi blushed with the pupil’s face, especially Yunyiyi, who was so ashamed that she said, "I hate my sister."

Pupils are better. Hehe smiled and pointed to Rick Fang’s strange way, "Ruo Ruo Jie, who is he?"
If the cloud sighed, the rim of the eye was a little red and hesitant. "His name is Rick Fang, my sister’s ex-boyfriend."
If Yunruo took a deep breath and looked at the pupil, he added, "I asked you what you two did the day before yesterday afternoon?"
Pupil one leng said, "After I had a meal at noon and slept, I called Yiyi to stroll around the city center for a while and then returned to the hotel at five o’clock. You and Sister Xiang Yu took us to the RT Mart shopping mall to buy a life. If this is elder sister, you all know."
Rick Fang asked quickly, "Is that girl you hugged at four o’clock this Miss Yiyi?"
A red pupil face to Rick Fang gave him a bad first impression, and if Ting Yun said that Rick Fang was her ex-boyfriend and the pupil always respected Yun Re Pei, the impression on this silver-haired guy was really bad to the extreme. He gave him a cold hum, "You fart matter, I don’t hold Yiyi, why should I hold you?"
Rick Fang listened to the cold sweat on his forehead, and if he saw that his eyes were full of apologies and anxiety, there were still many questions. He was ignored by his cruel heart, but he looked at the cloud and said softly, "You two go out to play for a while first. I have something to say to him."
Yun Yiyi cleverly nodded and took the pupil to the door and cried, "If elder sister Yiyi and I stay at the door, if this Chinese Pulsatilla dares to bully you, you can call one."
Pupil shoving the door with cloud if sighed, "I know you still have a lot of questions you ask? Wrong novel network many words "
Rick Fang looked rather embarrassed and apologetic, "If this is me"
If Yunruo added, "You ask."
Rick Fang sighed. "If I really didn’t expect it, didn’t you say you were an only child at home? How can there be a sister just like you? "
If Yun Ruo said lightly, "Yiyi’s father and my father are twin brothers, and her mother and my mother are twin sisters. Although we are seven years old apart, we are surprisingly similar. It is not surprising that you admit your mistake. In fact, we are also very easy to recognize whether we can easily tell by listening to the sound."
Rick Fang said with a wry smile, "At that time, I was too far away and I didn’t know that you had a place so similar to what my sister saw."
Cloud if the back of hand gently wiped her eyes and added, "Pupil and Yiyi arrived in Z on Monday. I settled them in the hotel. You gave me that Gabrielle dress. I kept it in the locker in my office. On Tuesday afternoon, Yiyi came to me and saw it. She liked it very much. Yiyi and I had a good relationship. She asked me for something. I didn’t give it to her. You gave it to me. Although I didn’t want to give it up, I still gave it to her."
"We are poor children and you are the master of a rich family. I am afraid that after telling you, you will look down on Yiyi, and at the same time, you will look down on what I have done. I didn’t tell you." If Yunruo bit his lip, tears flowed again.
Rick Fang’s heart is full of pity. She goes to Yunruo’s side and puts her arm around her waist. Yunruo can’t earn it if she earns it, so she puts her arm around her and says, "When Pupil and Yiyi were just born, both parents gave them a young marriage, and the two of them played together in the big school. Even if they are a little too intimate, you don’t have to look down on people."
Rick Fang mumbled something, "I didn’t, didn’t … What if you said something the other day that you would do something sorry for me? I didn’t misunderstand what I said, so I went to wipe Yunruo’s tears. Yunruo’s head tilted and stretched out his hand and pulled out a paper towel. He wiped it at random and sobbed, "The pupil came with Yiyi in my hometown to study in the third year of high school, where the teachers were in poor conditions and the atmosphere was not good. I heard that I had a little career here, so let me do something. I gave them some money to send Yiyi to key high schools in the city, but because Yiyi’s grades were poor, people didn’t want to accept it, and my uncle was afraid that Yiyi would go to the city to study, and no one I was begged by my mother and them, but I contacted Z No.3 high school principal privately without saying hello. The principal wanted Yiyi to borrow here. The principal was Lan Xiangyu’s aunt. It was very polite to hear that I was the general manager of the Golden Emperor. However, due to trivial matters, I didn’t have any other friends here to do it with Xiang Yu bit by bit. At that time, those days were the busiest time for the company. If it weren’t for my family’s urging me, alas, I felt that my family would not have the heart to seek benefits. I’m sorry for your letter. You were so worried about me in those days. I felt guilty in my heart. In fact, after I said that, I regretted it myself for fear that you might misunderstand. "
Rick Fang heart regret way "if if you this where is I’m sorry? Your family is my family. You … You stop crying, okay? It’s my fault, it’s my fault, it’s my narrow-mindedness and I’m jealous at random. Will you forgive me? " Rick Fang hugged the cloud tightly, for fear that the beauty in his arms would disappear if he was not careful.
If Yunruo shed tears for a while and listened to the local Xu to comfort her heart a little more, she added, "I transferred Yiyi to Z, so there are a lot of teachers here. Secondly, I can also take care of her parents who have a good pupil with my dad. I led Yiyi to play with them when I was a child. By the way, I led him to the school the day before yesterday afternoon. At 5: 30, my former shift asked Xiang Yu to help them set up a salute. They went to school on Monday and I was in RT Mart to pick you up when you called me.
Rick Fang a pain in the heart tightly hug if cloud quiver "silly wench, how can I blame you?"
Cloud if don’t face to say "late I also eat with yiyi them not letter you can ask.
Xiang Yu, she has been with me. "
"I believe it. In fact, I knew I was wrong when Yiyi came in just now."
"In fact, I’m really stupid. You asked me about that Gabrielle the night before yesterday.
You should feel that something is wrong. I think you should have no reason to meet Yiyi. The next day, I hurried to Yiyi to get my clothes back to make you happy. "
"Who knows that you will not only ignore others today, but also drive them away indiscriminately …" If Yun is talking, she feels that the tears in her heart are falling out of control again and she can escape Fang Xu’s powerful bondage without twisting her charming body.
"If not if you know? Do you know how sad I was when I first saw Pupil and Yiyi? I … "Rick Fang saw Yunruoyu’s heart was even more ashamed. She gently kissed her mouth and hung on Yunruoyu’s face with tears, but her mouth was slightly bitter.’ If she was misunderstood by herself, her heart must be as bitter as these tears.’ Fang Xu was thinking about her heart and kissed Yunruoyu’s face with trembling guilt. Yunruoyu first tried every means to dodge Rick Fang’s mouth and kissed her lips. If Yunruoyu suddenly did not move, then she violently responded to the lilac uvula. Rick Fang’s tongue was tightly intertwined for a long time, and the momentum was never bold and violent.
If the cloud is burning and beautiful, Rick Fang will stare at it for a long time. If the cloud is charming, "If Xu is all you, you can’t get rid of it. If I will never betray you, I hope you can believe me."
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
The second volume Chapter 36 Activities
Rick Fang and YunRe returned to their residence at nearly ten o’clock at night. As soon as YunRe just got home, he pushed Fang Xuhuan around his waist and arms to clear the table. Rick Fang looked at the busy YunRe and said with a smile, "If you rest first, I’ll clean it up."
If Yunruo doesn’t talk, he gently shakes his head and continues to remember Rick Fang. If Yunruo still ignores Yunruo, though he forgave Rick Fang just now, he can return to his residence at this time and look at the property transfer scattered all over the place. His heart is somewhat sad and his attitude is somewhat cold. Of course, if Yunruo is not really playing something, although she is jealous because of Rick Fang, she can also be extended to care about herself. If Yunruo thinks that he was bullied by Rick Fang too hard tonight, he deliberately wants to torture Rick Fang a little.
Misunderstanding clarifies that Rick Fang’s heart is comfortable and refreshing, but it happened that he was quite embarrassed. He looked at Rick Fang’s heart and knew that Yunruo still had some blame on himself.’ It’s no wonder that if I was too much, if I was angry,’ when Nai smiled and Yunruo was cleaning up together.
Two people silently finish home cloud if said’ good night’ and turned to go to rest but fierce might as well be Rick Fang gently grabbed the Hao bowl.
If the cloud doesn’t break free but doesn’t look back, it’s light to say, "It’s getting late in the morning. Please rest quickly. Isn’t there an activity to be held tomorrow?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Rick Fang well a but still didn’t let go instead of micro dint will cloud if dragged into his arms around.
Rick Fang gently kissed Yunre’s lips and kissed her jiao Ji, and then moved her fiery lips to Yunre’s white pink neck. Yunre’s heart was like a deer, and her face was red. The sound also trembled. "Xu Xu, stop that now."
Rick Fang gently blocked her lips and pried Yunruobei’s teeth, grabbed the clove uvula and sucked it gently. At the same time, a pair of palms also swam gently in Yunruobei’s body.