"What about them?" Shizuka looked at several people who fainted and asked

"This is the fast lane. You can’t just park in this fast lane. Naturally, someone will call the police to deal with them. Let’s go first." Haikui said as she walked with Jingxiang’s soft hand.
I went to the train and bought two train tickets to Fugang. Haikui didn’t worry about it. Jingxiang didn’t ask anything all the way. In her opinion, she should follow Haikui. After all, she is his girlfriend and can’t remember anything, so she should follow him.
"Come on, let’s go to eat a big meal." We haven’t eaten anything all day. There are still more than two hours before the train. Haikui suggested going to eat a big meal.
"Listen to you." Shizuka is like a married woman who follows her little mother.
I have traveled all over the country because I am a stranger, and Haikui still likes this kind of atmosphere. There are many young people. He doesn’t know if Shizuka’s predecessor, the magic woman, often comes to this place, but now she has lost her memory. Haikui still wants to have this kind of atmosphere to enhance the relationship between the two.
Although I haven’t thought about base play, it’s best to really develop her into a girlfriend instead of this form of deception, but willingly.
After ordering two packages, Haikui sat opposite Jingxiang and asked, "Jingxiang, you will live with me. Although I don’t have much money now, I will try to make money to make you live a good life. Are you willing?"
Shizuka curled her lips. "I don’t remember anything. Where else do you want me to go?"
Suddenly her eyes lit up and asked, "You must know where I come from, don’t you?"
"This ….." Haikui embarrassed smile don’t know how to make up at the moment.
"What’s the matter? Can’t you say it? " Shizuka press a way
Mom, how do I know where you are from? Holy shit, isn’t this forcing me to do my best? It seems that it is impossible to make a big move.
Haikui looked sad and said lightly, "In fact, you are an orphan. I didn’t expect to remind you of the past in mulberry heart. I’m sorry." Haikui also pretended to squeeze out a few tears.
"Come?" Shizuka asked ungrateful.
Why don’t I just stun the orphans and ask them to keep me from doing big things?
"You and I grew up together," Haikui said faintly.
"Grow up together? Are you an orphan too? " Shizuka looked at Haikui with a face of koo and said
Haikui’s head is low. "My parents are still alive, ok?"
"Are you? Then you continue to speak. "
Really? I’m dizzy. You don’t even say an apology. Hai Kui looks at the beautiful woman in front of him, her eyes soften, and she says to her parents, don’t blame them, don’t blame them. It’s unfilial.
"Come on, the two of us have shared many good memories since childhood, and I am very happy when I think about it now." Haikui shamefully made up her face and pretended to be intoxicated.
"Are you? What are your memories? " Shizuka took a sip of Coke and said lightly
What is this memory? Haikui didn’t expect Shizuka to break the sand and ask what comes next. It seems that she didn’t suppress this big move for a long time. How do you feel that she doesn’t believe me?
Haikui deliberately pretended to be unhappy and said, "You don’t believe me?"
"I believe that I don’t remember anything and I want to hear something from you." Shizuka looked at Haikui with a face of eyes flying.
Haikui felt his heart twitching and screaming in his heart. Please don’t look at me with such a cute expression that men will stop their hearts. "I can’t stand it" and accidentally blurt it out.
"Why can’t you stand it?" Shizuka asked nothing.
"This? This? " Haikui’s mind is crazy about how I can’t stand it. Oh, by the way, "Because I can’t stand being apart from you, I want to be with you all my life. I think of our separation day, and I feel miserable."
"How do we separate?" Shizuka continued to ask
"Ah," Haikui sighed, "When we were young, we were together every day. We were together when we were naked. I can see you every day. Sometimes we share a bed. We are the two closest people except my parents, but …" Haikui deliberately paused.
"But what?" Shizuka’s curiosity was aroused.
"But one day a couple adopted you." Haikui looked up at the ceiling at 45 degrees. "I think you have a good place. You have a mother, a father and a home, just like me." Haikui Jingxiang created identity and childhood.
"We saw that the couple were very kind and agreed to let them take you away. Who knows they are crazy?" Haikui said that mulberry heart’s expression was constantly sucking his nose.
Shizuka frowned and listened. She didn’t continue to ask questions like that just now, as if she were suddenly listening to other people’s stories at this moment.
"I didn’t expect them to let you make money at an early age and not let you learn from them. After treating you as a daughter, they want you to make money and let you make money to support both of them."
"Hum" Jing Xiang cold hum a but no comments.
"You were only five years old that year. You had to take five jobs to support them. Your back was bent, your hands were calluses, and you didn’t even know that I was shocked when I saw you because of lack of sleep." Hai Kui said more and more, and she felt that this was Jingxiang’s poor life experience.
"These two unscrupulous guys didn’t give you a meal. You didn’t know you were hungry at that time. You were all skin and bones." But you said to yourself, of course, everyone is skin and bones, but some people are just a little thicker.
"Then what?" Shizuka said impatiently. She didn’t care how mad they were or how Haikui was in mulberry heart. She wanted to know her past.
"Then and then, of course, I saved you, and I took you out of that fire pit. I …" Haikui had a short circuit at the moment and picked up the hamburger and chewed the buffer.
"I rushed to your new home in a high wind and night for a month and taught both of them a lesson. They are not allowed to treat you like this again. Of course, I don’t trust you. I couldn’t bear to be separated from you and watch you suffer, so I brought you back to my home to live with me. This life is more than ten years. My parents are your parents and I am your dear fiance." Haikui suddenly upgraded her identity to her fiance
However, I immediately thought that if she saw Ma Mengmeng or my parents, she would definitely be ruined. She quickly said, "Because family planning is not right, because my family has children, I can’t adopt another one, otherwise you will be taken away. Others have never known that you live in my house, and my parents will not admit it. If you see someone who has doubts about it or my parents don’t admit it, it is good that you know what happened."
Haikui is full of hype. Give her a vaccination before Hu Kan stops.
Shizuka frowned and listened to the story, but she looked at Haikui’s expression and nodded without speaking, eating the set meal in front of her.
Haikui felt a sigh of relief when she saw that she believed, and said goodbye to me. I didn’t mean to finish it on purpose. I didn’t mean it. It was all my thoughts. I wanted to turn you into my fiancee. I will treat you well after I respect you.
In this way, Haikui Jingxiang fabricated an identity and won’t leave him until she regains her memory. According to Haikui’s tearful speech, he is the only thing she cares about and relies on in the world.
"What about those two people?" Is eating in Shizuka suddenly asked.
"Which two people?" Haikui looked confused.
"Are you talking about a couple who are crazy?"
"Oh, they later adopted another child and went abroad to make money from that child." Haikui shamed nonsense again.
"You didn’t kill them?" Shizuka said lightly as if killing people was casual for her.
Haikui was stupefied. "Why do you want to kill them? They can’t die."
Chapter 42 Robbing bad guys
"Don’t die? They lied to me and lied to another child to kill." Shizuka said coldly.
The witch is not the kui is a witch who has lost her memory and doesn’t forget to kill people.
"I didn’t expect to kill them at that time." Haikui pie pie said.
"Then where are they now? Let me kill them."
Haikui looks around. Fortunately, it’s not the time to eat. There aren’t too many people and no one pays attention to their talk path. "Killing people is illegal."
"breaking the law?" Shizuka sneered at a sudden confusion in her eyes. "Is it illegal? How do I feel that I really want to kill many people before? " Suddenly she held her head in her arms and looked miserable.
"You’ve seen too many horror novels and often have nightmares. I’m by your side now. Don’t think too much." Haikui hurriedly sat down next to her and held her charming body in her arms.
Shizuka didn’t refuse to close her eyes, shortness of breath, falling on her chest, and Haikui looked down at her for some time.