A few days later, Haikui succeeded in compressing the real element in Dantian again. At this time, the real element in Dantian was like litchi, which was two times larger than once.

Haikui didn’t have any extra thoughts, so he just wanted to prove whether his guess was correct. He absorbed it crazily again, this time it was longer than the first consumption, and the sandstorm on the surface of this planet almost stopped to fill the violent aura and became very weak, but Haikui didn’t pay any attention to this. He wanted to absorb compression, absorb compression!
Li Xian seems to have forgotten Hai Kui here, and the World War I with Wuyang Reality lasted for seven days and seven nights. After the great progress, he always occupied the wind, but the next day, several other disciples of Wuyang Reality came here and broke the cloth magic array of Li Xian, and several people joined hands with Li Xian to get rid of the benefits, so they threw Hai Kui in this star.
On the tenth day, when Haikui succeeded in compressing the voxel to the size of an orange and reabsorbing it, the planet was already full of aura and lifeless. Haikui’s body was still unable to move and was sealed. Haikui tried several times and could not break through the innate seal.
Half a month later, Haikui was chatting and looking at the sky, and he felt that there was a real fluctuation in the distance. It seemed that someone was passing by this planet, and Haikui went to see three monks flying in the star regardless of the willy-nilly. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, and he immediately called out, "Can a friend help?"
The three pilots showed one leng and then looked at each other with a dignified look. All three of them were in the later stage of Yuanying, but they didn’t notice this trance, which proved that this person was not weak and didn’t know that he had a picture!
However, the speed of the three people flying dropped significantly, and they looked at the planet and looked at it carefully.
The three men, two men and one woman, one of whom is in his fifties, and the other one looks in his thirties.
The woman said to the two people beside her, "This planet has almost no aura and is already a death star. Is it our illusion?"
"hallucination?" Next to him, a man about her age sneered and said, "If I am hallucinating, all three of me have heard the woman. That’s it. It’s so innocent and lovely!"
The woman stared at him and looked at the older man.
"Let’s go and have a look," said the older man after two seconds’ silence.
Chapter 212 Kill three people
The three men quickly changed their flight direction and came to Haikui’s planet.
Haikui was so happy when he saw three people coming that he said, "Friend, can you help me?"
The three men found Haikui, but stopped at a height of 100 feet from Haikui and asked, "Taoist friends call me and so on."
"I can’t move now. I want you to do me a favor and move me to a planet." Haikui said to the three men with a kind smile as far as possible.
The three men looked at each other, but the woman asked, "You can’t move."
"I’m blocked. I can’t move temporarily."
After staring at Haikui for a while, the old man said, "You are not inferior to us. We are sealed here and give us a reasonable explanation."
"A few days ago, a scholar caught me and sealed me up, saying that he wanted me to be his magic servant, and then he abandoned me here to fight with others when he met his opponent." Haikui simplified the problem and said.
"Don’t believe him, why don’t we just see if he has a good magic weapon and kill him?" The man in his thirties said, "He looks so young that he has such repairs. Maybe he is a rejuvenation monster. He has more eyes than us. Be careful."
Haikui was depressed and explained, "I’m telling the truth. If I lie, I’ll be thundered five times a day."
The man in his thirties sneered and said, "You can’t trust anyone who swears casually. Don’t believe him."
The older man nodded. "I think it’s killing him, too. He has a bag around his waist and we’ll take it away later." He said that a flying sword appeared in his hand.
Haikui didn’t expect that he was impatient and pushed himself to a dead end. If he cultivated slowly and broke the seal, it would be just around the corner. He quickly thought about seeing the flying sword stab in the man’s hand and hurriedly shouted, "Don’t worry, I have something in me. Don’t kill me for you."
The man asked, "What is it?"
"A fairy was swallowed by me, and now I spit it out and give it to you. You leave me alone, like" Haikui made a big fuss.
Three people’s face suddenly changed into a fairy. What it was like was clear to them.
"Do you know what I was sealed for? It’s because I hold the fairy’s box. He intends to take it out of me. If I die, you can dig my body unless I spit it out."
Three people look at each other, and they also know that some magic weapons that are compatible with life can be directly integrated with the body.
Haikui saw that the three men were heartbroken and hurriedly said, "Put your hands behind my back and spend some real money for me so that I can run and spit out the fairy, or I will give it to you."
The three men took one look at each other with tacit understanding, whether what he said was true or not. Today, this is a small death sentence.
"I’ll come to you, brothers and sisters. Watch out for this little trick."
The 30-year-old man came behind Haikui and put out his palm against Haikui’s back. He just wanted to spend a little real money to let Haikui spit out the fairy. The real money in his body was uncontrolled and rushed towards this little crazy in front of him.
Older men and women saw his face look wrong and asked, "What’s the matter with Lin Jun?"
Lin Jun was questioned by two people, only to react from the surprise. He couldn’t get back. More than half of the blink of an eye had been sucked away, and panic shouted, "Kill this little boy and kill him."
At the same time, the innate seal of Haikui’s body became loose. He sucked the seal crazily and was instantly shattered by the surging impact of Zhenyuan. Haikui’s body sank and disappeared in front of three people.
The elderly male and female flying swords stabbed Haikui, but he suddenly disappeared. Because he was too close, he stabbed Lin Junti. Lin Jun didn’t want to look at the two of them and slowly turned his head.
A baby, the size of a newborn baby, struggled to fly out of his body and hurriedly tried to escape from here, but was caught by a big hand.
Haikui at this time in command sand roll to the remaining two people crazy at the same time.
I feel a rush of pure and true elements rushing to my body. Haikui is delighted. I didn’t expect to be able to absorb it with the help of objects. He thinks he is not a two-person opponent, but it is not certain who will die or live after the two-person real elements have been absorbed.