"Sister Xiang Lanjie can’t take a baby with her in her arms," Ma Liang said.

It’s true that although that kind of motorcycle is cool, it’s limited to sit on the same level in the back, and two people have to squeeze their children to hold it and take up some space, so there is no way to sit at the back.
Xia Xue is busy with dinner. Ma Liang feels that Mengmeng has to talk to her about things. Now Mengmeng has been sticking to it.
Eating and talking, Ma Liang is used to this feeling of several people together.
It’s almost time for Ma Liang to get a motorcycle, and Xianglan came out with her children. Xia Xue Su Yuyao and Mengmeng watched at the door and waited for the motorcycle’s back to disappear completely before entering the house.
"Brother, slow down," said Xiang Lan, while Ma Liang slowed down.
"Did you miss me these days?" asked Xiang Lan, but with a hint of a woman’s unique style.
"Yes," Ma Liang nodded truthfully. He also specially asked Xia Xue.
"But I miss you very much. I’ll find a place to have a good time later." Vanilla did hold back her words a little, boldly and directly.
"I know you’re talking to the county beauty now. She looks at me like an enemy. I’m always thinking about your bad thing," said Xianglan.
"Sister, when I was asleep alone, I honestly thought about your big things coming in and out, thinking that my shorts were wet, and rubbing my hands for a while was always better than not rubbing your big things." Xianglan said more boldly and Ma Liang was a little teased by her words.
Vanilla’s plump body has a unique taste, soft and elastic, and she is somewhat charming and attractive.
"Good brother let my sister relax a few times, otherwise I won’t be able to eat, but I didn’t have so many opportunities to get busy after I came back to get together with you today." She nodded in the same pleading tone, but the two men and women were just happy and emotional, and they didn’t have that lingering dependence
"Sister Xianglan, where are we going?"
"It’s getting dark, of course, we can go to the mountains and forget where we went last time."
Ma Liang remembered that it was Grape Mountain.
"A woman of my age can’t help it." Vanilla sighed at the key, knowing that Ma Liang’s taste was over.
At this time, there were few people everywhere, and Ma Liang also made a bold attempt to ride a motorcycle directly to this road, which was fairly regular. The motorcycle performance was good in the long run, but it was really ineffective to get to the mountain.
It’s still that place, and the night is hazy, and you can still see that the smoke from the kitchen in the small village is full of simplicity, and the people here are actually very simple about men and women
Most of them just stay and get refreshed, but they don’t enjoy themselves so much. If they want to get it, they just go to bed and finish sleeping, while many people in the city pay attention to the atmosphere, candlelight dinner and so on
In fact, it’s a bit casual in this respect. Of course, this kind of thing is still very enviable, but some people know it well if they don’t get out. After all, their daughter-in-law who works outside all year round is not a nun. These people themselves often have to steal food and play with a young lady.
In this mountain, the two people are not in a hurry. Xianglan coaxed the kids to slowly close their eyes and put them beside her.
"I’m not attractive if I’m used to sleeping with city people." Xiang Lan looked at Ma Liang and laughed like that.
"It’s not Sister Xiang Lanjie. I’m thinking about something. I don’t know how to do it for Yu Yao’s birthday in a few days."
"It turns out that women in the city are very particular about hearing about the popular candlelight dinner. I have seen it several times to eat the western food with candles," said Xianglan.
Candlelight Dinner Ma Liang has certainly heard that she is now a candlelight dinner because there is no light, but how can she be very happy? Money feels that she doesn’t care so much about clothes and shoes.
"Don’t think about her yet, I’m right in front of you." Vanilla took a charming look at him and took off her clothes. The soft white rabbit bounced out and had a charming radian, so Ma Liang’s hands could not be caught.
Smell the other breath Ma Liang is also a little tempted.
"Come on, I’m all wet." Xiang Lan held me and Ma Liang grabbed her nephrite with one hand, and it filled the whole palm and kneaded it, while Xiang Lan met the hum.
And vanilla also unceremoniously caught Ma Liang’s big things and rubbed them directly and let them out.
"I miss you so much," she couldn’t help but say.
"Come from behind" She directly turned around and faded her loose pants, revealing her chubby ass, white and dazzling. She probably really wanted to directly pull her small pants aside and reveal the fat meat mound, holding Ma Liang’s big things and gathering up her tender meat, scraping and grinding her body, and she couldn’t help shaking.
Slowly, she stepped back and squeezed "Good brother, please push", which was too tight, she could not help but say.
Ma Liang put her arms around her and moved it directly, and it went in. Vanilla’s long charming songs were extremely satisfying, and she actually took the initiative to move:
Chapter 24 The difference between wearing and not wearing
Soon vanilla will die. If Ma Liang hadn’t held her, she would have been soft to the ground directly.
And Ma Liang also picked up speed. After all, you can’t go back too late and snore. You have hardly stopped. Vanilla is in a semi-coma and sings for many times.
"Sister Xianglan, I’m coming." Ma Liang couldn’t help it.
"Don’t get it in," said Xiang Lan. "Now Ma Liang can’t have other children if she wants to marry Su Yuyao later."
"What should I do?" Ma Liang stopped.
Vanilla is sweating, and it’s too comfortable to move forward. The two of them are separated, and then she directly turns and sits on the ground facing Ma Liang, holding the shiny big thing in one hand and holding it in one bite.
Don’t be so attractive. It’s just been pulled out of her body and stuck with a lot of her own lotion.
Ma Liang couldn’t help but sigh.
"Elder sister won’t make you feel bad." Although Xianglan was full of strength, she still cheered up and gave her little brother Ma Liang a good tongue. Soon Ma Liang couldn’t help it.
She knows more than Su Yuyao, knowing that he is coming, and directly speeding up Ma Liang, there is no need to hold her head.
She actually sucked her tongue and stirred Ma Liang. She couldn’t help but explain.
"Sister Xianglan" Ma Liang felt a strange feeling, mainly because of the suction.
And vanilla whined and ate it and cleaned it up.
"Xianglanjie you ate" Ma Liang was surprised.
Vanilla gave him a charming look. "This thing is a tonic for men. What are you looking at? My legs are soft and you don’t know how to pull me up."
Ma Liang quickly pulled her up.
While vanilla tidied up her clothes and slowly recovered.
"Well, I finally feel comfortable. I really envy Teacher Su for enjoying it every day." Vanilla smiled and picked up the child.
"It’s a pity that after this, my relatives are going to set up a small workshop in the village to do this specially. Then I have to help. You don’t have to lock the door at home, so help yourself." Xianglan sighed.
"Sister Xiang Lanjie, do you need money? I can give you the vegetable plot, which occupies your place." Ma Liang said.
"No, I want to enrich the day, but it’s up to you, uncle, to give your niece some clothes after her talk." Actually, Xianglan really doesn’t like dragging her feet.
"I must leave a copy for Chu Chu" Ma Liangzheng nodded.
"It’s still a little soft when you hold my leg after I go," said Xianglan.