Director Xiao smiled and shook his head. "No, but the nature is similar."

"meaning?" Qiu Ji is a little confused.
"I made a report to the province a few days ago and requested to send someone to help solve the case. The province attached great importance to presenting the report to the Ministry of Public Security. I just called someone to have them in this law enforcer two months later. Even superhuman powers can’t run away, so let him be proud for a few more days." Director Xiao smiled smugly but looked ferocious.
"Two months so long?"
"Yeah, but there’s nothing I can do. That department is understaffed."
"The department is so big that it can catch this martial arts law enforcer?" Qiu Ji asked
Director Xiao didn’t answer and wrote two words on a piece of paper-"power"
Chapter 34 Negotiation
What happened next was a bit unexpected to Rick Fang. The municipal government stopped the media offensive, and occasionally appealed to the public in newspapers not to be easily influenced by law enforcers. His outlook on life demanded that law enforcers surrender themselves for leniency, and then he stopped asking. Rick Fang came a few days late and didn’t meet the police’s actions against him. On the surface, the government adopted a "don’t advocate, don’t ask" attitude towards him.
Although Rick Fang thought that things were not that simple, he couldn’t think that a big conspiracy against him was slowly unfolding. He was still going his own way, probably because he was so bold as an artist. He did a good job in public security in Z city, and many bad people dared not be evil. Of course, the citizens praised him.
Yunna was lying in bed at noon on Friday, staring at the ceiling and thinking. Yunna was very upset these days. After semester study, she didn’t see much of herself in Rick Fang. At ordinary times, it was not convenient for her to have too much contact with Rick Fang. After all, she had a lot of things to do.
Yunna goes to the drugstore every Saturday, but if she wants to see Liu Jiafang Xu talking and laughing together, she will feel cold and her heart will ache like a needle. She is not good at talking with Rick Fang, and she often loses her words after a few words. Before seeing Liu Jiafang Xu laughing and laughing, she was very sad, because she felt that men and women should take things slowly and let Rick Fang gradually understand her mind. However, since the "dumpling storm" happened, Liu Jia has been entangled with Rick Fang, which makes her feel uncertain. I’m even more nervous when I come to my heart, and sometimes when I chat with Ji Lao in the drugstore, I can feel that the other Xu appreciates Liu Jia’s contact with Rick Fang. Her family doesn’t object to it, but she really wants to see it. But what will happen if her parents know? Yunna dare not think about it.
You are a dead pervert. Do I owe you for torturing me like this?’ Yunna groaned with low strength and blushed. The infatuated girl’s feelings in her heart are really’ cutting constantly, reasoning is still chaotic’
In a daze, Yunna saw Rick Fang, and his clear eyes, such as springs, looked at his eyes positively and fixedly, emitting never-ending tenderness.
Xu, I’m so happy that you love me.’ Yunna cried with tears in her eyes and looked at Zhang arms coming towards her. Rick Fang said.
And say,’ This will happen!’ Yunna tore heart crack lung cried can’t believe all this Rick Fang actually walked past her and hugged a girl with a sweet smile on her face turned out to be Liujia!
“? ? Do you want me? " Yunna deeply grieved geological asked Rick Fang.
"I’m sorry" Rick Fang’s eyes are full of apologies but firm. "Xiao Na, your father won’t agree that we are together, but Jiajia’s parents value me very much and don’t care about me. I’m sorry."
"Well, don’t talk to her any more. Let’s go, Xu." Liu Jia snuggled up beside Rick Fang with a sweet face and said that Rick Fang nodded. "Ok, Jiajia, where do you want to play?"
"I’m going to …"
Watching the two men make out and roared off, Yunna fell like a body, and icehouse screamed at Rick Fang’s back, "Don’t come back."
"Xiao Na, wake up, wake up." Yunna was woken up and saw three heart faces beside the bed.
It turned out to be a dream. It’s all a dream. It’s just a dream.’ Yunna gasped and comforted herself in her heart.
"Did Xiao Na have a nightmare, crying and calling’ Don’t go’ and’ Come back’? Who wants to leave you and make you so sad?" Zheng Yan they worry asked
"Oh, I didn’t have a messy dream." Yunna blushed and muttered.
"A dream? It won’t be your mysterious lover meeting, will it? Wrong novel network many words "Zhao Xiaoyue suspicious way she is the most like fantasy girl in the dormitory.
"No, no, how come?" Yunna is still novel, but her face turns pale.
Careful Xie Ruxin found that Yunna was wrong and quietly stabbed Zhao Xiaoyue. This girl also reacted and quickly shut up and stopped talking. The dormitory was quiet and scary for a while.
Zheng Yan said, "Xiao Na ancients once said that people’s dreams are often the mapping of future reality."
Yunna’s face was even more white when she heard this sentence. Zhao Xie and two women were also dissatisfied. Looking at Zheng Yan, who has always been steady and considerate, how could she say such a reckless thing?
Zheng Yan laughed. "I’m not finished yet. This kind of mapping is often true. On the contrary, Xiao Na said that you had a nightmare and it is estimated that you will be lucky in the future."
Zhao Xie two women also sighed and joked, "Yes, Xiao Na, your lover is estimated to surface."
Yunna’s heart was also quite comfortable when she heard this. She teased the girls, shamed and annoyed, and she was covered in anger and stopped talking. The three girls saw that she was back to normal before they went back to bed and continued their nap.
Restore the mood Yunna is still a little bitter about this dream.’ I won’t give up. Maybe it’s time to talk to Liu Jia.’
Bao Li, a small restaurant on the second floor of the evening canteen.
Two stunning beauties looked at each other without saying a word. One was frosty and the other was passionate, but it was Yunna Liu Jia Yunna who ordered the food and left the door open, disappointing many guys who wanted to peek at beauty.
"Come on, what do you want with me?" Liu Jia was all smiles but a little puzzled. When she received Yunna’s words at noon today, she was very puzzled. Supposedly, this adversary would not call her, but now she has not only done so, but the wording in the words is very tactfully said that she has something to discuss with herself-does she have something to say with herself? It can’t be …?
Yunna casually picked up the glass filled with juice in front of her and shook her eyes gently. She hesitated for a long time and gently opened her lips "I’m sorry."
“? You, you say? " Liu Jia is frightened and smiling no longer. Is this what this arrogant person has always said? Did you hear me right?