Chapter 165 Bet

"But what can be put in? And how can it be put in so big?" She suddenly asked, blushing and too ashamed to lift her head. She just said what she was thinking, saying that it was because she saw Ma Liang.
It’s impossible to see anyone here. She’s like a deer bumping around in her heart.
"People can even give birth to children. The size is not a problem." Ma Liang smiled.
"Teacher Ma, should I ask these questions?" Pepe wrote in a mosquito-like novel.
"It’s okay. Many people have such doubts, especially in our villages, and many children in the city know a lot. It’s normal for you to come out of school although you are a teacher."
"How do you know that teacher Ma?" Pepe finally became less shy.
"Look at some of those, it’s quite embarrassing." Ma Liang seemed to be at home for a few minutes.
"I’ve seen that," Pepe suddenly realized. "I, I mean, I’ve seen someone else holding it. I haven’t seen it." She was shy, and her face looked like a ripe apple with a girl’s original whiteness.
Ma Liang couldn’t help but think of Su Yuyao’s liking to see it before. I wonder if she still wants that thing to pass the time. Anyway, Ma Liang forgot to eat the rice in one breath.
"Whether to put it in or not?" Pepe asked again.
"You don’t have to move."
"What’s going to move?" Pepe continued. She was curious and didn’t even care about her stomachache.
"Pepe, I feel like I’ll tell you directly. If you feel uncomfortable or can’t listen, please tell me." Ma Liang feels that it’s difficult to explain clearly because Pepe is ten years old and an adult. Can you know this after you finish?
"Good" Pepe also feels that she has asked too many questions, but of course she has to find out.
"That is, when a man inserts that thing into a woman, he has to move back and forth, so that both of them will be very comfortable. Even if they don’t have children, men and women will do the same thing. The day you saw me, it was almost like that, but her mouth was convenient for me."
"When the male is very comfortable, the sperm will be injected, and then it will go to the female body, and then it will gradually become a fetus, and finally it will be born in October."
"What men like about women with good bodies is that they feel comfortable when they do it, not necessarily because they have children."
Pepe was dumbfounded. It was like opening the door to a new world for her. No wonder some men are always trying to do that.
"It’s just a matter of getting comfortable. No matter what, there are some places where men and women are comfortable."
Ma Liang went on talking, but seeing Pepe’s gawk was terrible, and from time to time she said that she was too angry, which frightened her.
"Pepe Pepe" Ma Liang hurriedly shouted a few times.
"Ah" Pepe, return to absolute being to see Ma Liangche looked at himself.
"Are you all right?"
"Nothing’s all right" Pepe felt a little guilty because she remembered rubbing her chest occasionally when she took a shower. It was really a little comfortable, but she was too scared to touch it again. I didn’t expect it to be such a place.
"It’s good to be okay. It’s very difficult to accept this kind of thing, which may be different from what you thought before." Ma Liangsong was relieved. "But sooner or later, you have to understand it, or you will make a joke when you get married."
"There was a couple who didn’t get pregnant for more than a year after they got married. As a result, they went to the hospital for examination and found that both of them had no problems. It turned out that both of them could get pregnant by sleeping together under the covers."
Pepe realized that there are others who think so. It is really a problem that she is not a student, and she has gradually become an adult and a teacher. She has a lot to learn.
"Thank you, Teacher Ma, for letting me know so much." Pepe said sincerely.
"Nothing, just ask me if you don’t understand anything. I won’t tell anyone about these things." Ma Liang seems to be really studying.
"It’s getting late, you have a good rest." Ma Liang got up and Pepe followed him and sent him away. He waited for his motorcycle back to disappear before lying in bed and resting.
In her feeling, Ma Liang is quite gentle, and the girl’s mind is difficult to think.
That girl is not in love with spring
It seems that he has broken up with that beautiful Miss Su. What? Doesn’t he like Miss Su’s type? What does he like?
She covered her face when footsteps outside the door.
"Pepe, how are you feeling?" is the old backup voice of President Zhang. Just as Ma Lianglu met her, she told about Pepe.
"No, it’s okay. I’ll just lie down for a while."
"Just now, Teacher Ma gave me some money to buy you chicken stew, so you can take a rest and I’ll go out."
Pepe, what are you doing? Ma Liang, why do you want to buy yourself chicken stew?
In fact, Ma Liang is also purely doing good deeds, so that President Zhang and his family can eat, but Pepe will not consider it alone.
When Ma Liang returned to school, she was asked by Su Yuyao where she had been. She answered honestly, and she was satisfied. She also remembered that she had taken good care of her when she was in pain, especially that night.
Looking back now, I feel a little silly.
"I have already discussed it with President Zhang. The first batch of money is to buy materials, and the second batch of money is to repair houses and add some infrastructure to the playground."
"You just say yes."
"This is your money." Su Yuyao frowned. "Don’t you care what happened to your money?"
"I don’t know much about money," Ma Liang said truthfully.
"I’ll take care of all the money afterwards," Su Yuyao said quite stuffy.
Ma Liang nodded. At this time, it’s almost time for lunch. I have to get ready.
Su Yu Yao was quite proud of his obedience, but then he thought about what he had become. He was a wife in charge of money. No wonder he deserved it so neatly and took advantage.
I really want to pinch him a few, but it’s not easy to send them. President Zhang is ready to ring the bell.
In the afternoon, it happened to be extracurricular activities in two classes, and Su Yuyao wanted to make the students more United, so he proposed to tug-of-war and choose twelve people in one class, and the others were cheering.
Tug-of-war ropes are ready-made, and students are preparing.
"What do you say if our class wins?" Su Yuyao asked beside Ma Liang.
"What do you want to do?" Ma Liang didn’t see that he would lose. After all, the sixth-grade classmates are all bigger and naturally stronger, and Ma Liang has two more men here and is very interested in making a bet with her.
"People who lose like this have to promise to win everything." Su Yuyao looked at him Gherardini.
"Wait, that kind of thing is not allowed yesterday." Su Yuyao immediately said that she looked at Ma Liang with beautiful eyes.
Actually, Ma Liang didn’t even think of that at all.
"and don’t do anything that embarrass me."
This kind of thing is the woman’s call, and Ma Liang has nothing to say. He went directly to his class to guide him. In fact, these little guys also tug-of-war in case they lose it, and Su Yuyao whispered something for fear that others would hear him. Look at Ma Liang from time to time.
Tug-of-war is also a team sport, which must be twisted into a rope. The rhythm is particularly important. One person is needed to direct it. This is the key, and Ma Liang is the commander in chief.
Both sides are ready. Ma Liang is confident, but Su Yuyao seems quite mysterious.
At this time, Ma Liang put the rope in the middle position and shouted.
Tug-of-war is a close state because the power is the strongest and the power is the neatest.
"Come on, come on, come on, come on." People on both sides shouted at the top of their voices, while Ma Liang kept gesturing, so that everyone could see his gestures and take a forceful approach.
And this method will soon have an effect. Little by little, Ma Liang’s heart is happy, but he doesn’t notice Su Yuyao quietly leaning over.
And several little girls in her class are slowly approaching.
Then Ma Liang was suddenly hugged by Su Yuyao from behind, and the little girls directly interfered with Ma Liangban’s tug of war.
Ma Liang lost when he was still in a daze.
"We won." Su Yuyao’s valet cheered and looked quite heart-warming.
"Teacher, this doesn’t count."