One day passed quickly, and when the third person didn’t come out, many people speculated that there might be no one alive, but seeing that Tang Shaoyuan, the fifth-class clan, had not left, he waited patiently.

Another day, Tang Shaoyuan, who was meditating with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and stared at the mouth of the cave.
Haikui meditates cross-legged like everyone else.
Breathing heavily out of the cave is like breathing on the deathbed of a very old man. The last breath is very strong.
Haikui stopped at the cave like everyone else.
A vague figure in the dark of the cave gradually became clear from far and near.
"It was her" Haikui surprised a heart.
It’s Su Lan. She actually came out. It’s her shortness of breath. You can’t tell what’s wrong with her just by observing.
Star Rohm waited outside for people to hurry, but he was stopped by Tang Shaoyuan’s hand before he arrived near.
They turned their attention to Tang Shaoyuan.
Tang Shaoyuan said, "Look, she is also seriously injured. If you take it back by yourself, I’m afraid it will be delayed. When she is cured, you will naturally let her come back."
Then Sulan was taken away.
Haikui was hidden in the crowd, but if he was not seen by the Xingluomen, no one would know that he had been in the Dragon Hall, right? Su Lan was beaten away, and his life and death were even more uncertain.
"There are already three people," Tang Shaoyuan whispered.
There are two others. He closed his eyes and continued to wait.
This time, after five days, the people waiting outside, except those brought by Tang Shaoyuan, have almost dispersed. There are a lot of people coming to see the treasures, and all of them are lost and left, hoping that their master will come back alive.
The sky was dim, and the cave gave off a flickering light. Tang Shaoyuan suddenly opened his eyes if he felt something.
Several black silk flies out of the cave, the lux light disappears to the mouth of the cave, and the black silk gathers and turns into a human figure and rushes out.
Tang Shaoyuan said to the black shadow, "When Taoist friends die physically, Yuan Shen is seriously injured. Please go to my fifth-class clan, Liuyun Sect, for treatment first!"
The black shadow went crazy and roared forward to take him away and attacked.
Everyone in the valley is staring, and Haikui is staring.
This man escaped from the secret way to leave the dark light of Yuan Shen Yuan Shen. Either his cultivation skill is strange or Tang Shaoyuan said that this man Yuan Shen was seriously injured.
He was seriously injured by Yuan Shen and was taken away by Tang Shaoyuan.
Haikui’s eyes twinkled and his head bowed.
"There’s another one," Tang Shaoyuan whispered, and then continued to close his eyes and wait patiently.
This time, after waiting for several days, Tang Shaoyuan couldn’t sit still and wandered around the mouth of the cave.
There are fewer and fewer people waiting in the valley, and all the first-class clansmen are disheartened. None of them came out alive in previous years, and four of them came out alive this time, which is not bad.
Haikui will retreat if he wants to, and if he doesn’t leave, I’m afraid he will be exposed soon after waiting for people in this valley.
He didn’t know where those people were taken and what would happen.
Since the Five-level Cloud Sect can become a Five-level Clan, the strength is naturally not weak, and the number is ten times that of the majority of Xing Luomen.
Star Solomon’s status as a master in Liuyunzong is quite an ordinary master, and it is precisely because he is a first-class master that even a fifth-class master looks down on him.
On this day, Haikui estimated that there were less than 100 people left in the valley, so he planned to find a place to hide for two days before returning to the star Rohm. But when he was in this mood, six people flew in from afar.
These six leading players have not reached the immortal level, but Li Zhiyong may be the reason for practicing immortality all the year round. Although Li Zhiyong is over 1,000 years old, he doesn’t look old. He looks extraordinary, but he is more like a middle-aged man around lent.
Li Zhiyong’s cultivation is not stronger than Tang Shaoyuan’s, but he has always been valued by the elders. Li Zhiyong, a well-regarded Sect in Liuyun, is revered by his disciples.
Tang Shaoyuan, like a cat on hot bricks, looked up and saw Li Zhiyong with people. His brow wrinkled and he hurriedly saluted, "Please forgive my brother for coming."
Li Zhiyong reached out to stop Tang Shaoyuan and said politely, "Brother Tang is very unhappy this time!"
Tang Shaoyuan’s face suddenly turned ugly. "Brother Li, is this what you said?"
"The elder pushed five people to perform, and you sent back four people, but you haven’t seen the remaining one back to the elder these days. After deduction again, it was found that that person had left the Dragon Hall from other places and this person was the most important!" Li Zhiyong black face said
Although the conversation between the two people was light, they didn’t deliberately avoid the crowd. There was no sound alone. The others in the valley listened to it clearly, even Haikui heard it clearly.
Haikui lowered his head for fear that six people would find him later.
Tang Shaoyuan’s face changed. "Before I came, the elder told me to stay at the mouth of the cave!"
Li Zhiyong chuckled, "Brother Tang, don’t explain this matter. It’s always bad for you to take it away!"
He made Tang Shaoyuan caught by two people and dared not resist and took it away.
The cloud Sect soon left without paying attention to the people in the valley.
Haikui saw that everyone had left, and he was wondering whether to go back to Xingluomen first or not. As soon as his eyes turned, he had an idea.
Star Romain is going to climb a small mountain peak in front of the cave, that is, to return to Star Romain Haikui and go to the cave where the door owner is located first.
The master didn’t close the door. Hai Kui shouted "Master, I’m back" outside the door.
"who?" Door Lord asked strangely.
"It’s me. I’m Ye Sheng!"
The door owner walked out of the cave and saw Haikui suspicious. "You’re not dead?"
Haikui said, "What? The master wants me dead? "
The door owner frowned and looked at Haikui and outside. "Let’s talk inside!"
The door owner substituted Haikui into the cave and covered the cave door. He asked, "Those who entered the Dragon Temple and finally came out alive were taken away by the Liuyun Sect of the Five Clans. What didn’t you take away?"
"On the day of returning to the door, today, the cave in front of the Dragon Temple was guarded by Xianbing Xianbao to check whether the seal of the cave array was in a state of play. When I was ranked last that day and the remaining people were close to 300, Xianbao lit up. Those of us who were less than 300 were not allowed to enter!"
The door owner looked at Haikui suspiciously. "Then why don’t you go back to Xingluomen first?"
"I have no face to come back without entering the Dragon Hall!"
[starting from the first time! ]
Chapter 552 dumb luck
Haikui continued, "On that day, I didn’t enter the Dragon Hall and many people who didn’t enter the Dragon Hall were very angry and wanted to wait for the opportunity to enter the Dragon Hall again. Who knows that it will be such a long time until the cloud Sect people come out of the Dragon Hall. I don’t think there is a chance to enter the Dragon Hall again, so I will come back. After all, Ye Sheng has a negative commitment."
The door owner’s face softened. "Let’s forget it. My star Solomon is scarce. If we lose two more people, it will be a heavy blow. Su Lan has also come out of the Dragon Hall this time. I am very pleased!"
"The door owner Yemou wants to ask one."
The door owner motioned for Haikui to sit down. "What do you want to ask?"
"Those senior clansmen will allow the lower clansmen to be there?"
The Lord of the door sneered at "for example, there is more than one floating cloud clan in the five-level clan. It is naturally impossible for all the low-level clan clan to be annexed by the high-level clan."
Haikui nodded and got it.
"It’s just that it’s our turn when you come back in two days. We have two places for the patrol of Xianbing. The place to get Xianbing Xianbao is in Xiandi Tiangong. Everyone wants to see the Xiandi Tiangong. We will draw lots to decide who will go to Sulan for a short time, so we will draw lots early in the morning and you will also participate." The door owner said to Haikui.