Rick Fang didn’t answer. Looking up at the window for a long time, he turned back and smiled faintly. "People always change." There seems to be a little sadness in the words.

Shuaike one leng worried about looking at Rick Fang way "xu you nothing in your home? Wrong novel network many words "Liu Tian also looked at him.
Rick Fang laughed. "Don’t think about it. It’s okay. I just met someone at home. Okay, who’s buying dinner at noon today?"
"Xiaotian, of course." ShuaiKeda laughed.
"By me?" Liu Tian retorted.
"Cut" Shuaike didn’t "dump" him. He turned to Rick Fang and shouted, "We are talking about democracy and now we vote to raise our hands." As soon as the voice fell, Shuaike in Rick Fang had raised his hands.
Liu Tianda "scold" way "by this? I’m unlucky to know you two. I’ll go to the second canteen for a meal. "
Then three people walked out of the dormitory and went to the canteen with a few laughs.
After dinner, the three of them went back to the dormitory to continue chatting, and the Shuaike lazy walked over and picked it up. The lazy color suddenly disappeared and the whole person was refreshed.
"really! ? Shit, you’re really a timely help. Where do you think I’m listening? Yeah, yeah, remember it well. No problem? Well, hang up first and invite you to dinner later. "Shuaike kept rubbing his hands and smirking.
"What’s the matter, handsome boy? Excited into this kind of good news "Liu Tian laughed.
"Gnome male-"Areva snoring this little girl who was playing basketball just now met a girl who was in the same class as Lanxin’s son and knew the specific address of Lanxin’s home. "The handsome boy grinned and laughed.
"oh? Lan Xiner is Z city? " Rick Fang Qidao
"Is Areva also said that Lan Xin’s mother recovered from a serious illness a few days ago, and she has been at home for illness for more than a month? Lan Xin’s female classmates are going to visit her mother. Hey, hey, it’s a godsend." Shuaike was so excited.
"What’s the matter? Are you going to pay homage to your future mother-in-law to increase your position in the eyes of beautiful women? " Liu Tian laughed
"Yeah, I’m going to prepare for a while and then I’ll leave a good impression on her old man’s house." Shuaike said excitedly hitting his box to get ready to change clothes. After a busy time, he dressed up well and waved his hand at the two people and turned to go out. They both looked at his eager expression and laughed.
Rick Fang chatted with Liu Tian for a while and played games. At first glance, it was almost two o’clock. Rick Fang called the pharmacy and learned that Ji Lao would come to work in the pharmacy soon, so he got up and left.
Rick Fang left the school and went home with a few things. He took the bus to Jiren Pharmacy and entered the store. The old man and others all said hello to each other in Rick Fang and moved a chair to sit beside him.
Ji Lao asked kindly, "When will Xiaoxu come back?"
"Yesterday afternoon," Rick Fang replied, "How was Master and Jenny?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"It’s good that you have a heart. Your Jenny has been chanting about you these days, saying that you should come back." Ji Lao laughed.
"Thank you, Master. My mistress is right. This is my home. Let me give my parents a little gift. Please accept it." Rick Fang put the things in his hand beside Ji Lao. "Some local products are not a tribute."
"You this child let me say hello?" Old Nai laughed. "I’ll accept your Jenny and say that I’m old-fashioned and don’t understand the way of the world. By the way, Xiaoxu, let’s go to Master’s house for dinner tonight. Your Jenny misses you very much."
"Good, then I’ll bother you." Rick Fang laughed.
"It’s all right to bother you, but it’s a little more polite. Do you have to be so polite to Master?" Wrong novel network don’t jump word meter old walked over and said
In the evening, Rick Fang went home with Ji Lao for Jenny, and he was very happy. Naturally, he looked at it carefully and then repeatedly asked how the summer vacation was. Are parents and elders in good health? Rick Fang answered one by one. Finally, Rick Fang was planning his hometown dinner table. I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional. I asked Rick Fang about his impression of Liujia.
Rick Fang way "senior? Senior sister is very nice. She’s beautiful and handy. "
Ji Lao sighed, "Don’t look at us. Jia Jia always smiles in front of people. In fact, her heart is actually very bitter."
Rick Fang froze and connected, "Senior is so miserable because she has a favorite person in her heart, but that person has never appeared."
Meter old paused looks at Rick Fang way "Xiaoxu this matter how do you know? Jia Jia told you? "
Rick Fang said, "It’s half what the teacher elder sister said and half what I guessed."
The old silent language is another sigh and shakes his head. Jenny no longer sees Rick Fang wearing a headband and smiles. "Jiajia has a good impression of you, too. You two should help each other in school."
Rick Fang one leng laughs "that is that is"
Finally, Rick Fang said goodbye to the two old people and went home. Looking at the stars outside the window, Rick Fang kept thinking about the words of the two old people. He always felt that there was something in the words of the two old people. It seemed that he really wanted to see himself get along with Liu Jia.’ But the senior had a lover and he already had a if.’ Rick Fang all thought about it, but there was a little inexplicable sadness in his heart.
The fifth chapter internship! extraordinary ability
Rick Fang metalworking internship these days fitter, lathe worker, milling worker, welder four types of work, everything should be busy enough for seven days for a month. Architecture students are uniformly equipped with wide and thick workers in their clothes every day. Going to’ labor’ under the scorching sun (Shuaike jokes should be called labor reform) Rick Fang is a little better. He is strong. This level of temperature is a piece of cake for him, but Shuaike they are sad. Although there are high-powered fans in the small factory, the sweat still keeps coming out. According to Shuaike’s words, the weight is a few pounds lighter when they come to work every day. Which brothers with eyes complain all day about the reason? His glasses have been slipping down the sweat to the nasal attention root method. It’s really annoying.
In the third week, Rick Fang held a locksmith internship. This locksmith is the most tiring of several types of work. Because the intern teacher ordered five days to make a cylindrical iron bar with a diameter of 4mm and a length of about 15mm into a small hammer with the size specified in the drawing (there is a 30-degree groove in front of the square), equipped with tools, a handyman’s iron saw, a pile of saw blades, an iron chisel and a vise (to clamp the iron bar), which is quite a bit like grinding an iron pestle into a needle.
When they received these tools, these poor students were dumbfounded. Although they had heard from the interns how hard the fitter was, they were still a little unbelievable when they came to experience it for themselves. After the teacher assigned them to pat their asses and leave, everyone was sad one by one, and some of them were hot-tempered and could not help cursing, but the scolding was still to be completed, so everyone swore.
According to the experience taught by the predecessors, we first scribe the iron bar (of course, this is a very important step, which can save a lot of energy). According to the scribing, we first saw it into a rough die, and then we kept hammering and flattening it to achieve dimensional accuracy and form and position tolerance. surface accuracy asked that this was easier said than done, but it was tiring. However, it was absolutely hard work, of course, and it also required strength.
During the work, the boys took off their jobs one after another, wearing only a T-shirt or a sweatshirt. Everyone held back their strength and saw that they were sweating like rain for a while. It was really’ sweat and iron filings, and Qi Fei was the same color as a cloth’. In the Arabic words, it was a rag in a drugstore-it was bitter
Speaking of which, this boy is a little better. He is a great guy who is about 2 years old. Most of them like sports at ordinary times. Although some buddies are a little spoiled at home, they are not willing to be compared with a bunch of classmates now. So this hard-working spirit has been well interpreted among boys. It is also fruitful to work hard for a few days. Mastering several skills and mastering boys such as A Hai and others will arrive at the final dresser at noon on the third day. It is estimated that Rick Fang will be alive on Thursday. Naturally, the speed is even faster. His skill is also the best, and his strength is super scary. His hammer was finished as early as the next afternoon. Many people watched him wearing a tight shirt and working hard. He was deeply shocked. His muscles were constantly encouraged to expand and contract with his strength, and his facial expression was not as explosive as that of many boys, but his face was calm. But everyone was working hard and didn’t have much leisure to observe others. There were a few little girls who didn’t know they were professionals who had been here several times and held a camera at them. A bunch of hard-working boys clicked and snapped a bunch of photos. For this matter, the boys either ignored it or looked at the girl’s good appearance. Simply put on a few pose and pull a few smiles to show a few little girls the elegance of an architectural elite.
Speaking of fitter internship girls, it’s much worse. No, don’t just limit their speed because of their small strength and slow pace. Boys saw three moves. It’s good for them to move. There are 32 girls in Rick Fang’s class. One girl sees that girls are slower to enter the country. Usually, they are good with them or faster. Boys take time out to help for a while. Of course, there are also a few girls who are boyfriends (outside the class or outside) all the time. It’s really envious of others.
Although Rick Fang usually doesn’t have much contact with the girls in his class, he can’t bear to see many girls pouting and busy there. After the second day’s lunch, he has been helping the girls, watching the first handsome guy sweat profusely and working hard to help himself. Every girl who has been helped is grateful, and her little vanity has been satisfied. So she helped Rick Fang wipe the sweat and handed a tea drink from time to time. Looking at several sisters beside Rick Fang, many boys were "jealous", but there was no way that they could not compete with Rick Fang in speed.
On Thursday afternoon, Rick Fang was busy helping the class girl Yang Leyin, but she heard a commotion from the boy near the door. Then she heard Shuaike’s surprise and shouted, "Xin ‘er, you are here."
Rick Fang curiously looked up at Shuaike but saw Shuaike grinning and giggling in front of a very beautiful girl.