No one noticed or looked at the Shunli Building in Mudonglin. Putting cartons into one of his Jinbei vans is very common all over the street.

Haikui appeared in the co-pilot position and asked, "How do you catch him? Doesn’t he have a senior who introduced him to his master? Isn’t that guy able to talk in front of Xinghai’s head? This is a brother who doesn’t even get started. Even if he dies, his master won’t feel bad."
Mu Donglin smiled. "I know what Kui Shao thinks, but it’s definitely right to arrest him. He is now the God of Wealth of Xinghai Sect. Recently, Xinghai’s income has been paid by this person. When he disappears, the old guy will be anxious if he can’t see the money!"
Haikui thought it was really like this. No money stumped the hero Han, the head of Xinghai, who had no money to make it. He must have thought of this disciple, "What’s the name of that head?"
"Head of Xinghai, the old guy’s name is Lu Jin, nicknamed Lu Jinchi." Mu Donglin said while driving, "What does Lu Jinchi say?" Haikui curious way
Mu Donglin smiled. "This guy is very cunning. He likes to shine with others and then waits for the other party to admit defeat. He rarely works hard with others, but if he repairs the strong, he will leave. If he repairs the weak, he will chase after him and be shameless. This is called pushing his luck."
Haikui laughed. "So that’s it. I’d like to see this guy show me what will make me retreat automatically!" "
Mu Donglin smiled again. "It will be interesting to wait and see. When I was investigating, I heard from other practitioners that this guy had a lot of crooked ways in his head."
Haikui smiled with deep meaning. "You are small and cautious. Investigate everything clearly and then make me have to."
Wood donglin embarrassed smile "this is not didn’t also the way?"
Talking Jinbei car pulled into Jinnan Shibei District.
Haikui frowned slightly and thought of a question: "You didn’t leave a note or a message. Even if the head of Xinghai Sect has Tongtian Xiu, you can’t find us immediately."
Mu Donglin hey hey smiled. "I have inquired about this guy’s senior brother. That guy likes to enjoy it very much. If you have money, you can play in the sauna massage bar in the dark and just give that guy a call."
Haikui nodded. "It’s up to you, and I’ll take care of his master." Then Haikui was lost in thought. It’s not easy and impossible for him and Xinghai Sect to practice hatred. This matter killed them all. The other party didn’t say that what they got from killing Mu Donglin would give each other a chance to live. How can they scare them into retreating?
Haikui suddenly had such a brainwave. Isn’t this a good opportunity? He is a sect of Leng Yue faction, not to be the first one on that day. He has to be famous enough to hate to be the first one on that day. Haikui laughed unconsciously when he thought of this.
Mu Donglin asked while driving, "What is Kui Shao laughing at so much?"
Haikui coughed and said, "Do you know my identity?"
Mu Donglin showed a little doubt and then thought for a moment and said, "I really don’t know that I have always known you as a casual practitioner. Do you have any identity?"
Haikui primly said, "Have you heard of Leng Yue School?"
Mu Donglin said nothing.
Hai Kui smiled and knew that Mu Donglin didn’t know. After all, the Leng Yue Sect was also a small sect in the magic gate in those years. I don’t know that it’s normal. "Don’t worry, boldly say that I forgive you!"
Mu Donglin heard Haikui say it was interesting. He smiled and said, "I really haven’t heard of this Leng Yue school, but it seems to be a secluded palace with cold weather and a moon!"
Haikui hey hey smiled. "You really praised Leng Yue for sending it. Then I’ll thank you here. Me? It’s Leng Yue who sent Ke Qing, the elder. We Leng Yue sent the head to fight for the first place that day. You’ll tell Xinghai that it’s our Leng Yue who sent it!"
"Is this appropriate?" Wood donglin strange asked.
"If you think about it properly, you are so good at being the first. You have to beat many powerful experts at the peak to be the first on that day. If I look for them one by one, how hard I will let them look for me to fight. I will just sit there and fight them for the first day!"
Mu Donglin laughed at the "good method", but then smiled bitterly. "Kui Shao, do you mean to fight for the position of the Sect of Heaven?"
Haikui said happily, "That’s what it means."
Mu Donglin smiled bitterly. "Do you know how many spiritual sects there are? How many outstanding people are there?"
Hai Kuile said, "Ye, of course I know the saying that there is an expert outside the world who must have gone to the sea, but we also often say that cultivating immortals is like crossing a river and competing for sails. It’s no fun for me to practice secretly. I’m going to compete with the expert in heaven!"
Mu Dong Lin Nai smiled. "Anyway, I think you are a great magical person and it is hard to ponder!"
Haikui hey hey smiled. "I’m not a great avatar, but I blew this cowhide out. I told our head that I would send a man to Leng Yue to compete for the first place to practice sects. Even if I didn’t win the first place in the end, at least I tried my best to be worthy of our pee!"
Mu Donglin didn’t know what to say at the moment and said two words "Pei!"
Haikui turned to look out of the window, but his heart had already flown outside Wan Li. He secretly said, "Wife, your adult, your husband, I’m a good man for you to do that earth-shattering event. Where can you find such a good man?"
Mudonglin turned left and right, and soon stopped outside an abandoned warehouse. The warehouse house was dilapidated and the house collapsed. At ordinary times, few people lived in it, just in time to do something!
Mu Donglin first asked Haikui to wait for him to move a cane chair, two stools and a bag of things from behind into an abandoned warehouse, and then carried the boss’s attached box into the warehouse. Haikui followed him into the warehouse.
Haikui went in and took a look at the music. This wooden donglin wanted to pour rattan chairs and stools for a long time. He wanted to sit and lie down and lay down. He also brought some food to look at. He also prepared a few for Haikui to amuse him.
Haikui laughed. "It’s quite a week, but I don’t like watching it."
Wood donglin hey hey smile "you like the name"
Haikui pulled out a pair of eyes from the plastic bag and lit up. "Hey, I didn’t expect you to be a small fellow. It’s good. It’s a good time to pass away, but you’re a little angry after watching too much."
Chapter 5 Day 2
Mu Donglin smiled, "No, I’ll invite two enchanting beauties to accompany you?"
Haikui waved his hand, although it was a little regrettable, but it was well concealed. "Forget it, I’m not good at anything, but I won’t do that affair if I’m good to my wife and children."
Having said that, Haikui’s heart is white, and even philandering can’t be known to outsiders.
Mu Donglin saw that everything was almost the same, so he didn’t struggle with this question. He laughed. "Please keep this guy under guard for a while. I’ll inform him of that brother."
"Well said!" Hai Kui is holding a young woman who looks like a god at first sight. "Remember, it must be said that the Leng Yue Sect, the first spiritual sect of Heaven, arrested people. How can they let their head come on!"