"Good Kung Fu is a rare master among ordinary people, but I don’t know how to do it in bed?" Huanglong clap laugh wildly way

"Gee, look at that leg strength. He’s strong enough." Cheng Xiang said with a smile.
ChuYuJuan heart can’t help but sink to know that both of them are super almighty, and Yunna Liujia is groggy. At this moment, Yunna is awakened by her earthquake Huanglong words. Yunna is concise and Liujia quickly takes out her mobile phone.
At the same time, Yunna Chuyujuan rose up and struggled to split Yunna’s jade legs and jumped out of her legs to sweep the two women. Yunna knew that if Liu Jia could type this sentence, they would be saved
Who knows that Huanglong didn’t give them a chance? It was Yunna Chuyujuan who was hit by two women, and she was happy in the future. A strong force came from the soles of her feet. Two women cried eggplant gourd and flew out and fell on the bed.
"Good boy, strong flexibility and small ring, blessed are we." Huang Longwang has robbed Liujia’s mobile phone at the moment and crushed it into a ring, laughing and saying.
Into a ring micro a hand will LiuJia also threw it into the bed just nodded "ha good" into a ring talking looking at the bed struggling to think of LiuJia three yin said with a smile "to move reinforcements? It’s a pity that I didn’t call out. Are you disappointed? Small goods, but I promise you won’t be disappointed for a while, because I will let you yu Xian yu die. "
While since ChuYuJuan challenged has been sitting on a stool silly like Jiang Chuan glassy-eyed looking at lying in bed twisting body Liujia three grim-faced murmured "I’m sorry".
Huang Longcheng didn’t even look at him. He smiled at each other, undressed and said, "There is one more than planned. Why don’t we compete with the one who insists on it for a long time?"
"Fuck, I’m afraid you won’t succeed." Cheng Xiang casually dialed Yunna to throw the bedside lamp and sneered, "I don’t know how many people have been pretending? I don’t believe that Mayor Yun Da’s daughter will be a chick? You still throw it away and I’ll see how much strength you have. "
Cheng Xiang actually moved a stool and sat in situ laughing, dialing the things that three women desperately threw.
And gradually Liujia three people don’t have any strength to rise from the bottom of my heart. yu fire will torture the three people and make them hot. It happened that they were sane and sensible, but they seemed to be much more sensitive than before, but they felt lazy and had no strength.
"Rick Fang" three people desperately called Rick Fang’s name and tried to shout out the sound at the same volume as usual.
“? Rick Fang? Who is it? Are you lovers? " Cheng Le laughed and asked, but sneered, "Don’t worry, you will send him a nude photo of you when you play old."
But Huanglong, who has been domineering, listened to the three women’s low calls, but he was stunned and said, "Which Rick Fang?"
"It’s me, this Rick Fang." The door is full of signs and quietly hits a rich and handsome man who looks like a god. A noble man came in with silver hair and a dazzling glare on the crystal lamp on the roof.
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-five
The second volume Chapter one hundred and twenty-five
As soon as Rick Fang appeared, Huanglong’s face turned pale and scary, and his pupil suddenly became a crack. He suddenly pranced up and rushed toward the bed ten meters away. He knew that Rick Fang was the one who would stun himself when he drank low. This master was definitely not able to resist himself. The best way to be safe was to take three women hostage.
His idea is right, but he still underestimates the reaction speed of Rick Fang’s martial arts. Huanglong flew halfway, only to find that a white wall suddenly appeared before the scenery Mo changed, but he panicked and didn’t move, so he suddenly bumped into it. In the bang, Huanglong fell to the ground and struggled to turn over. He didn’t wait for him to understand what was going on, but he saw a black monster flying towards him, and his mind was broken. He didn’t have to be embarrassed. He quickly tried to avoid it.
The monster hit the wall and bounced back to the ground, screaming at Huanglong, only to see that this bloody object turned out to be just now. This bastard didn’t know that Rick Fang was trying to subdue Rick Fang, but he was interrupted by Rick Fang. His limbs were broken, his bones were punctured, and his skin was exposed. Where was he pampered and screamed from childhood? Huanglong was also a typical aristocratic brother who grew up pampered by his parents and elders, although he had a good talent to follow. Master martial arts also practiced well, but he didn’t have much practical experience. At this moment, I saw such a tragic scene. At that time, I was heartbroken. I didn’t even have the courage to get up. I was livid and trembling. I stayed where I was, and I was arrogant and replaced by deep fear before the sound of "Gege".
Rick Fang ignored these two dirty almighty and quickly walked to the bed and pointed out that they were moaning. The eyebrows of the three women were a little strange to say that they kept twisting their bodies and their faces were flushed. The three women suddenly felt that the hot and dry fire seemed to vanish from head to toe and restore calm. The three women rushed to cover up their clothes and hugged Rick Fang at the same time and cried.
"Don’t cry, don’t cry, I will protect you and never let anyone hurt you." Rick Fang repeatedly comforted Rick Fang. At first, he said that he was far from protecting Liujiayunna across from Tianfu Restaurant. That was because he wanted to be lenient with Liujia. They affected the mood of the party because of their own presence. In fact, he followed Liujia and others all the way. After Liujia entered the house, Rick Fang was at the corridor 50 meters away from the door all the time, and a wisp of his knowledge had already firmly locked Jiangchuan’s house. Everyone’s every move was able to escape the supervision of his knowledge.
At the moment, after listening to his soft words, he relieved the three girls that they sobbed and stopped crying. It was just before Rick Fang embraced him and smelled his breath. Then his desire had been controlled and he rose again. Rick Fang saw that he was holding his three girls’ eyes, such as silk and peach blossom breath, and his charming body was gradually heavy and twisted. He was busy again, and he quickly ordered a finger between the eyebrows of the three people to barely suppress the medicinal properties again.
"Rick Fang these bastards gave us medicine" was tempted by Rick Fang’s breath, and Chu Yujuan just couldn’t help but kiss several times in Rick Fang’s face. At this moment, she blushed and held Rick Fang’s jade arm tightly, pointing to the embarrassed Huanglong lying on the ground and moaning in pain to change the subject.
"Don’t worry, just medicine won’t beat me. I’ll treat you later." Rick Fang patted ChuYuJuan’s sweet shoulder and looked confidently at Liu Jiayunna, who was full of anger. Rick Fang coldly swept several people in Huanglong, and the pitfalls in his eyes sank. "I’ll give you vent first."
The three women breathed a sigh of relief. In their minds, if there was Rick Fang in the sky, no one could hurt themselves. When they rest, they looked at Huanglong coldly, just like watching a dead man.
Huanglong saw that Rick Fang turned his attention to himself and couldn’t stop shivering. He found that his mobile phone had become a piece of debris only to find that it was obviously Rick Fang’s means. The fear of death in Huanglong’s heart was used to being arrogant and arrogant for many years. "What are you going to do?" I … I think you are tired of living … and you will dare to talk to us … Do you know me … who we are? Hum, I’ll tell you that Gu Tian, director of the Institute of Power, is my master, and his old man’s house is the famous four saints of China. Is your triangle cat kung fu his opponent? Do you know who my dad is? He is … "Huanglong stammered at first, but when he arrived at Gu Tian, he was very happy. In his mind, Gu Tian was a god, and the thought that he had Gu Tian’s support made him talk more and more slip, and then he thought that he had a position to respect his father’s voice, but he couldn’t help but strut.
"Nonsense" Rick Fang drank it cold and the waves were harsh, such as cutting Huanglong’s chest. Qi and blood churned and he couldn’t help spitting out one mouthful blood. Huanglong was full of disbelief. Looking at the cold Rick Fang, he muttered, "Do you dare to touch me when you know my identity?" In the end, Huanglong looked resentful and floundered over the escape route.
"You this garbage alive will spoil food, you are the Jade Emperor, and I will destroy you." Rick Fang coldly said that Huanglong knew that he would never let go of his sudden rise with one foot kick, lying on the ground and dying into a loud chest, kicking his huge body, flying to Rick Fang and leaping towards the door at the same time.
Huanglong these go at one go and Rick Fang seems to have successfully stopped Huanglong’s body from touching the door panel. A burst of pride’ If I leave the door, I won’t be afraid of your Rick Fang. Dare to fight with me will definitely make you regret being born’.
It was Huanglong who was proud but disappeared at the moment when his body touched the door panel. It is reasonable to say that his body was full of energy, let alone an ordinary door panel or a steel plate. He was also confident that it would be smashed, but it was counterproductive. There was no sound. Huanglong felt that he disappeared at the moment when his body touched the door, and then he saw the last and most horrible strange picture in his life. Rick Fang casually dialed the sound and the dazzling golden light came out of his body. Immediately, he burst in the middle of the room without bloody pieces and saw the endless golden gravel.
But in the eyes of Liu Jia and others, Rick Fang’s left hand is generally empty to the sly and insidious Huanglong in the middle when his right hand is dialed into a ring, and then he hits the door with a light blow. Huanglong doesn’t cause a ring, but it disappears like a moth hitting a flaming flame. It’s not right to say that it disappears. It should be said that it becomes a loose and finely golden gravel like a ring.
"Xu, you … what did you do to them? What’s with the sand? " Liujia since this strange scene to react can’t help but speak asked.
Chu Yujuan Yunna was equally surprised. Although she was used to Rick Fang’s fantastic skills, but her horrible martial arts were so weird, she still let them accept Rick Fang’s words with a smile. "It’s a pity that I was almost unfinished, otherwise they should be empty instead of sand after their amusement."
Although he is annoyed, his words are full of complacency. Rick Fang has every reason to be proud, because he is the first person in Xiaoyao for thousands of years to realize the magical power of silence, and his magical power of silence has now entered the realm of great achievement. Now his skill is to have another Yuantouzhu war. He is also confident that in the event of unscathed damage, the enemy will be completely annihilated in the future, and the martial arts will become higher and higher. After a few days ago, local Xu easily turned a stone with a weight of more than ten tons into yellow sand, his heart was entangled with an inexplicable fear and deep doubt, full of awe. The arrogant tactic can be transformed into this kind of conan the destroyer’s energy-lost magical power. Is it true that you can instantly materialize Fiona Fang’s magic in a mile like the arrogant tactic? Master said that no one in Xiaoyao Gate can understand the magical power. So, is this horrible martial arts created by people? Ao Tian Ji Ji says that the silent magic works and the proud god means that the master controls life and death, so isn’t it a god?
Rick Fang clapped his hands and patted everything that Liujia three people had touched in the house, and all these things in his hands turned into more or less golden sand, even the bed where the three people had been lying was no exception. Finally, Rick Fang’s eyes fell on Jiang Chuan’s face with a dull expression.
ChuYuJuan is look cold at this time in front of Jiang Chuan huffed, "Jiang Chuan you hurt us? Say! " Chu Yujuan, who did not stop Huanglong from ringing in Jiang Chuan, naturally guessed that the three of them were conspired by Jiang Chuan and others, and Liujiayunna also looked at Jiang Chuan with grief and indignation. Obviously, she was extremely disappointed with Jiang Chuan
Jiang Chuan didn’t answer is looked at Rick Fang with a wry smile at this far beyond their cognitive range male muttered "superman? Are you a superman? "
Rick Fang just laughed, but his smiling face was full of hidden dangers. Jiang Chuan knew in his heart that it was hard for him to let himself go, but suddenly he felt a sense of hopelessness. When Huang Longcheng died, he couldn’t escape the dry situation, that is, he couldn’t pursue himself. No one helped save the corruption, and his father himself was a dead end. Just as Huanglong said that he was not even as good as a dog, Jiang Chuan hated himself for the first time. If he was born in an official’s house, it would be too late for academics. Jiang Chuan couldn’t help sighing. Looking out at Liu Jiayunna, Chu Yujuan’s eyes were full of apologetic colors and said with a wry smile, "Jia Jia, Xiao Na, Yuan Yu, I’m sorry that I was too selfish. My father was detained for corruption. He deserved it, but I want to save him. First, he is my father. Second, I have nothing left. My father gave him everything, so I can’t live. I finally don’t want to admit it, but I have to admit it, just like I don’t want to admit that I’m a waste. In fact, I’m really a slut
Jiang Chuan smiled wryly and looked sad like an old man. "I asked Huanglong for help. He is always a senior official of the central government with his grandfather. I won’t say it. Anyway, it shouldn’t be difficult to save my dad. He also promised me that the price was Jiajia Xiao Na. I couldn’t help it, but I didn’t know that Yuan Yu would come."
"What does he want to learn from Jia Jia?" Rick Fang coldly asked this question. He repeatedly thought about some articles in it. Although Liujiayunna is a rare beauty, it seems that it is not worth Huanglong’s move.
Say a word is also say Jiang Chuan simply tell the whole story "Huanglong they want to form their own power, they are not interested in politics, because they are all senior officials’ brothers who know that politics is difficult to play, and the situation changes too quickly, and they are imprisoned in the present. This is a normal thing, so they want money, and this world has everything if they have money. They wantonly collude with the white underworld to develop and accumulate a lot of wealth, and successfully set up their own power, but they also know that once they are old, their wealth will be lost. No one will come to take photos of them when they are broken, so they came up with a trick to control local officials and women to control these officials. Their simple and naive ideas are often very effective. Jia Jia Xiao Na’s father is a senior CZ official and has great potential for promotion. CZ’s financial resources are among the best in the country. They have long wanted to make great achievements in CZ. Today, they first take Jia Jia Xiao Na and then take their nude photos to blackmail them and their parents … "
"That’s enough, you shut up for me." ChuYuJuan thundered that Yunna was shivering and plump with ups and downs, and Liujia was black and cold and couldn’t help crying with Rick Fang.
"Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid of Jia Jia. No one will touch you with me." Rick Fang gently held her plump and charming body and coaxed Liu Jia to stop crying gradually but still fell in Rick Fang’s arms without looking up. Rick Fang felt that Liu Jia’s body temperature was suddenly high and her tentacles were hot, while Liu Jia was holding Rick Fang’s waist and her arms were getting tighter and tighter. She slowly raised her eyes and looked at Rick Fang with an attractive look. From the depths of her throat, she gave a whisper and heard Rick Fang’s whisper. Liujia hands in Rick Fang clothes in his lean body bold touch kept wandering the greasy jade tender hands with limited enthusiasm almost lit Rick Fang’s passion, and with the skin handover Liujia eyes yu fire more passionate, hot and charming body kept twisting in Rick Fang’s arms.
When Yunna Chuyujuan saw Liu Jia’s bold behavior, she couldn’t stop her face from reddening, and the desire suppressed by Fang Xuli rose again.
Strong medicinal properties’ Rick Fang secretly lost his heart again and ordered a finger and three women between the eyebrows of the three people, which restored calm. Rick Fang gently pushed Liujia to Rick Fang’s skin handover. Rick Fang was also his lover. Although the medicinal attack caused yu’s fire to rise, she did not resist medicinal properties and took advantage of it naturally to be so bold. At this moment, she calmed down and remembered clearly her wild behavior. She was ashamed and blushed and did not dare to look at Rick Fang.
Rick Fang coldly looking at Jiang Chuan Jiang Chuan suddenly looked calm and said, "Please kill me, otherwise Huanglong and Cheng Xiang’s parents will not let me go, and Cheng Xiang’s cousin will fall into their hands. I will definitely give you up, and they will definitely be angry with Xiao Na and them. I don’t have the courage to commit suicide. Please kill me."
Rick Fang nodded silently and suddenly clapped his hands in Yunna Chuyujuan’s exclamation. As soon as Jiang Chuanpeng turned into yellow sand, Yunna trembled and said, "Did you kill him?"
"He asked Rick Fang to kill him himself. Let’s treat him as a good friend, but he almost ruined us." ChuYuJuan hated it and looked at Jiang Chuan’s body and turned it into a yellow sand heart, which was somewhat unpleasant.