"It’s too cruel. Some Fengmingfeng’s nearly a thousand brothers actually lived."

Rock sighed. Although this ability is powerful, in the past, he would be surprised to have such a killer in his door.
But now more than a thousand people who died in Fengming Peak are Tianque’s younger brothers. They have deep roots! Although they are enemies now, everyone knows in their hearts that most of them are not voluntary, but are held hostage by desire.
"I think that kid has done his best in righteousness. He has such means in his hand, but he has waited for two hours to give these people a chance. It’s no wonder that these people hesitate to cut off their vitality."
At this time, Qingcheng’s face is not so good-looking. In his sense of god’s knowledge, more than a thousand bodies in Fengming Peak have been cooked and scattered with meat, and they are covered in huge blisters. It looks disgusting and vaguely recognizable. Their faces are full of pain. I really don’t know how they suffered before they died.
Around him, he is used to this kind of scene. He has some traces in his heart, Fengming Peak Theory and Practice, and he dies the same way. There are a lot of Taoist symbols scattered around two real people, and there are also many forces around him. Sanskrit seems to be struggling to the death before his death, but it seems that they have no resistance to the strange attack means of Su Bing City.
I heard this clearly, and everyone’s heart was contemptuous. Since that day, I personally chopped my lover into pieces, and the performance of Qingcheng City has repeatedly made them ugly. The old guys with the same status in the door are constantly fawning in front of the teenager. It’s not like Jiang Xiao depending on the elders, but like the young slave flow.
Although I know that Qingcheng has his own difficulties, his feelings are hard for them to accept.
But at this time, no matter how despised they are in their hearts, they have to admit that there is some truth in what he said. If he didn’t want to get away with it, the boy wouldn’t have shown his cards until now.
"No wonder that child is so confident that he will step on the zenith today and have such ability to stop him in the so-called protective array."
Qingyun shook his head with a wry smile. "Today, the battle has been settled, and a few days later, the course of this battle will certainly shake the whole world of fixing the truth. Now I hope that there will be fewer casualties in the process of attacking the mountains."
All of a sudden, there was a silence, and the ability of Ice City was sharper than that of this method to control different attacks, but it made them frown straight in their hearts. They wouldn’t feel wrong in others, but now they have to deal with their own people. You know, Tianquemen’s more than 10,000 brothers are also the essence of sects, and fenglin town’s hundreds of family members, Tianyuan Feng, and those students are also involved.
"I don’t think I’m worried that the other six peaks have already responded."
Looking for a sudden smile, "The boy’s first choice is the least number of people. Feng Mingfeng really has a good heart. He is going to promote change and show his own strength. This is nothing that can be done. The two ends of the big family rats will never take the initiative to defect unless they knock first."
They took their eyes and saw that Tianyuan and Tianzhu Mountain Protection Array had some sluggish and chaotic operation. Supposedly, these two peaks were well-staffed and there were too many spar preparations, and they were not hit by the ability of the clock in the plain ice city. It should not be so, but the barrier strength of the force field is still visible to the naked eye. The only explanation is that it has changed in the rapid decline.
"These so-called aristocratic valves are really the source of trouble!"
Rock and black clouds are all a cold hum. Since thousands of younger brothers died in Fengming Peak, I can blame Jiang Xiao for it. Then I can count my anger in the fierce mountain. If they had moved this thousand younger brothers earlier, they would not have died. If they hadn’t helped each other half a month ago, it would not have been so smooth to take the mountain as the headquarters of Tianquemen Mountain Gate.
Is it really best to be stationed by Fengming Peak?
It is somewhat suspicious that Fengming Peak is the brother where Tianque Gate-controlled Crane Hall headquarters is located. Besides wanting to be close to his cronies, members of the Crane Hall associate it with the recent Tianque Gate’s intelligence mistakes as many as several times. It is of great significance to be afraid of Jiang Xiaoyi’s move.
It’s easier to destroy and rebuild than to take over this rotten stall!
Tianyuan and Tianzhu two peaks are located on the ground. Jiang Xiaoyi and Shen Yingxiong are also seen in the eye, and both of them are in order to reveal a vaguely sorry color.
"What a pity!"
Looking up thousands of feet away at the peak of clouds, Shen Yingxiong sighed, "If the reaction is slower, the ice city can justify the punishment of the peak."
Day punishment peak is a member of the punishment hall headquarters, second only to Fengming peak. If the four big families are a little more stubborn, then it is natural for the ice city to crack down on the day punishment peak.
"You and the city have understood what I mean. If it doesn’t work this time, forget it. Let the city stop."
Jiang Xiao leaned back and shook his head and smiled.
If you want to hold on to the teaching position and don’t want to be constrained, you must first master the change, but it’s natural not to worry that his wife and mother are unusual.
And secondly, naturally, it is accused of Crane Hall. Without this information hall, it helps him to teach this palm, which is tantamount to deafness and blindness. Although the ability to get close to him is slightly insufficient, most of the brothers accused of Crane Hall are unreliable, destroying and rebuilding are more provincial.
The second is to master the punishment of the punishment hall. This is the seat to which the Presbyterian Church belongs and the only high-ranking person who is not taught by the palm of his hand. After the punishment hall was hit hard, the personnel life, although he can’t intervene and look at the sand mixed inside, can still do it. In another period, it can have a certain impact on the punishment hall.
Of course, he can ignore Tianquemen now that his power is over. These rules can force the Presbyterian Church to bend at his feet. But if we consider that hundreds of years later, it will not be a wise move, but a family future and sects. Instead of breaking the rules, he will make them more perfect. He can try his best to grasp Tianquemen’s benefits in the rules.
For him who is not deeply rooted in Tianquemen, there is no faster way than to clear these two people and rebuild them.
However, Fengming Peak and Tianxun Peak Brother can be regarded as enemies at this time, but because the mentoring faction is more or less involved with Tianquemen or related to relatives and friends, if they slaughter others like this, they will have some bumps in their hearts, although they will not say anything.
In fact, the other five peaks and fenglin town are similar, which is the biggest obstacle for him to attack the mountain today
At the meeting yesterday, he revealed that the four big families had promised to defect, but nothing happened for half a day today until they were forced to kill people with emotion and reason. Naturally, others would no longer blame him, but turned to hate these big families.
To some extent, these big families can be regarded as his sacrifice even if they defect.
The core array of Ice City stopped working in the sky and landed on the ground again, which made Tianquemen feel relieved at this moment that all those who can probe the first or second-order fix the true in Fengming Peak with gods’ knowledge. Jiang Xiaoyi suspected that he had shown the ability of Ice City and this array to everyone, and he would never make it again unless he had to.
While the day candle and Tianyuan peak changes also finally have the result.