"President Zhang" Ma Liang wants to say something.

"It’s okay, pony. I’m okay. You talk first." Then President Zhang went out.
An old headmaster who has been struggling for decades finally saw the light of hope, which made Ma Liang feel a heavy responsibility to accomplish this goal.
"Teacher Su, you should have breakfast first and have class later." Ma Liang dressed up the food.
Su Yu Yao certainly won’t be polite to sit down and eat slowly. If she eats this meal at least 100 yuan according to those prices in the city, it seems that it is not a loss. There are such good vegetables every day in the city, but she can eat whatever she wants, which makes her very satisfied with eating.
Then she lived. She wanted Ma Liang to take care of the local planning and reconstruction, mainly to form a large courtyard with high walls and focus on the vegetable growing areas
However, her eyes have been fixed on Ma Liang. Impey Pei has a question for Ma Liang with a lesson plan.
"Teacher Ma, if you change this statement here, can you?" She looked at Ma Liang with beautiful big eyes.
"Very good but" Ma Liang nodded Pepe ability is very good.
Got Ma Liang’s approval, and she smiled shyly and continued to watch.
"By the way, Mr. Yang, which class is the second grade and which class is the first grade? Because the course is simple, several of our teachers take turns to take you familiar with these two classes. I will drive out the lesson plans these two days, and then you can slowly improve them according to the actual situation."
"I know," Pepe nodded and thought for a moment, then added, "Just call me Pepe."
"That line" is a name anyway. Maybe she is not used to being called her teacher Su Yuyao. When I heard that, I put chopsticks on it and dragged Ma Liang away. She held her chest and watched him with beautiful eyes outside.
So Su Yuyao will also feel the city should not be so easy to leave, right?
Chapter 164 Education class
When Ma Liang went to the classroom, she also found many students cheering from Su Yuyao. It seems that the students really like her.
Today’s words still let Pepe follow the one-day class. After these two days, Ma Liang was relieved that Pepe was a person, and things were not revealed to anyone that day and never happened again.
She also seems to be less nervous, taking lessons with Ma Liang’s teaching plan. In fact, the most difficult thing for senior students is that they have so many strange questions.
For example, a child suddenly asked how to have a baby. Pepe’s face was flushed with suppression. In fact, she didn’t know these things at all. The biology teacher in junior high school was also very vague, so she looked at Ma Liang for help.
"How to have a baby? You’ll have to wait until you’re old enough to marry a daughter-in-law." Ma Liang said. At this time, Mengmeng Qiao’s face was red and straight, sitting in a chair, which was very reminiscent of those conversations with Ma Liang before.
"I asked my parents, but they didn’t tell me and slapped me." The little boy immediately said that the people around him burst out laughing.
"How can a teacher know when the time comes? No one teaches." A child asked.
Ma Liang thought for a moment and said, "You don’t need to be taught this kind of thing. Think about it. Did our ancestors teach them to have children from generation to generation?"
So these students all nodded and understood.
"I’m just like my rhubarb dog, and nobody taught me, but I got a puppy when I was crouched by another dog. Does everyone have to be like this?" A naughty student said.
"Seriously, a dog can sleep with a quilt just like a human." Ma Liang was deliberately cold to prevent them from discussing this topic for too long.
And Pepe thought of the picture that day, Ma Liang’s bulky thing in that woman’s mouth was also a baby, but it was a meal, and she was not white
The classroom atmosphere has eased a lot. Pepe is relieved and grateful to Ma Liang.
After the first class, Ma Liang went to the door of Su Yuyao’s classroom and found a large group of students around her, especially a few little girls, who were very close. Su Yuyao also found that he let the students play by themselves and walked to the door.
"See what?" She asked Ma Liang.
"Nothing to walk around" Ma Liang was embarrassed by her beautiful eyes.
"I warn you that no one can say anything last night." Su Yuyao approached a few breakups and threatened with a low device.
"I know" Ma Liang nodded.
"And don’t think about it once." She blushed slightly and didn’t know why she was so impulsive yesterday.
"If we continue to discuss your vegetable planting tonight, we won’t be able to give President Zhang money for another month." She pretended to be calm and said.
Ma Liang promised, and the second class was over. This afternoon was ordinary.
However, at noon, Pepe seems to be a little uncomfortable. She didn’t even eat rice on the table, clutching her belly. Ma Liang immediately understood that women always had such problems in those days. Su Yuyao was even dreaming, which proved to be a common fault of all women.
And Su Yuyao talked to President Zhang about things and went to the office, so Ma Liang told her.
"Pepe, you are not very comfortable" Ma Liang asked.