After a long time, Han Xuan went to Jiang Xiaoyi’s side and squatted only to see the young man suddenly look back. A pair of eyes were staring at her like a fierce beast. Cold Xuan suddenly felt that her original Jiang Xiaoyi had regained her senses, but only to find that Li Lingxiang’s death made this beautiful young man enter a crazy state again. I’m afraid that the dead girl in his arms is more important in Jiang Xiaoyi’s heart than she thought.
Consciousness wants to be as far away from the teenager as possible, but she shook hands with the crystal cold Xuan and decided to continue to finish the sentence. She is a threshold away from the field and can fly away at any time. She also needs to be too afraid of the teenager in front of her.
"I was wrong this time, but Lingxiang still-"
Listen to the voice before it falls! "A crunchy.
Cold Xuan hand covering one side of the face can’t believe it. Looking at this time, Jiang Xiao has grown up. According to her, the top strong in the 3s level of cold Xuan Tang almost swept the whole fix true world thousands of years ago and was recognized by everyone as the most genius figure of the demon family since the flood. Was it slapped in the face?
"I said that you were responsible for Lingxiang’s safety during this period. What did you do?"
Before the cold Xuan reacted, the teenager slapped her on the right face again. This time, I saw clearly that when the other party raised his hand, it was expected, but she couldn’t hide!
Then I looked up and saw Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes full of unpredictable cold and fierce crime, and that beautiful face that made all women jealous was a little expression.
"I asked you to do it just now and you didn’t listen!"
It’s a slap in the face again. This time, burying his face in the cold Xuan’s hand is still trying his best, even though her left hand bone is slightly cracked.
But what I can’t stand more than this pain is this embarrassment and humiliation.
However, she can’t avoid it. Whenever she wants to dodge or resist the brand from the source of the soul, the binding force will appear, which will make her suffer and keep her in place.
"You want to get your hands on that Pangu body, don’t you?"
A slap in the face again slapped Jiang Xiao, a cold smile, and the beautiful face seemed a bit ferocious at this time. "You can get away this time, and you won’t listen to my orders this time, right?"
The four hundred and fifty-third cold Xuan 2
The great sense of humiliation made Han Xuan almost lose her mind. She became a beast and tried to earn a ginger smile. According to the soul force, she was bound by her clothes and cracked her skin. White scales appeared and her head was changing to a faucet. Her mouth was convex and her horns were as white as jade.
"Lift taxiing? Hehe! "
"You can fly away at any time and you don’t care about me as a master. If you can’t control my soul, you can do whatever you want-"
Young right hand is still a merciless slap in the cold xuan beast after the dragon’s hand on one side of the faucet gigantic force unexpectedly has taxiing to a half of the cold xuan abruptly pumping flew to hundreds of meters away for more than ten feet snow white dragon body rolled down to the ground contaminated with soil at that time.
However, the animalization continued. When Pang Dalong, a hundred feet long, appeared in front of everyone, everyone here held their breath for a while. Even those who came here not long ago to react to the force and wandered around with dozens of demon breath at this time, they also retreated.
The vastness is incredible, and the ordinary demon family is far from huge. There is no other possibility except the 3s demon king!
In the crowd, Lieshan Dong Chengding looked at this scene.
Previously, the fourteen really killed Li Lingxiang, the 3s-class strong man, who was killed by Jiang Xiaoyi one by one like a native tile dog, which had already shocked him.
Now, a demon king is a god beast, and even a great achievement is not necessarily his opponent. The demon king actually beat him back in front of Jiang Xiaoyi, which made his soul feel a shocking impact.
When was that four-year-old boy so young that he was so strong?
"You are not from the crystal wall? So why don’t you try it now? Don’t you think my soul power is not enough to completely control you? So now you show me how to resist? "
Smiling at the purple boy, he strolled towards the cold Xuanlong body without a trace of fireworks. He was dressed in a black trench coat with a beautiful female ground, and it seemed as if he had fallen into the world.
However, at this time, in the eyes of Han Xuan, Jiang Xiaoyi’s image is quite different. In her eyes, the purple boy is like a demon who makes her resist the law as she pushes closer and closer.
Jiang Xiaoyi is a little more than 1.7 meters tall, not much taller than she is after taxiing, but if she is in a physical state, she needs to look down like an ant.
But now the teenager is as unattainable as a god in front of her
She knew that the other party was coming, and she could feel Jiang Xiao venting her sorrow and resentment according to law, but she had no room for resistance.
It is believed that even if the soul is engraved by the soul force, she can easily soar to escape Jiang Xiaoyi’s control over her, and even if the young soul force takes two steps further, it is impossible to form a truly effective binding force on her.
But now, whenever her brain rises to leave this plane or rebel to think that the huge spiritual binding force that burst out from that brand is holding up her mind, which makes her unable to move. The source of soul and knowledge of gods not only lose contact with the outside world, but also control her body.
And the soul is being stretched out from the brand by the teenager, and the constant whipping of the soul force makes her feel extremely painful.
The level of juvenile soul power is not the tenth order, but it is far from the ninth order in the ordinary sense!
And unexpectedly, it is solid and dense, and it can swing far away from the tenth order soul strength power.
This gives her some ways to understand the characteristics of the young soul. In fact, she knew it when she was sealed in the demon tower of the college town, but it should never be so solid.
And that’s close to the tenth order soul force level-even if the purple boy broke through at that moment, even if the soul force level has risen, it should stay in the ninth order primary stage instead of reaching the level strength again as it is now.
"Can’t you? Even if you are incarnated, you can’t do it? "
Teenage lip corner emerged a sneer and waved out again, but this time it failed to fly the cold Xuan fan, but the hundred-odd long body was also hard and abruptly repelled by his palm force way for several zhangs.
White even revealed in the fight against ginger smile in accordance with the soul force suppression, not only did not have the slightest instead called young more strongly angry cold xuan taxiing as pale as paper again.