Shuijia Mansion Shuiyue respectfully looked at the middle-aged man whose temples were gradually graying in a few hours. Shuiyun’s expression was more bleak.

"Just come back."
The middle-aged man closed his eyes and his eyes were covered with bloodshot. "Have you ever hated me for sending you to Haoyue this time?"
"How can? Father, it’s our family’s plan for the month. How dare you hold a grudge against you? "
Shui shook his head. "On the contrary, I have to say I’m sorry. My father told me that everything was messed up this time."
"It’s their fault. You don’t have any definite information, even if you are as intelligent as the sea, you should be as blind as a bat."
Looked at the hidden look and sighed, "I can see that although you don’t blame me, you are forced to make moves to your former classmates and friends. Are you somewhat uncomfortable?" “
Hidden silently, his heart is really not very comfortable, which is not hidden from his father.
If it weren’t for the young people in Shuijia’s generation, except for the youngest S-class strong man, others would be able to acquire talents, while the rest of Shuijia’s several key people who know the situation are all carrying conspicuous important positions. It is really impossible to leave lightly, and he is not willing to meet Shen Yingxiong, and they are fighting each other.
"You don’t blame my father for this arrangement. I’m also thinking about how you are. In fact, this time it’s not necessarily necessary for you. Our family is not unable to deploy manpower. Your cousins are not necessarily weak. You are old-fashioned and selfish. It’s a pity that if you leave a good image in those people’s eyes, it will be of great benefit to you and our family."
Shuiyun wry smile looked at the distance.
"Father, this child’s heart is early and white." Shui hurriedly bowed down and said, "The moon really doesn’t complain."
"Although you never hated your father, I can’t help but make it clear to you, knowing that most of the estrangement between father and mother arises from this."
Shuiyun shook his head. "And I will give you the cause and effect of this incident in the future. I also need to explain it."
"Father made this statement?"
Shuiyue looked up in surprise. "My father is only three years old. Can you lead me to Shuijia for a hundred years and say that you want to give me the future of Shuijia?"
In fact, he told me that one day he was confident that the head of Jingyueshui clan would not be a more suitable candidate except him, but it should not be so early.
"indeed! When a mortal is fifty years old, he will reach the age of knowing his destiny. It is not difficult for us to fix the true to cross the threshold of then and live a life of four hundred. "
It was Yun who lamented a pair of words behind Shui Shui but avoided answering. "I told you before that we were cheated by the old son of Qing Xu. Have you already thought about it?"
"It seems that Qingxu real people are paving the way for Ah Xiao to take charge of teaching?" Shui Shui hesitated. Shui Yun thought about that sentence carefully on the way, and the only thought was this possibility.
"Continue to speak your mind." Hidden face shows encouragement. "Jiang Xiaoyi is also a blood power. It is the culmination of his life to take a seat at Tianjue Gate. Would you say that? “
"In fact, as early as a few years ago, the rumor that Ah Xiao was better than the palm of his hand was a little strange when the child was broadcast on the door. It was originally from the desire of those people, but until now he wanted to be afraid of these words and palm of his hand to teach real people some."
Shuiyue mused, "and this time, my father, you said that we turned to think that his old man’s house was going to do this because it was not white that month. Tianquemen can’t be stable without us, the bloodline family, helping the real people. He can’t really want to start work on us. It’s not the time to eradicate us before the big disaster in the fix-true world. The only explanation is that the real people want to weaken our strength and influence. "The more appreciated the hidden eyes,
"-now most of the strength of Tianquemen in Chu is attributed to Jiang Xiao, who has a faint general trend according to his bright moon. Although the strength of those people is really extremely tough, but now Jiang Xiao is still alive and well, and the bright moon is also stable. Instead, he wants to have Lei, a close confidant, eradicated one after another, and they have not come up with the means to turn the situation around for so long, so we can know that Ah Xiao may not have no chance to win. From the point of view of his people who follow him, he is afraid that the strength will be able to rival those people."
"Now, if those people win, it’s just that the water family can be safely ill, and once Ah Xiao succeeds in attacking us, almost all of these blood families have had enough faults to be considered as rebellious. Even if they can escape punishment, they are afraid of the future. It’s not better to combine those rumors mentioned earlier. The real child will have a clear reality, which is paving the way for Ah Xiao to guess that I want to teach the real person in fear that the power of our blood families will sit up one day in the future, and A Xiao will take over and teach the real person. Only then can he calculate this. We have weakened the strength of our gate valves to the extreme before Ah Xiao officially took over Tianque, so as to avoid the imbalance between the ordinary brother of Tianque Gate and the blood-vessel repair in the future. "
"Good guess!" Shuiyun’s face finally gave me a smile. "This incident is actually a big picture from the beginning to the end. Others’ humanitarian emptiness can be regarded as a doctrine of the mean in the palm teaching of Tianquemen. In fact, this person’s scheming and malice are not in the seven generations and the palm teaching is even better. This theory is that I am leaning back with the fierce eagle or those people have been calculated by him for a lifetime! A poor mind not only makes ShuiGu almost desperate, but also makes your future unpredictable. It’s Xuanyuanwang that guy is loyal to Qingxu, and this time he escaped the bullet. "
Hidden again bent over a ceremony "month now the only thing is clear empty reality, he is like let you and uncle Lieshan when-"
"Do you remember that ten generations were taught to die twenty years ago?"
Shuiyun’s eyes are full of memories, but Shuiyue is startled. How did this incident relate to the incident of sealing Chiyou 20 years ago?
"At that time, although our aristocratic families were extremely dissatisfied with the tenth generation, it was impossible to force the tenth generation to a dead end at that time, but at that time, the tenth generation was really forced to pick up and block Chiyou. From then on, I suspected that there was a black hand behind it."
Hidden quietly listening to the tenth generation when he died, he was just born, but he guessed the truth of wisdom, and guessed the unexpected color of Shui Yun’s words in two or three points.
"Later, about ten years ago, Zhang Jiao once told me about my fierce Shan Ying and Wan Yun that the two forces were like self-knowledge and gaffes. Since then, they have stopped this matter, but my fierce Shan Ying and I have been aroused curiosity. People are so strange. The more others keep it from you, the more they want to explore the roots. Although I am called the first wise man in Tianquemen, it has not been vulgar."
Shui Yunnai smiled. "Later, I joined hands with several of their families to secretly investigate, and the deeper I went, the more I was surprised by the unfathomable strength of these two organizations. This time, they tentatively contacted us, and we quickly got in touch with them without any thinking. Is it white for me to say this?"
Shui nodded, and those people looking for partners must first make tentative contact with all parties, and at the beginning, they will not pose their identity, and the goal will never be limited to their families. But when the big families like Shuijia and Lieshan already know that they are there, the result can be imagined.
The process of approaching and finally reaching the desired goal is unexpected. These knowledgeable and more active obedient families naturally give priority to Tianquemen, and other hesitant people will naturally be excluded from the target by those people.
This time, the blood families of Tianquemen are almost wiped out, and even if there are waves involved in this matter, there will be very few people in the ordinary fix true people.
"This time, Qing Xu wants to put Jiang Xiao in the palm of his hand, which can be said to be the most extreme. He knows in his heart that those people will have a change, but he will stop them at all, that is, he will push the Tianquemen Diyi pulse to the wall. Only then will the characters in this pulse be willing to put Jiang Xiao in the usual way. Where can Jiang Xiao be supported by a bloodline to fix the truth? When Jiang Xiao is connected with these people’s interests, he will no longer use my blood to fix the truth to press other opposing sounds. It can be said that all aspects of the heart have taken into account this goal, and even our company has sacrificed in his place. This means that I have to be chilling-"
"But although he means vicious, he can’t help but admit that it is the best choice for Tianquemen. If Jiang Xiao really teaches Tianquemen in his hands, it’s not difficult to unify the fix-up boundary of China. This dead chess game of Tianquemen was actually killed by him, but later generations abruptly revitalized the school of palm teaching. His achievements are better than those of the seven generations and generations than those of the six generations."
Shuiyun sighed. "I’m surprised now that he told us that those people were working just after seeing Jiang Xiaoyi’s battle image, which means that it’s likely that he has been working on the layout since then, but it’s so clear and so certain that Jiang Xiaoyi was a child at that time and would become such a beautiful strong man." You know, at that time, your classmate was just a little better than others, although he was talented. I really don’t understand that today, always thinking or being empty can be regarded as the real first wise man in this world! "