Lazio players are relaxed and free to play on the pitch.

Just kick when you are in a good mood.
Lazio scored the first goal in the 30th minute.
When they were celebrating the goal, the stadium in Meazza rang with boos again.
Influenced by the constant victory, Lazio players now feel that their opponents’ booing is not so scary.
Just take shh as a compliment and cheer for yourself.
At home, the home team fans support themselves and cheer.
When away from home, the fans of the visiting team support them and boo.
How simple it is
Such a thought makes me feel that big boo is nothing.
After the game resumed, Inter Milan fell behind by one goal, and still had no intention of getting up.
Lazio naturally won’t show mercy when the other side is so polite.
Lazio scored two more goals at half time.
Inter Milan booed Mei Acha into a saving goal at the last minute.
Finally, Lazio beat Inter Milan 31 away.
Completed the double kill of Inter Milan.
After the game, "Gazzetta dello Sport" angrily denounced Inter Milan’s humiliation and enterprising spirit.
Surrender at your own home!
While Corriere dello Sport praised Lazio’s performance.
After enjoying the welcome salute from Inter Milan, the Lazio season has been mainly completed.
The winner of the remaining two rounds of the league intends to let the substitute team play.
The main players rest.
Actually, even before the holiday.
Chilazio’s 2627 season is over.
Lazio vs Parma in the 37th round.
The two sides tied.
But neither the score nor the result matters.
After the game, the Italian Football Association awarded Lazio the season championship trophy.
The Olympic Stadium has become a sea of joy.
The team then went to Spain Square to celebrate their league title with the fans.
However, when players and fans enjoy the joy brought by the championship, they often win, but they are in the corner with Lotito to discuss the team plan for the season.
"Will you continue to sell people this season?" Lotito asked Chang Sheng.
Chang Sheng paused and laughed. "I think this sentence should be asked by me, Mr. Chairman."
Lotito smiled and realized the problem.
It depends on the club’s finances. If the club’s finances are healthy, it will continue to sell players. How to say, he has worked hard to cultivate himself.
Lotito shook his head. "I’m afraid you still have to sell players."
"But we can’t have another big sale." Changsheng was not surprised by this answer. He nodded and said.
Really can’t have a big sale.